More Southern Name Inspiration

For all of you fiction writers out there, here are a few of my favorite Southern girl names.
Anna Kate.
Hattie May.
Virgie (Virginia) Mae.
Savannah June.
Mary Lee.
Maggie Jean (Margaret).
Della Rae.
Connie (Constance).

You can add May, Mae, Ray, Rae, June, Jean, or Kate after almost all of these.

Spoopy Nights #28: Disguise

Could you do something where reader is Clark Kent’s girlfriend (and doesn’t know he’s Superman) so for halloween she dresses up as Supergirl, but has on a ‘really bad disguise’ as a joke (which consists of glasses, a work skirt, and a halfway buttoned white shirt (I.e the classic Clark Kent/Kara Danvers look) ) and Clark just finds it hysterical while reader is just like “babe? whats wrong? BABE? TELL ME”  -  anon

(First time with Clark!)  

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 “Wilma i’m home!” Clark yelled as he walked into the apartment before chuckling as he dropped the keys into the bowl on the side table.
“Oh hey!” You called out “So i have some good news, bad news.”
“Clark Kent, ready to report any news.” He chucked coming into the bedroom and grinned when he realized you were in the bathroom.

He pulled the dry cleaning bag towards him, opening it as he started humming the Flintstones melody, getting into the spirit of The Daily Planet’s annual Halloween party.
His face dropped as he noticed his suit in the bag. No, he thought after his heart jumped out of his chest. The fabric was different among other things, he admired the suit in the bag as it was noticeable a lot of effort went into it, and his heart swelled with pride and relief that his secret, was still his own (and the leagues)

“Clark are you there?”
“Yes!” He replied perhaps over enthusiastically.
“They had a mix up and they closed early so they gave us these. I’m really sorry, i know you had your heart set on the Flintstones.”
“There’s always next year.” He smiled and sat next to the costume and pondered using his super vision to see what you were doing. Automatically he chose not to, being the gentleman he was, and he wanted to see what you wanted to show him.

“And the good news?”
The door swung open and you walked out in a half buttoned blouse revealing a supergirl logo underneath it, paired with stockings, pencil skirt and fake glasses. Resembling a look Kara and himself had mastered.

He tried so hard. He tried really hard. But the grown Kryptonian elapsed into a fit of giggles on the bed.

“Babe?” You frowned “Whats wrong?”
He composed himself before losing it again causing you to look in the mirror and wonder if there was something on your face. Not finding anything you implored more.
“Babe! Tell me. Come on, i’m Supergirl but in disguise!”

“Nothing sweetheart.” He said wiping the tears from his eyes. “Can i get a picture for Kara? Please?”
“Only if you get dressed in the suit.”
“How could i refuse that?” He grinned and extending his hands to grab yours and pulling you close to him for a kiss.

DIY Palmistry Hand

Use a $6 Ebay mannequin hand to create a decorative DIY Palmistry Hand.

This DIY Palmistry Hand Tutorial can be found at By Wilma here.

You can find palmistry guides by searching online for “palmistry”. Here’s a DIY Palm Reading Chart Printable from Vintage Fangirl here.

Or check out this palmistry chart by Meghan Weston here.

Suitcase Side Table | By Wilma

My family is going on a Op-Shop-Hop this weekend (we are a very odd family!) so I will be keeping an eye out for a ton of bits and pieces to makeover. I will now also be keeping an eye out for some suitcases because I love this little DIY - because you not only have a cute vintage sidetable, but a great place to keep your phone books, address books, and other telephone bits and pieces!