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Hey Kel, what do you think the plot the new Sonic game will be? Based on what very very little we know from the trailer and what you hope for i mean

That’s a good question lol

As sega said I don’t think this is Generations 2, it’s got a completely different setting. I think Classic Sonic was involved because of the anniversary, not because this is a sequel.

It will have something to do with time travel obviously, which means the rest of the classic characters will probably return. 

Now because the trailer said “join the resistance”. I think Eggman might of actually won somehow. I think it goes without saying other characters will be apart of this, and most likely, playable.

I think we will get all new levels, “possibly” new characters that are apart of the resistance. A darker and longer story like the older games. I think this because sega is coming up on 4 years of making this game, and I believe that they are putting a lot of love and work into this game to make it a quality product.

I hope that this is what it will be, I could be wrong of course. But I have a lot of hope for this game. :)
Who won Comic-Con, Marvel or DC? Our verdict on the panels, reveals and all those trailers

“So here’s where Marvel really messed up. At the time of writing, all we have footage-wise is a new Doctor Strange trailer (yay!), a new Marvel logo video (yay?) and… Yeah, that’s it.

A Marvel logo video would be fine to open a marketing symposium discussing the importance of synergised branding, but should it be 50% of the Comic-Con videos hitting the internet the weekend of the event? We’re going to go with a hard no on that one.

It might be okay if we had something mind-blowing to talk about instead, but as you’ve probably seen by now, the Doctor Strange trailer was… fine. Its Inception-meets- a-child’s-kaleidoscope effects aren’t massively different from the last trailer, which makes us worry this is going to be the least faithful MCU comic-to-film translation.

Make no mistake, the Doctor Strange comics are wild, varied and crazy-imaginative in their psychedelic wide-eyed visions of alternate realities / planes of existence. The movie version looks a bit like an advert for a telly. The film also feels – whisper it – a tiny bit cheesy, with dodgy dialogue, and effects that look a way too green screen for something out later this year.”

They also were unimpressed with the panel, which does not rate a mention (which is what happens when Marvel controls things too tightly - contrast with the Guardians and Black Panther panels, which got lots of love, and felt much more spontaneous).

I’ve been wondering why there haven’t been more articles about the whitewashing out of SDCC. Now I suspect there haven’t needed to be, because no one is excited about *this* Marvel film.

Bechloe [Comet] Trailer - AU

I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together. There are parallel universes out there where you are with me and whatever universe that is, that is where my heart lives in.

Chloe: “I had a very vivid dream the other night about us.”
Beca: “What was it about, this dream?”
Chloe: “It was a dream of memories. It was memories of us over the years.”