orontes replied to your post “so, tumblr gave me the wrong idea about supernatural”

This explains many things! Like people starting the binge and going: “But…why is Dean straight?”; “Help I’m on S2 where’s the angel?” “Why is it so creepy? I’m scared!” “ Where’s the romance? They told me it’s practically twilight-for-TV! I want love stories for everyone!!!123!”

**nods** idiots assume that what they see on tumbr posted by CERTAIN fans is what the show is about, so they start watching the show with THAT in mind. Then either have their eyes opened to the real show and enjoy it, or blame THE SHOW for not living up to the delusions of tumblr. 

Tigranes II of Armenia (King of Armenia c.95-56 BC, ruler in Syria 83-69 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 15.90g, Antioch. Diademed, draped bust right, wearing Armenian tiara ornamented with star between two eagles / BASILEWS TIGRANOU, Tyche of Antioch seated right on rocks, holding palm-branch, before her swims the river-god Orontes, monogram on rocks, all within wreath. Bedoukian 36. 

This extraordinarily high quality coin comes from one of the many eastern kings to vex the Roman Empire in their long history. Tigranes the Great, for a time, held a vast amount of territory, stretching from Syria and the coast of the Mediterranean to the foot hills of the Caucasus Mountains and the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Tigranes fought against the expanding Romans to protect his boarders and though he lost to the Roman general Lucullus at the battle of Tigranocerta, he continued to resist both the Romans and the Persians in defense of his kingdom. He ultimately made an uneasy and embarrassing peace with Pompey Magnus which allowed him to keep his kingdom, now much reduced, until this death in 55 BC.

It has been suggested that the star on his crown may be an early representation of Halley’s Comet, which appeared in 87 BC. 

orontes replied to your post “destiehell shit in the MYSTERY SPOT tags”

Nancy, because of your blog I think I’ve blocked half of tumblr. Tomorrow I’ll open my dash and I won’t see ANYTHING spn-related :D :D :D damn you

If they only tagged their crap properly, we would leave them alone, but I feel that I’m doing a service by pointing out the morons on tumblr and saving you the trouble of seeing their shit in the tags. 

But the thing is, that I block them right after reblogging their bullshit and a day or so later, ten more morons take their place. It’s like a STD, can’t get rid of it.