Flower Soulmate AU

Shiro’s feelings bloomed in his chest. He has fallen in love with her, it seems.

But so much was happening. She had dealt with so much already. Her family, the garrison, becoming a paladin. He didn’t want to add more heavy weight.

So he kept it to himself, let the white anemone grow inside of him until they are separated, until he couldn’t hold the petals back anymore, until he bled out in the arms of another.

Too far from Katie Holt’s grasps.


It’s midnight and Emma is pacing in the kitchen.

Another restless night filled with visions.

They were getting stronger and more frequent.

And her ever-trembling hands were proof.

“I can’t do this,” she whimpers she hangs her head over the sink. 

She takes a deep breath, in and out. 

She needed to remain calm, 

because secrets were a heavy burden to carry.


                     I just want, I want, I want to lead the blind
                     I just want, I want, I want to free your mind,
                     Come on baby

A massive devotion
And a holy commotion

I need your attention, yes - and I need your energy


(via #bulletbra • Instagram photos and videos)