BY2 - 桃花旗袍 Peach blossom Cheongsam

不够成熟 (Not Mature Enough)

BY2 - 不够成熟 (Not Mature Enough)

I really didn’t think too much about it
只是怀念 你走以后
It’s just that I miss you after you’ve left

Does leaving really mean liberation?
Is there really a need to try numerous times before we understand?

TOPIK Level II Vocabulary

I have been studying some past tests for TOPIK Level II and here are some vocabulary words I encountered! These particular words are my list #3 from test #47

1. 방문 visit/call/drop by

2. 입장 position/stance - admission/entrance

3. 행사 event/function

4. 정오 noon/midday 

5. 마련하다 prepare/arrange

6. 효과적인 effective

7. 매달다 hang/suspend

8. 지휘자 conductor

9. 해설자 commentator 

10. 관람하다 watch/see (a performance/event)

11. 제공하다 offer to/afford/give/dispense - corroborate

12. 줄다 decrease

13. 수 (the) # (of) 

14. 직접 personally/in person

15. 저렴하다 cheap/inexpensive

16. 출판 publish/publication

17. 소비 consume/consumption/spend

18. 소비충 consumer bracket/ consumer layer

19. 변하다 change/vary/alter

20. 연령(별) age (-specific) 

21. 비율 ratio/rate/percentage

22. 사망 death/be killed

23. 사망자 the dead

24. 비중 relative importance/weight/specific gravity

25. 차지하다 possess/own - take up