• Me: ok ok i'm not going to become obsessed with any more things that could ruin my life
  • Me, being introduced to three podcasts, seven musicals, four TV shows, nine movies, two bands and twelve books: well shit
The Malfoy Boys
  • Scorpius: Dad! Today Albus―
  • Scorpius: Albus and I―
  • Scorpius: So dad you know my (boy)friend, Albus―
  • Scorpius: We went to―
  • Scorpius: Albus told me―
  • Draco: Merlin! Does he ever not talk about Potter's kid? Who acts like this?
  • Lucius: boi.
actual canon lines in bbc merlin
  • “Tell me, Merlin, do you know how to walk on your knees?”
  • “(moaning) Arthur…Arthur, go faster…”
  • “I’ll have YOU for breakfast!”
  • “I have to pee. Sorry, unless you want to watch me.”
  • “Merlin can’t even find his own backside.”
  • “Three’s always better than one, eh, Merlin?”
  • “I’m always peeing, ask Arthur.”
  • “You’re not Merlin.”
  • Seraphina: Mr Scamander, I'm not going to arrest Director Graves just because he's courting your brother.
  • Theseus: Why not?
  • Seraphina: Because that's not a crime!
  • Theseus: Are you sure? I mean Newt's basically a child.
  • Seraphina: He's 29.
  • Theseus: He's my baby brother and he's too innocent for this. You must do something!
  • Seraphina *sighs*: Merlin give me strength.