A few weeks ago I said I was working on this portrait of Elizabeth Tudor in one more of my historical fanarts, but I had some problems and had to give a time in my dolls for while.

But today I could finally finish it, and here she is: Lady Elizabeth Tudor at 13 years old, in a painting from 1546.

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This dress is really iconic to Elizabeth as princess, and was used for both Lalla Ward (Crossed Swords) and Glenda Jackson (Elizabeth R.) when they played her in her youth.

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Lalla Ward in Crossed Swords (1977)

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Glenda Jackson in Elizabeth R. (1971)

I believe Elizabeth really loves the red colour, don’t you think?

Now I’ll post some of my fanarts in poupeegirl’s doll…

I love to do this fanarts, and I made a lot of historic fashion icons and notorious characters of world history too, and Cleopatra won’t be out of that, for sure!!!

This is my fanart about the 1999 tv movie with Leonor Varela and Billy Zane as Cleopatra and Antony.


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My favorite couple ever!