Please stop judging people for calling Pidge “she”.

“But I use he/they because I think of Pidge as a trans boy/nonbinary.”

Okay. You are free to do that. But this interpretation makes me personally, as a nonbinary person, feel uncomfortable for a few reasons:

Pidge outright says, “I am a girl.” At no point does she ever indicate that she actually wants to be seen as a boy, or anything but a girl. When she “comes out” (and yes, I agree the scene is presented as a coming out, more on that later), the others take that opportunity to validate her declaration. Coran even says, “We were supposed to think you were a boy?” Which is a deeply upsetting line if the intent were for her to be a trans boy. In the same vein, “I don’t have to be a man to ‘man up’,” would be a horrific thing to write if Pidge were a trans boy. If Pidge were nonbinary or a trans boy, everyone saying, “Yeah, duh, you don’t pass at all and we totally knew the whole time,” is… really, really awful.

Additionally, for Pidge to say “I am a girl,” and for her friends to switch to “they” instead of “she” without asking her first feels like misgendering. Unless Pidge specifically requests alternative pronouns, there’s no reason for anyone to disregard her identity like that.

“Regardless of canon, I want to think of Pidge as trans! If you use ‘she’ you’re saying she’s cis.”

You know who else uses “she/her” a lot of the time? Trans women! I would never argue that trans girl Pidge is the only correct interpretation which everyone should adhere to, but it’s totally bizarre to me that everyone seems to have forgotten that trans women… exist! I personally feel that her “coming out” scene works a lot better when I think of her as trans. Also, there are plenty of nonbinary people of various identifications who use “she/her”. Pronouns are not always indicative of how someone views a character.

“Only cis people use ‘she’ for Pidge. It’s transphobic not to have any trans headcanons.”

You are 100%, demonstrably incorrect. Nine times out of ten, trans headcanons trigger my dysphoria. I am not alone in this. I can’t comfortably participate in a lot of fandom activities because of this. You know exactly nothing about a person’s politics or how they identify based on how many cartoon headcanons they have. Headcanons are a personal thing. They are important to some people. They are not important to everyone, because not everyone reacts to canon the same way. You have the right not to interact with any person or fanwork you wish, but these judgments are false, harmful, and lead to fighting and harassment. It’s alienating as hell. Be considerate.

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  • Stepmom:So what have you been up to?
  • My Brain:reading gay fanfiction, writing gay fanfiction, obsessing over mythical characters, waiting for Merlin and Sherlock to come back, crying over Destiel...
  • Me:.... I've been bettering myself...
  • My Brain:you've won this time. You cannot resist me forever.

i don’t really ship joshaya but i do have to say that the look in maya’s eye’s when josh doesn’t say no to bf/gf eventually is a hell of a lot of a similar look to when katy and shawn got engaged

i just wanna see my baby happy ya know

July 22: Teaching Myself to Draw

Welp, it’s finished! Of course, now that I’m posting it I see all sorts of things to fix and improve, but I still think this is my best piece to date. I’m getting better at not over blending the skin and being bolder with my shadows. I also tried some new materials for this piece (the fabric and armor). And I did my first parted mouth! That definitely needs more practice (actually, I just need to practice mouths in general), but I’m happy with it for a first try.

Next up are the giveaway portraits! But since it’s my birthday weekend, I probably won’t get started with them until early next week. Have a great weekend everyone!

Imagine having a daughter with Jax from a one night stand and your friends freaking out when he comes to her birthday party.

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(Yes this was utterly inspired by the scene in The Kids Are Alright from Supernatural. I just couldn’t resist.)

You knew the moment Jax arrived as you heard your daughter squeal and saw her take off running out of the corner of your eye.

“Daddy!” She screamed making Jax laugh.

“Hey baby girl.” He told her as he lifted her into his arms. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too daddy.” She told him as she hugged him tight. You couldn’t help smiling as you watched them and tried one more time to move the drink cooler that you’re just refilled before finally giving up.

“Jax, can you help me with this?” You called.

“Sure thing darlin’. Be right there.” He told you before setting your daughter on the ground. “I’ll come play in a bit ok princess? I gotta help mommy first.”

“Ok.” She told him with a frown.

“Come on, you can’t be sad at your own birthday party.” He told her before he stuck out her tongue and made her giggle again. As Jax helped you finish arranging everything you happened to overhear some of your friends talking.

“That’s Jax? I thought (Daughter’s Name)’s dad was a biker.” One of them said.

“No!” Another gasped in shock. “She’d never go for that.”

“You haven’t heard the story? They hooked up at a party. She insists he was the best she ever had. Apparently he’s huge.” The first replied.

“No wonder she doesn’t date. I mean look at him. Who could turn down that.” The second laughed as you couldn’t help groaning, mentally noting to have a talk with them later.

“You ok babe?” He asked.

“Yeah my friends just aren’t exactly subtle.” You replied.

“I heard em. Sounds like you’ve been bragging about me.” He teased.

“Don’t let your ego get too big Teller. Your head might explode.” You retorted before turning to go.

“Whatever you say darlin’.” He chuckled as he smacked your ass.

“Jackson!” You exclaimed as you could hear your friends whispering.

“Daddy nice hands!” You heard your daughter scold making you burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry baby girl mommy liked it.” Jax laughed.

“You’re horrible.” You told him.

“I know. You still keep letting me in the house for some reason though.” He joked. “Come on, I’ll help you set the rest up.”

“Alright.” You agreed. “You know the other moms are probably not going to stop talking about that for weeks.”

“Let em. It’s not our probablem if they need a hobby.” He told you.

“Believe me them realizing you’re a biker is the most interesting thing to happen in their lives for a long time.” You laughed.

“Maybe I should visit more often then.” He laughed.

“You know you’re always welcome.” You told him with a smile before talking a tray of food outside trying to ignore the looks all the other mothers were giving you. Lord save you from all the crap you were going to get later.