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[HENSHIN] Venus Star Power Make Up.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ヴィナース・スター・パワー・メイク・アップ
Romaji: Viinasu Sutaa Pawaa Meiku Appu

User: Minako Aino
Item required: Star Power Stick
Used to become: Sailor Venus
First appearance: Episode 65
Last appearance: Episode 141


  • In DiC’s English dub, censored footage from Minako’s previous transformation was used during her “Star Power” sequence. This was likely done to avoid erasing the body lines in the new animation.
Meanwhile, in Menegroth

Finrod: ‘ey, Thingol. What’s up bro. We’re here to see Galadriel.
Thingol: Don’t you “bro” me, mother fucker.
Finrod: What the –
Thingol: You lied to me. I know what evil shit you’ve been up to. Get out.
Finrod: Hold up, man. We did what we had to do, but we didn’t do anything against you.
Finrod: We respect your kingship and your people. We’d never do anything evil to you.
Thingol: Seriously. You’re not going to apologize or anything because you killed your own kinsmen? Not gonna beg for mercy? You people are fucked up.
Finrod: … … …
Angrod: Look, we didn’t do anything, Thingol. We just followed Fëanor. We didn’t know what he was gonna do, man. Then we got there and things were bloody. Then he totally ditched us and never came back.
Thingol: … and?
Angrod: And, like, we didn’t say anything because we were kind of embarrassed that we were bought by wine to follow that asshole. You know? They’re our cousins and all, but the sons of Fëanor are THE biggest douche bags I’ve ever met. Just sayin’.
Angrod: We went through frozen hell and back, and you want to call us traitors. It’s not cool, man. We traveled all this way to try and un-fuck everything they fucked.
Melian: Right. But. You all still have the shadow of Mandos of on you.
Angrod: …
Thingol: Get the fuck out. You can come back later, but don’t you dare speak that Noldor tongue to me or anywhere in Beleriand. You speak the Sindar language and then maybe we’ll talk. So help me if you speak one lick of Noldor here, I will end you.


Pray y’all for the return of more videos with actual movement. Love this. (via Kehlani - The Way feat. Chance The Rapper [Official Video] - YouTube)