I was tagged in the “stop and selfie"challenge by too many people to tag and I really don’t know who to tag simply because everyone has been tagged and I just don’t want to💁🏾

I’m growing into myself and I’m sort of loving it.

She asked me to dance with her and I promise you I don’t feel good. It’s okay because it passes time and well I need to get out this funk I’m in. So here we are, embarrassing ourselves. I need to make one of these with my little sister.

Roy City, Utah - A family of 4 was found dead inside their home on Father’s Day, and Police say it was a murder-suicide. Russell Smith, 29, killed his wife, Shawna Smith, 26, his two kids, Tylee Smith, 6, and Blake Smith, 2, and then killed himself. All four of them had been shot. A call was made to police by a concerned relative who said that Shawna was not returning her texts. 

Lynn Everley, 68, is a neighbor of the couple, she said Russell worked for a company that recycled old military weapons, and Shawna worked at a Day Care Center. Other sources say that Russell had recently lost his job. Friends and family say that the couple were kind, quiet, and good people. The bodies were found around 10pm on Sunday, and an official statement by police saying it was a murder-suicide was released on Monday.