we exchanged the words “i love you and that’s all that matters.” i do love him very very much, but i came to a realization after we said it. me loving him, or anyone loving ANYONE for that matter is not ALL that matters. it matters that the person cares for you and takes care of you. it matters that they’re nice to you and those you love. it matters that they call and text you to make sure you’re home and safe. it matters that they’re constantly encouraging you and keeping you accountable of your goals, values, morals, etc. it matters that they pray for you and with you. it matters that you can go to bed at night knowing that you’ll wake up and they’ll still do all those things. if loving someone is all that matters, then the love might not be deep enough.

Nothing At All

Fandom: Teen Beach Movie (Mack/Lela)

Author: Ann Knightley

Summary: Modern AU in which Mack, Lela, Tanner, Brady, and all the bikers and surfers went to high school together, and are now fresh out of college twenty somethings. Tanner is getting married. Brady is bringing his new girlfriend. Mack is bringing a fake date.

Notes: For theperksofbeingabooknerd. Happy Birthday, Shawna!! I love you so much and I am so grateful that you are in my life. I hope you have an AMAZING time in London. Also, Lela is nonbinary in this fic because her whole character arc is about subverting gender roles, so I thought it would be an interesting choice for the character. Brady is pan, but I couldn’t find a not awkward way to mention it, so I’m saying it here. Mack is bi. Also, I picked the Tanner pairing I picked just to make it as gay as possible.

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For @that-pumpkinspicewhitegirl follow on from x

Barry was focusing on the task at hand, the task in front of him, the smirk that he could remembered sucking onto his neck as his body laid open in front of Earth Two Snart, the feeling of their bodies slick against the other, his hands on Snarts chest, Snarts opening Barry up. A moan, his own, caught him by surprised and the rest of the Rogues. Lisa and Mick were running amok, Mardon had felt with Hartley, popping away with Shawna only to leave Len in front of him, his Len, not that he is his Len, he would never be, why would he. Barry was nothing in the realms of Len, he was just a lanky kid where as Len walked like a god.

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“From left to right; astronauts Stephanie Wilson, Joan Higginbotham, Mae Jemison, Yvonne Cagle and fighter pilot Shawna Kimbrell”


Learn more about these great women:

1. Stephanie Wilson

2. Joan Higginbotham

3. Mae Jemison

4. Yvonne Cagle

5. Shawna Kimbrell

Earth 2 Rogues

Len as Mayor and Lisa as Campaign Manager, Mick is his bodyguard and husband, Shawna is a nurse at the local hospital who works at a free clinic for the shelters on weekends that is run by Henry Allen, Mardon is a detective sworn to protect after he couldn’t save his little brother from the hand of his parents  and Hartley works at Star Labs by day and runs with his criminal partner by night