Some thoughts about progress and goals

I have been at it for 2 months now. TWO MONTHS! It’s forever and at the same time nothing at all. 

Eating properly and regular workouts, getting enough water and feeling a lot better about myself. I have not lost a lot of weight but I have reduced my body fat percentage with about 2-3%. Slow buy steady - I am not in a rush. 

This morning when I walked to work I thought about how I am aware of my body all the time now. Not in a bad way, but in the best of ways. I can feel my muscles working, I keep noticing that as soon as I stop slouching and make an effort to sit up straight I feel a lot better, I love the muscles that are moving under the skin in my legs when I walk, I can walk quite fast before I start to get heavy breathing. 

And even though I am still so motivated to do this, I start to worry. I worry that I will back out of it again, that I will start fearing the results since I subconsciously don’t want myself to succeed. I am trying to battle any and all of these vicious demons and right now I am winning. I am setting gym appointments for myself and I am keeping them. I eat according to my goals - and even when I stray I still do good. 

…and I need to stay focused on the fact that I am doing this for myself, and not to impress you guys. Oh, do I EVER want to impress you guys - but it should not be my main focus. Putting myself first, yes. I love sharing my progress with you all, though, even when I am doing badly.

Having you guys with me on this journey is wonderful. All of your support and love - and your letting me support and love you back - it’s beyond words. You are, in a way, my family <3

Thank you for staying at my side, holding my hand and sharing your own experiences with me.

Peacock Princess by xxsweetgrassxx 

Part 3 of my Musical!Gravity Falls Series

This playlist is mostly focusing around Pacifica’s character development and a little hinted Dipfica later 

Call me a Princess Aladdin // Candy Store Heathers the Musical // Miss Baltimore Crabs Hairspray // Roxie Chicago // New Girl In Town Hairspray // Everything And More Twisted // Peacock Princess Aladdin // Pretty Lies Count of Monte Cristo // All I Ever Wanted Prince of Egypt // Not One of Us Lion King 2 Simba’s Pride // Reflection Mulan // Lifeboat Heathers the Musical // Castle On a Cloud Les Miserables // Fight for Me Heathers The Musical // Part Of Your World (Reprise) The Little Mermaid on Broadway // Seventeen (Reprise) Heathers the Musical // Popular Wicked // To Have A Home A Very Potter Sequel //

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