My dear lgbt+ children, 

Here’s a list with some gender neutral names: 

Alex, Ari, Ash 

Andy, Ashley, Angel 

Brett, Billy, Blaine

Charlie, Caden, Cary

Chris, Clay, Corey

Drew, Daren, Dylan 

Emery, Ellery, Erin

Eddie, Eli, Erriot 

Frances, Frankie, Fabian 

Glen, Gray, Gavi 

Hayden, Hayley, Hunter 

Ira, Izzy, Indigo  

Jaime, Jean, Jesse

Jordan, Jules, Jael 

Kaden, Kel, Kim 

Kerry, Kyle. Kai 

Lake, Logan, Lee 

Max, Morgan, Mel 

Michelle, Mischa, Mica 

Noel, Nico, Nick(y) 

Ode, Oakl(ey), Onxy 

Oli, October, Ohio

Pat, Pax, Pepper 

Perry,  Parker, Percy

Quinn, Quncie, Quarry 

Rain, Rory, Ray 

Sage, Shane, Sky 

Sam, Sydney, Sasha 

Tay, Tyler, Taylor 

 Tony, Taye, Terry 

Umber, Unique, Utah

Vivian, Vale, Valentine 

Win, West, Wynne 

Xen, Xe, Xay 

Yael, Yoshie, Yule

Zen, Zuri, Zane 

(Know that different countries sometimes assign a different gender to one and the same name. For example, Michelle is a strongly female name in germany while it’s not considered feminine in others countries. It’s possible that some of those names are gendered in your country.) 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mum 

The rain fell hard, a stubborn rain that seemed in ache to wash away the blood and sobs of the land.The world howling in abandon as thunder roared about the tiny apartment complex, shrouded in darkness, the electricity long since giving out.

The atmosphere, however, was not one of sadness, but of melancholy, a bittersweetness akin to poetry. So the tanned boy with unruly blonde locks paid it no mind, in face, it felt quite in place that the Earth would be crying.

Sasuke was leaving again

Naruto had felt it pulsating in the hospital walls, as the two of them healed from the damage they had inflicted to one anothers body, out of hate, out of indescribale passion and love, it hurt to dwell upon.

Another roar of thunder and said blonde looked at the only other occupant in the small room that was brimming with a silence, that was both comforting and telling, each knowing what the others soul was aching to spill, but such feelings have no name.

His onxy hair so black there were hues of midnight blue when the flashes of lightning scattered a brief array on his porcelain skin.

A face angels weep over, such beauty in those features, and such rage, it was a concept that reared the idea there must be a higher power, for this perfection was surely made of Gods.

Naruto smiled shyly at him, not feeling shy of his presence, no, that was the magic of it, rather, it was the words caught on his tongue.

Sasuke eyes the look with both adoration and certain exasperation.

“Naruto…I understand wh…., I will not ever harm this village nor the tailed beasts, for you. But realize this is for you alone, but you cannot ask me to stay here…I will not and ….”

He looked away, throat constricting, why was this so hard? He had rehearsed, imagined how this would be but looking into the expected dread in those blue eyes threatened his will, like it always did when he was near Naruto.

“Sasuke….” Naruto gulped. “Sasuke, I… I’m so sorry.” Teary eyed and honest, Naruto looked at his best friend, blue eyes fixated on inky black.

“I was so selfish, selfish for you to be near me, I wanted you to be safe and I knew no one…” A golden skinned hand, ran its fingers in frustration through his scalp. “I knew no one would since Itachi would ….”

Love you as I do

The words did not come out, they felt insufficient almost. For the devotion was maddening and it was not just love. It was friendship, loyalty, heart wrenching feelings that made him weak and strong, euphoric, safe, like he had a home everywhere he went because this boy…had melted himself into his soul.

The rain outside continued, another soft song of thunder encompassing them, the darkened room filled with the occasional array of lights from the bolts weaving down into the sky.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto’s unfinished declaration, not so much that he was curious of what he was to say, but in a childish antic to urge the other to toughen up and be pure.

Naruto laughed at the look but turned away, still part of him angered, to be honest, his soul was being shattered.

Sasuke was leaving again. Again. And this time, Naruto would let him.

Abruptly, the raven hair stood gracefully, a movement of form that would have ballerinas weep, but behind it was something even greater, a lethal grace.

Naruto, whom had been leaning his back against his twin bed, looked up at Sasuke, whose delicate, slim fingers reached out to him.

Naruto, thinking the boy was helping him to his feet, took the pale hand in his own, that same spark soaring into every nerve like static. Beautiful, terrfying, lovely….

However, Naruto was surprised that once his toes had planted their place on the hard floor, Sasuke did not relinquish his grip.

Another cry of thunder and Sasuke drew nearer, causing Naruto to catch his breath.

Getting the idea, as the raven invited Naruto to lean his chest against the others, guiding him with one arm into his embrace.

The rain did the crying for them, it seemed nature had concocted a moment of such emotion, the two boys could not very much speak it, but it was intimately shared, and it somehow broke and melded the heart at once.

Sharing these delicate stares, hurt, But in a way that meant the world to them. It hurt because it was love, and love hurt because love exists side by side with loss, with intangible fear of loss, love was painful and insufficient.

Naruto’s left arm snaked across Sasuke’s back to rest at the crook of is neck, and cheek to cheek they swayed to the sound of pouring rain.

It was too gentle to be clumsy, though neither had ever danced, they had much practice in melding their bodies to form in a sync that took even those utmost skilled ninja to perfect, it was something that occurred because their bones, their very essence knew one another and so the solemn dance went about smooth and dangerously close enough that each boy thought about forsaking their dreams to just be here, to be with one another and lock themselves apart from the rest of the world.

It seared within them a pain they had never tasted. Not because it was more tragic but because neither had ever intended to fall in love and that particular sense of being tied and bound was a loss that neither had ever thought they would experience.

It felt so good to be near one another, both eager for more, for it all, to completely possess and devour one another entirely so that they may merge completely.

A whiskered cheek caressed Sasuke’s high cheekbone, lovingly, a smile playing on their lips.

“Sasuke…” Naruto whispered, gently, no one ever spoke his name quite like that and it sent chills up his spine and he almost hated it, he hated being so quick to be effected by this ….idiot.

A tan hand cupped his face and Naruto stared into him deeply, as if to etch this feeling into the others very being.

“I’m…..sorry, I … You know…… but I gotta say it.. ya know? I ….I’m just sorry. I understand and even if I will always wish that you would stay here just like you wish I would leave…”

Sasuke smirked at his flustered nature,

“Don’t you laugh at me, bastard.” he pouted, but a glint of humor shown in his eyes.

Sasuke was smart, he knew that Naruto would never walk away from Iruka, his team, his friends, his home. Something he had fought his entire life for, something the child on the swing within him still needed.

Who was Sasuke to be angry?…

He would often ponder, For different, but strikingly similar reasons was the very fact Sasuke could not stay and Naruto could not leave, Sasuke knew, but both had seen it in one anothers soul, however in love, however madly in love… These ideals were concrete.

“I would have asked you to come with me….” Sasuke murmured, almost as if it were a prayer “But it makes much more sense for you to remain here.”

Naruto’s face, mere inches from his own could feel the sigh that ghosted from his pink lips.

If Sasuke were to beg, Naruto would surely accompany him to every facet and crevice of this earth, but he was an Uchiha, above all, he was Sasuke and that was not something he was made to do.

“So….Would that mean you would not come back?” Naruto said, timid, hopeful….

Bodies touching, feet swaying, the rain, relentless making tunes among the glass.

“It would mean you and I….” Yes, Sasuke wanted to say…..Yes I would not live here again…. but instead he made clear the nature of what was to become of them.

“Would never be more than this.”

That was all. That was all that was whisked across Naruto’s face to know that -  he could bear his heart out again and again, this boy was not coming back and he could not ever ask that of him again.

Left foot, right foot, hands roaming onto one another’s skin, leaving trails of goosebumps.

Naruto’s fingertips grazed across a cheekbone, Sasuke’s arm gripping tighter and closer to the small of the others back, feeling one anothers heart beat through the thin fabric of their pajamas.

“In you, Naurto, an honest smile will always arise in me, this…..” Sasuke said, reaching for a tan strong hand to intertwine fingers and place it across his heart. “This, this is yours…and yours alone.”

Tightening his hold, Naruto shut his eyes as fallen streaks of tears stain at his whiskered cheeks, he wanted to beg for him to hold on, to not let go….

“As all of me is yours.” Naruto, sighedwith a sunshine grin.

They continued to sway to the beat of the rain, the music of the thunder, as they gripped closely, sharing breath, as lips grazed onto each other.

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;; Would you be so kind? [ Akira / Reader Drabble ]

wow i actually wrote something… it’s a really short one, since i lost steam  but hey i wanted to post something that i hopefully could finish in future. it’s in a read more since i formatted this thing weird…. 

the song that this is based off of is written by the beautiful dodie clark 

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SANA: You’re gonna need it as a football coach

SANA: Because my team is gonna CRUSH your team!!

SANA: And I don’t think it’s any fun to win against a team with a weak coach

YOUSEF: Huh?! Do you think my 12-player team is gonna lose against your 2-player team?

SANA: I’m not having a football team. I’m having a basketball team.

SANA: And yes, easy. No matter the sport

YOUSEF: Haha, liking the confidence

YOUSEF: Game on




I found this hella cool gemstone set at Michaels for about $11, and it has aventurine, amethyst, crystal, rose quartz, peridot, red agate, citrine, garnet, bamboo coral, magnesite, onxy, and tiger eye. They also had strings of other stones like hematite and larger versions of the stones in the small bottles I got. Michaels also had a shit ton of tiny bottles with lids and corks, and a bunch of other larger and medium sized bottles, all on sale. I also bought star anise, juniper berries, tarragon, lavender, marjoram, fennel seeds, cloves, and poppy seeds for less than $2 each. I’d seriously recommend any new baby witches or low budget witches go check these places out if possible, because there’s much more than what I got there!

Roman Intaglio of Daedalus and Icarus, 1st Century AD

A Roman 1st-century master created this gem showing the legendary master inventor Daedalus and his son Icarus. Escaping persecution by King Minos of Crete, Daedalus made wings of birds’ feathers attached together with wax. Before making their flight he warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, but Icarus could not resist going ever higher until the sun melted the wax and Icarus fell into the sea, where he was drowned. We see the making of the wings: Daedalus is seated at a table putting the finishing touches to his work. Icarus stands before him with one wing already attached to his back.

So are we gonna have an infamous “couple misunderstands each other due to lack of communication” issues in this new episode…??

We all know the Onxy Knights’ Captain is acting on his own, but none of the cast does, the mercenary/assassin might not even know.

But the one thing everyone knows is that Onyx = Charioce, so if the Onyx dudes are close enough or act familiar with and/or help the demon then everyone will think Charioce was behind it.

Will Jeanne and Sofiel be at the ball???

anonymous asked:

Do you believe Dylan removed his necklace, earring and pocket watch himself before his suicide or do you think it was removed by the people who discovered his body? Someone had removed the duct tape and match strikers from both boys wrist prior to autopsy. Also, if Dylan did remove those items himself, why did he not take off his ring too? I truly appreciate the insights your marvellous blog provides.

Thank you, glad that you enjoy E-C. :) I suppose it’s possible that the necklace, the earring and silver pocket watch could’ve been removed on the scene. However, the description of these three items being found in a ‘small pile’ by his body doesn’t exactly sound like items being removed and placed into forensic evidence bags. If they removed a bunch of items from him, like the match strikers, wouldn’t everything they removed be put into a small pile/s? Plus, the items in the very specific pile was only his personal jewelry. I would think that when items were being systematically removed from his body and recorded as ‘evidence’, they wouldn’t even be placed on the floor in piles but immediately placed in evidence plastic bags. So, this is why it seems to suggest that Dylan himself removed his personal artifacts and put them in a pile. His signature Boston Redsox ballcap also did not have a bullet hole in it so it would make sense, too, that he purposefully removed his hat probably by the small pile.

Some explanations for him not removing his onxy ring would be that his ring was on his glove-covered left hand. In the haste to commit suicide, he may have completely overlooked removing it or perhaps just didn’t want to bother to take the time to remove his glove to take off his ring. I think of the two scenarios, I’d say the later. But then there’s this..for Dylan, the ring he always wore without fail may also may have been of symbolic significant to him: worn even in his death in devotion to ‘The Girl’, his True Love, he was hoping to reunite with in the Halcyons. Basically, it may very well have been a devotional commitment ring. Dylan was very much about idealised, romantic love and so this seems likely why he may have intentionally left his ring on.


Today I went for a Dark Brown/Golden Orange smokey eye with a Mauve/Purple lip color and I really adore the results of the color contribution :) 


~Anastasia DipBrow in Ebony 

~Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Tan 


~LORAC PRO in colors Sable, Espresso, Gold, & Nude

 ~NYX Nude Matte Shadow in BLAME IT ON MIDNIGHT 

~Maybelline Illegal length Mascara in Blackest Black

~Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner in Onxy 


~GARNIER BB Cream in Light/Medium

~Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Neutralizer 

~Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Creamy Beige & BareMinerals Mineral Veil

~Benefit Hoola Bronzer & M.A.C blush in Coppertone & Stilla All Over Shimmer in Kitten 


~NYX Lipstick in Thalia


#BostonCrusaders flag technician, Band Shoppe model, and past #Onxy captain, demonstrating some audition choreography while we do fittings for the guard today! #bandshoppe #BACCG #BAC2015 #dci2015 #drumcorps #colorguard #flagsinagym

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