and now, a series of quotes from my sociology professor this past term...

“pull out your phones and tell me your most recent emoji, lets make this into a social experiment” 

“gotta love old dead white dudes who think they know everything about how the world works, right?”

“maybe i’m just really into cocaine, who knows” 

“the estate system is like Westeros. anyone in here who doesn’t get that, watch Game of Thrones, I highly reccommend, but I must warn you there’s a lot of boobs. all tits all the time. gratuitous titties.” 

“i know what ‘extra’ means to you guys, i’m old but i’m not dead yet” 

“so long story short, get into rich people’s social circles so you can go play polo on their yacht and be pretentious about wine to get ahead in life” 

“and by ‘we’ i mean white people; in the past czechoslovakians weren’t considered white, although lauren, you are clearly quite aryan” 

“I just want to buy a fucking birthday card, why is everything so overly gendered?” 

“can i see your penis? wait no, not like that, that was not a proposition” 

(in reference to the types of gendered toys found in happy meals) “what are boy toys? aw, fuck, wait, no…”

“i dunno, is ‘cunt’ really a gender neutral word?”

“wow, you guys really know your white people” 

“I’m not giving you a fuckin’ word bank, what is this, high school?” 

“anyone have any questions? about the test? or anything? please?” 

“i’m not gonna grade your tests i’m just going to throw them down the stairs and whoever lands closest to the top gets an A” 

“it’s not spelled ‘kahoot’ with a k, what is this, that’s the kardashian way of spelling shit?”

“is this enjoyable to you? watching me fumble around like an idiot?”

“are me and my partner considered a family? we don’t have kids, we have a dog. we’ve been together 13 years but if we didn’t have a dog we wouldn’t be a family by your standards?” 

(”i would assume that a 35 year old would know what they want in a relationship more than a 22 year old”) “yeah, you would fucking hope so!” 

“let’s watch Oprah, shall we?” 

“Karl Marx is my jam”

“apparently I am a murderer” 

“do you even hashtag, bro?” 

Shawn's Newark Q&A Breakdown
  • "Would you consider doing acting or broadway?
  • -Absolutely. I would love to. Broadway sounds like the hardest thing in the entire world"
  • "What is your workout routine?
  • -I don't know, I just lift weights & run on the treadmill"
  • "Do you sing your own songs in the shower?
  • -yeah, everyday!"
  • "That's the reason we write songs, to hear that is the best thing ever"
  • - Shawn Mendes
  • (Shawn said this because a fan said his music helped her through a hard time)
  • "Was it hard coming up with guitar solos for Illuminate?
  • -They take a really long time to come up with. I had a lot of help from Zubin"
  • "How long did it take to make TNHMB?"
  • - 5/6 hours, it was really quick, usually not that fast"
  • "Favorite music video of yours?
  • -I really love the Mercy one"
  • Shawn’s favorite lyric from Illuminate is the little brother line in "Three Empty Words"
  • "What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • -People talk over other people asking me questions"
  • "do you have a secret account where you stalk your fans?
  • -I don't"
  • "Crazy" was inspired by a girl
  • F: "If you had to go on tour with a celebrity, who would it be?"
  • S: "I think it would awesome to open up for Coldplay"
  • Fan : "Would ever consider doing carpool karaoke?"
  • Shawn : "We'll see if I get asked"
  • Fan : "If you could describe your musical journey in a few words, what would it be"
  • Shawn : "Mayhem"
  • "I've gone on stage before and called it a different city" - Shawn on his embrassing moments
  • A fan invited Shawn to her wedding and Shawn said he if was in town maybe he will also this happend ("I love you"
  • "I love you too, you're getting married - you can't tell me that" haha )

Villains of The Flash Season 1