Disney Princesses

Aries : Jasmine

Taurus : Belle

Gemini : Anna

Cancer : Cinderella

Leo : Mulan

Virgo: Tiana

Libra: Elsa

Scorpio : Pocahontas

Sagittarius : Rapunzel 

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Capricorn : Aurora

Aquarius : Ariel

Pisces : Snow White


At the trailer premiere event for “Pitch Perfect 3” at VidCon in Anaheim, Calif., cast and director Trish Sie exclusively talk with Access Hollywood about the anticipated film. “Pitch Perfect 3” is in theaters on December 22.


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arya and bran would be the greatest aunt and uncle ever. arya would teach the little girls and boys how to fight. bran would teach them about the old gods and tales he probably shouldn’t tell kids but does anyways. they would spoil them, constantly seeking them out and kidnapping them from their parents just to spend time with them. 

winterfell would be filled with the sounds of children’s laughter as they raced down corridors, trying to escape bath time as jon and sansa would search for them. auntie arya and uncle bran would hide them if they could. 

finally, when they’re sure they’re hidden away, auntie arya would tell them all about the stupid embarrassing things their parents used to do, while bran regaled them with tales of jon’s heroism and sansa’s intelligence, and how together they saved winterfell and became king and queen of the north. 

and at the end of every day, jon and sansa would find them curled up around each other like little wolf pups in their aunt or uncle’s chambers. and every night, jon would carry them back to their own rooms, kissing their little curly-haired heads with so much love in his heart he’s ready to burst. and sansa would look on fondly as she carries the youngest.