antioch-orontes  asked:

Do~~~ the fibbonacci sequence!!

1.  Name:  Nico!
2.  Age:  23
3.  3 Fears:  Bridges, Clowns, Spoopy things  (I’m a terrible lightweight)
5.  4 Turns on: ???
8.  Sexual Orientation:  Hella Ace
13.  Favourite Color:  Purple
21.  Shoe size:  5 ½ - 6 in women’s
34.  My relationship with my parents:  Pretty good I think
55.  What is something I disliked about today:  They put cheese on my hamburger even though I asked for none
89.  Gotten pregnant?  Nope
144.  Am I afraid of the dark?  Lol, yep

16 August 1916. Troopship RMS Orontes being towed out from Port Melbourne dock by tug “Racer”. A hospital ship is moored at the far left.