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7 Badass Body-Positive Models Who Are Changing The Fashion Industry

Over the past week or so, the Internet has collectively been losing it–in a good way–over a nineteen-year-old model named Barbie Ferreira. It’s not totally hard to see why–Ferreira is a “curve” model, meaning that she doesn’t identify as plus-size but rather with her shape over numerical sizing, and she was just featured in Aerie’s, American Eagle’s lingerie offshoot, latest campaign. While Aerie has been making strides in terms of body positivity for about two years now (they stopped retouching their models in January 2014) they’ve been critiqued in the past for only featuring models whose bodies already adhere to what’s already expected with a lingerie model.

control // halsey

      when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought
heading for the places in your past where the SCREAMING is unbearable –

        there is ( ALWAYS ) madness.

                                         MADNESS is the EMERGENCY EXIT. 

                                                                                                             (   HAHAHAHA!!  )

a Winged Passion woke and one by one
there fell upon the night, like angel’s tears,
the syllables of that mysterious prayer,
and as an opening lily drowsy-fair
(when from her couch of poppy petals peers
the sleepy morning) gently draws apart
her curtains, and lays bare her trembling heart,
with beads of dew made jewels by the sun,
—  E.E. Cummings, from “Of Nicolette,” Tulips and Chimneys (Liveright, 1923)