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You are under arrest for being so flawless and exceptional in all you do! Copy this message to 9 other blogs that are currently on your “tumblr crush” list. Make other blogs feel loved! xoxo

Well thank you friend…

Our crushes this round are those who didn’t exactly make it out of Season 12 “alive”…

1. Crowley

2. Castiel

3. Eileen Leahy

4. Rowena

5. Mitch Davis

6. Mr. Arthur Ketch

7. Toni Bevell

8. Mary Campbell Winchester

9. Lucifer

(and yes even the baddies need some love too)

LOT Rewrite - Episode 2: Crisis and Faith


Mick and Nate travel to Antioch on the Orontes during the First Crusade to rescue Stein and Jax. Before they arrive, however, interference from Stein in the quest to retrieve a special relic puts the whole of the Crusades – and history as it’s known – at risk. Meanwhile, Ray struggles to survive being stranded in the Cretaceous Period.

(episode 2 of a full 22-episode rewrite of season 2 - the same broad story arc, but rewritten episodes, organized and hosted by @lotrewrite)


Leaves thunder underfoot as Ray races through the forest on trembling legs.

His heart hammers in his throat, lungs searing with the strain of exertion. The air is humid and thick, the smell of wood rot and fecal matter and sickly sweet flowers long extinct in Ray’s time choking him as he tries desperately to draw in air.

The ground shakes under Ray’s feet, and the ungodly screech of the Tyrannosaurus Rex approaching fast sends a shock of adrenaline so intense through his system, he nearly vomits with it.

“Come on, come on, come on,” Ray mutters to himself, a waste of breath, but just the mantra he needs to kick his body into high gear.

Ray takes a turn down a sharp embankment, hoping to lose the T. Rex by veering off a straight path. He’s spent too many years ducking bullets and photon blasters – projectiles, man-made, fallible against evasive countermeasures. Dinosaurs aren’t as simple to dodge.  

The momentum sliding down the embankment throws off Ray’s balance. He stumbles, catches his foot on an upended root, and goes down hard, body hitting the earth with a sickening smack . White hot pain shoots through his body like electricity through a lightning rod. Ray bites through his lip holding back a scream, tastes the familiar metal tang of blood on his tongue.

The T. Rex screeches again, the ground trembling harder as every thumping step brings it closer to its next meal.

READ THE PREVIOUS EPISODE HERE by @robininthelabyrinth

Orontes, the inverted river

John Watson was repatriated from Afghanistan on a ship called Orontes. Orontes is a river in the area also called “rebel river” because flows from the south to the north. Unlike the rivers in the area. A river from the “inverted” course



I taurar imíca ëalar sinë Eldar estainë Valar, ar Fírimar vórimavë estainentë meneldië. I heruvi Valaron nar otso; ar Valier, i tárir Valaron nar otso yando. Sinë ner essentar Eldarinessë vë nes quétina Valinoressë, ananta haryantë exë essi i lambassen Quendion Endoressë, ar essentar imíca Fírimar nar úvëa. I essi heruvion márë tárientainen nar: Manwë, Ulmo, Aulë, Oromë, Mandos, Lórien, ar Tulkas; ar i essi táriron nar: Varda, Yavanna, Nienna, Estë, Vairë, Vána, ar Nessa. Melkor ua onótina imíca Valar, ar esserya ua quétina Ardassë.

Manwë ar Melkor ner hánor i sanwessë Ilúvataro. I turalda Ainulion i túle Ardassë ner yestaryassë Melkor; mal Manwë ná meldalda Ilúvataren ar hanya maraldavë esteleryar. Nes yalda ná, quanta lúmessë, minya illi aranion: heru i araniëo Ardo ar cáno illion i marë tanomë. Ardassë alasserya ná i þúrissen ar i fanyassen, ar i ilyë nórissen i visto, i táriellon i núrannar, i vahaialdë rénar I Fano Ardo i hwestannar yar þúyar. Þúlimo nas epesserya. Ilyë lintë aiwi, poldë rámo, meliryë, ar tulintë ar lennantë canwaryanen.

As Manwë hyarë Varda, heri elenion, yë hanya ilya nórë Eö. Alta vanesserya ná úquétima quettassen Eldaron hya Fírimaron; pan cálë Ilúvataro larta er cendeleryassë. Calassë ná túrerya ar alasserya. Tumbollon Eö tuliryë manya Manwë, pan Melkor sinteryë nó i carië Lindalëo ar váquenteryës, ar Melkor tévë ar runcë Vardallo lá ilyë exi i Eru carnë. Manwë ar Varda nar lanyar úvórëavë, ar marintë Valinoressë. Mardentar nar or i lossë vorima, Oiolossessë, i vahaialda mindo Taniquetilo, antara orontion Ardassë. Írë Manwë amalenna mahalmaryanna ar etyéta, qui Varda ná arsë, ceniryë lá ilyë exë hendi, terë híþë, ar ter mornië ar or i lári ëaro. Ar qui Manwë ná arsë, Varda hlarë lá ilyë exë lári i láma ómaron ya ramar Rómello Númenna, ambollon ar nandillon, ar mornë nómellon ya Melkor ná carnë Ardassë. Valalion i marir Ardassë Eldar haryar olya laitalë ar melmë Vardan. Elentári estainantes, ar aistantë esserya et mordollo Endoro, ar ortantës lindenen ortiessë eleni.

Tigranes II of Armenia (King of Armenia c.95-56 BC, ruler in Syria 83-69 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 15.90g, Antioch. Diademed, draped bust right, wearing Armenian tiara ornamented with star between two eagles / BASILEWS TIGRANOU, Tyche of Antioch seated right on rocks, holding palm-branch, before her swims the river-god Orontes, monogram on rocks, all within wreath. Bedoukian 36. 

This extraordinarily high quality coin comes from one of the many eastern kings to vex the Roman Empire in their long history. Tigranes the Great, for a time, held a vast amount of territory, stretching from Syria and the coast of the Mediterranean to the foot hills of the Caucasus Mountains and the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Tigranes fought against the expanding Romans to protect his boarders and though he lost to the Roman general Lucullus at the battle of Tigranocerta, he continued to resist both the Romans and the Persians in defense of his kingdom. He ultimately made an uneasy and embarrassing peace with Pompey Magnus which allowed him to keep his kingdom, now much reduced, until this death in 55 BC.

It has been suggested that the star on his crown may be an early representation of Halley’s Comet, which appeared in 87 BC.