about wicked

the best elphaba: rachel tucker

reasoning: she’s passionate and emotional without comically overacting, nobody hits the ‘no good deed’ high f riff as powerfully as her, she has a strong incredible voice and she’s an amazing talent

the best glinda: alli mauzey

reasoning: she’s a comedic genius, you can always feel the connection between her and whoever her elphaba is, her voice is capable of being ethereal and hilarious and sounds natural both ways, she literally makes her costars break character because she’s so funny

the best fiyero: aaron tveit


Why I kind of want Robert and Connor to be an on-going thing (for now):

Connor can get all clingy, Robert’ll push him away, Connor would try to embarrass Robert by shouting “You love(d) me!” in a village-packed (Aaron and Diane included) location, so Robert can bark back “There’s only one man I’ve ever–” (his eyes instinctively dart to Aaron, Aaron does his ‘Awkward’ lip-bite thing and ducks out, and the whole place becomes a rumble of whispers), this would include Robert looking at Connor like he’s extremely dumb, Connor will then get lost, having served his purpose, and Diane can spend the next few weeks individually asking Robert and Aaron about their relationship as it were, building back up the romantic tension between the two until a blissful reunion.

… What is this ‘Katie-and-Andy matter’ of which you speak? #I’mDreaming