So I’ve been mulling it over in my head and I have been trying to figure out which Adam Driver character is my favorite. And this is really hard because they are all fantastic. But I think I have it narrowed down between 3.

There are still several Adam Driver films I haven’t seen, including the TV series Girls. Which makes me really sad because I think Adam Sackler would be in my top three, but oh well. So I have it narrowed down to Philip Altman from This is Where I Leave You, Rick Smolan from Tracks, and of course Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

-Philip Altman- The Misunderstood Bad Boy

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This character is amazing. Philip is the youngest brother in the Altman family and is just bursting with amazing personality. He is this perfect mixture of cocky, goofy, sexy, and lovable. You can tell from the first time he is mentioned in the movie through Tina Fey’s line, “If Philip ever decides to check his texts”, to the heartwarming scene at the end where he and his brother Judd (Jason Bateman) share one of the best hugs ever filmed in cinematic history, that Philip is a whirlwind embodied. While designated the “family screwup” you can tell that he has a lot of heart and everything he does is a step towards trying to find his way in the world. Philip is not without his faults though of course. You can tell that his smile was used as a formidable weapon. Even though he seems to be a in committed relationship with a woman, who also happened to be his ex-therapist, you see Philip stray. Oh Philip. This shows that while he is trying to better himself, he is not quite there yet. But where Philip really shines is in his devotion to his family. We quickly see that the Altman family is crazy, loud, and a little bit destructive. But the love they have for each other is amazing. We see Philip and Wendy (Tina Fey) share a wonderful moment in which Philip reveals to her that she is the voice in his head. She’s the one that is guiding him through life. That’s amazing. That shows that above all else it is his family that he leans on the most. It is his family he has most on his mind. Ugh my heart!

Philip Altman is this amazing character that has all this potential. While he messes up a lot and seems to be impulsive, he always seems to show his true character at the most important moments. 

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-Rick Smolan- The Nosy Nerd

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I feel kind of weird writing about this one. But that’s for the sole reason Rick Smolan is an actual person. Considering I know nothing about the actual person I feel weird gushing about him. Oh well. Here we go. Rick Smolan is a wonderfully goofy character. Now you don’t actually see this character too much in the movie, but what you do see is wonderful. From the first moment he is on screen you kind of get a feeling about who he is. He comes across a little awkward, nerdy, and nosy. He is passionate about photography and loves to see other peoples dreams come true. He comes across this woman, and without knowing much about her, wants to help her make this amazing journey through the Australian desert.While only meeting her a couple of times, most of which are in the desert, he seems completely taken by her. He seems to fall quickly and hard for people. It could be the journalist in him, he seems to want to know as much about her as quickly as possible. If I was going to say anything negative about this character, I would just say that he does not seem to understand boundaries. Since he works for National Geographic he is inquisitive about everything. There’s a moment in the movie where they are staying at a small aborigine village. From the moment they get there he is taking pictures left and right and you can tell that it is making everyone uncomfortable. There is a secret ritual taking place that Rick and Robyn are not allowed to attend. He however sneaks off and secretly takes pictures. Now in his mind these pictures are going to be shared with the world and that is a wonderful thing. He does not quite get how important privacy is to some people. While he does not seem to understand people very well, his passion and commitment to things he loves is what draws me to him. 

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-Kylo Ren - The Emotionally Wrecked Bad Ass

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Oh my god there’s so much to say about this character.  He is amazing. First off this is the fist serious character I have seen Adam Driver portray. Everything else I had seen him in he was the goofy, awkward fun guy. So it was nice to see him in this role. I think what drew me to him most is that he’s showing an emotion that we have all felt. Pain. Unbelievable, unimaginable…pain. He is struggling with something so deep that he uses the phrase “I’m being torn apart”. I mean think about that. Imagine literally feeling like your insides are being ripped apart. Like it makes me sad just thinking about it. And while his bursts of anger may be viewed as someone who has no control of himself, I do not see it that way. I think it is all linked back to being in pain. He is drowning and the only way he knows how to release what is happening inside is destroying something. Which for me is admirable because I am an imploder (word?). I wish I could just let go of everything and break something like he does…anyways…Kylo Ren is that broken angel you want to put back together. He shows a lot of heart. And while we still have 2, hopefully, movies to show his character evolve I am already in love with this character. All he wants is some inner peace, to not hate himself anymore. I think many of us can relate to that. 

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So which one is my favorite?? Well that’s just way too hard for me. But what it comes down to is my admiration for Adam Driver. He’s made me fall in love with these characters that I think all reflect a part of himself. 

Let’s talk about Cisco’s ego, or rather  how fucking humble he is. Because Reverb let the proverbial cat out of the bag, man blew the lid on how big Cisco’s ego really is. Like we all know Cisco is wicked smart and can build a cold gun and gold gun in an evening with a gun pointed to his fricking head, but still. If i could do that I would be gloating, and Tony Starking that shit. But Cisco quietly has some patents and doesn’t bring attention to how smart he is he just lets everyone else shine and take up the limelight. BUT NO REVERB COMES SAUNTERING IN AND IS ALL LETS BE GODS YOO, WE’RE THE FUCKING SHIT IM A RIGHT. NO DON’T ANSWER THAT I KNOW I AM, LOOK AT ME. SHIT I KNOW I’M BEAUTIFUL, SHUT UP CAITLIN. YOU KNOW WHAT ZOOM, IS A PUNK ASS BITCH AND I’M TAKING OVER THIS OPERATION. 

and then reverb got his ass killed and that’s why cisco doesn’t gloat. EVER. 

Climbing Up The Walls (Cover)
  • Climbing Up The Walls (Cover)
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My cover of the Radiohead song featuring the vocals of Labmoth and myself.
(please let me know what you think of it because i feel really awkward about posting audio now)

RI801BlueIslandIL_July59.jpg by jmurphpix on Flickr.

Rock Island 801

Blue Island, Illinois

July 1959

Photo by David T. Murphy

Caption: “This is one of only two examples of a Lima-Hamilton 800 horsepower switcher built, L-H Specification A-3171, Rock Island road numbers 800 and 801. Also the only example of a L-H switcher with a step behind the cab.”