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Kuma is her name. The same chick from Love and Patience

She loves her babies and have this sweet soft spot for pets and hopefully one day have kids, but for now she is enjoying herself and the company she keeps. Her friends love her and her father is very protective! Her mother was marooned on an island during her time in the marines never to be found, but holds a canny resemblance of her mother but has her father’s ears and eyebrows (good look on her too!). She’s not your typical “I’m a strong, independent black woman” mantra you hear around the corner. She’s punctual and clear minded meaning she takes any information and rolls out the answer, no cut backs and no owning up to the “I know it all” standards. If she doesn’t know she can find out. She loves NYC since she lives there now, but she’s originally from Miami. She’s a “one day at a time” kind of gal and if she has to put on the cape to help, she’s happy to accommodate any scenario!

- Creator Kareem Caldwell

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love-hikikomori-kuma asked:

"I was reading a really great fic where alfred was an FBI agent (I think?!) and arthur was a mind reader who was frequently pressured/forced into aiding the govt and alfred was coming to pressure him again and eventually arthur trusted him but later found out that alfreds orders were to kill him if he was captured (he knows too many govt secrets)" - ennui I'm wondering if you know this fic or is this even in existence?

Yep, it’s still around! That’s Always One Step Ahead by fakiagirl.

I also have a list of spy AUs if you want to read more :D

I got tagged by kishi-titania (fire emblem trash blog but trust me it’s quality fire emblem trash and you should check this nerd out)

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Name: (N/A; please refer to me by my url if i have not told you my name)

Nickname: dragon fucker (long story short, my favorite fire emblem character is tiki and no one will ever let me live this down)

Birthday: september 15th

Gender: cisgender male

Star Sign: virgo

Time Right Now: 11:43 pm

Average hours of sleep: 3 (i cry)

Lucky number: 24

Last thing I Googled: crying cat (that one fucking crying cat)

Number of blankets I sleep under: i just sleep on the couch b/c too tired, so i use none most of the time now lmao

Favorite book: ‘Smoking Ears and Screaming Teeth’ by the guy whose name i have completely forgotten

Favorite band: i’m not going to lie, all american rejects wasn’t that bad

Last film I saw: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Dream trip: germany

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Here’s the main new thing I have for SMASH next weekend - my ‘trapped’ keyrings! There are 12 different kinds from 7 series.
I’m really not sure how well they’ll sell but I hope it’s at least decently because each one takes a lot of time to put together.
Characters: Saber, Waver (Fate/Zero), Hotarumaru, Mikazuki Munechika (Touken Ranbu), Lulu, Ginko (Yuri Kuma Arashi), Onoda, Makishima (Yowamushi Pedal), Chiaki, Chihiro (Dangan Ronpa) Decim (Death Parade), Wally and Ralts (Pokemon RSE)

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