Lois Lane and Clark Kent in SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW

She has her faults, of course, but they only prove to make her perfect. Because when I’m with her, I forget my own. I love her. I love. She makes me… human? No, I can’t be that. But she does make me… a man. I’m a man who can fly, but it’s this woman who sweeps me off my feet. I’m home…in the only arms strong enough to hold me.

I cant wait for Legends next episode, there is a bisexual man and a pansexual flirty man in the same ship… I dont know how this ship is called but I will call it icexorcism…  also that interview…

Note to my american followers.

Oh no. No no no. I can’t lose you, my American beauties. I voted already and shared everything against the end of the internet neutrality and I really wish to wake up tomorrow and see you here, enlightening my feed. I wanna keep reading your fics and what you gotta say to the world. I want you to enjoy the fanfics that I and many other foreign writers put so much love and effort into it. I want us to keep talking and sharing our friendship and lives. My heart shrinks just to think about losing contact with you. But if this happens, keep fighting. Protest. We, the rest of the world, back you up. I don’t want to say goodbye, I want to say see you tomorrow. I love and support you all. 

anonymous asked:

Hi ally!! Your art highkey got me into bts and now I am DEAD. Who’s your bias and what’s your favorite song?

i stan them as a whole group and my favourite song is ”tomorrow”!!! that song always gets me focused and In The Feels

  • Sara: Rip, with all due respect, the first thing that you taught me when you came to the Waverider is that we're a team, so your responsibility is my responsibility too.
  • Ray: And mine.
  • Amaya: And mine.
  • Jax: And mine.
  • Nate: And mine.
  • Stein: And mine.
  • Mick: Six people seems like a lot. I mean, at some point, it's just too many cooks.
  • Mick: ...
  • Mick: And mine.

hey, just a heads up that i’ll be away seeing family for the next couple of days! i’m taking my laptop (not my tablet, sadly), but there’s no guarantee i’ll be able to get online properly so i’ll have to put stuff on hold for now! thanks for understanding! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Hi everyone, in case you couldn’t tell from the 950 posts I’ve made today, I’m back from Rome!! It was incredibly good. I’m going to retire there. Preferably when I’m like 31.

In way more typical I Am Stale Bread ™ fashion, I am coming down with a monstrous cold and had to cancel my meeting in London tomorrow. So. Two days ago, I was at Vatican City. Today, I am holed up in bed surrounded by tissues and mugs of half cold tea. How far I have fallen.