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I love animals, kids, and Orphan Black. I’m kinda shy but I love to talk to people!

Unexpected| Madi and Alexander

Now, it is not like they had been trying to have any kids. Sure, Alex was 22, and she was 21; it wasn’t like they were high schoolers that couldn’t support a family; but it was the last thing she thought would happen. When she had gotten sick the first morning she just thought it was nothing. But after that it had happened for a week, she wasn’t naive. Either she was pregnant, or had some strange stomach bug. She bought the test, expecting nothing; but almost passed out when she saw the positive test. Of course she went to the doctor to be sure, and she was pregnant. Madi walked into the house with caution, terrified of what she had to say, what if he got angry? “Alex?” she asked calling out for him, holding the test results in her hand. yourinfinitedreamer-rp


Sonata Full Theatrical Trailer

Directed By: Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes
Written By: Wanggo Gallaga
Produced By:Film Development Council of the Philippines, My Own Mann Productions, Central Digital Lab, Wild Sound and Ruby’s Arms Production Services

Starring: Cherie Gil, Chino Jalandoni, Joshua Pineda, Chart Motus, Madie Gallaga, Angel Lobaton, Tanya Lopez, Dante Amaguin and Richard Gomez

Good job clumsy | Madi and Arden

Madi was new to Starling city, she had only been here for two, maybe three weeks. But this was her first night at the club Verdant, one of her co workers had been talking about it, so to her it sounded like a good idea. Little did she know, she was just a little too clumsy for clubs, and as she walked away from the bar, drink in hand to go speak to her co workers; she ran into someone, nearly spilling her drink in the process. “Oh my god, I am so sorry really.” she said checking to see if the man had any drink on him. chakkles