Chachi + Josh

I don’t know but I feel the need to make a list of videos of Chachi & Josh together so yeeeah. From their first video together to the most recent.

Josh’s Channel:

  1. How to say I love you
  2. How Guys Flirt
  3. Zayn Malik: How To Pull Bitches
  4. Nutella On My Face!
  5. Hype Man Girlfriend
  6. “Rude” In Real Life 
  7. Hype Man Girlfriend 2
  8. 7 Second Challenge
  9. That Annoying DJ
  10. Relationship Goals Vs. Reality
  11. My Date to Prom (Part 3)
  12. NBA Dunks On My Girlfriend
  13. Why Zayn Malik Left One Direction
  14. Teaching my girlfriend how to drive
  15. How To Be A Hip-Hop Dancer
  16. Yoga Challenge
  17. Roommate Fight Prank

Chachi’s Channel:

  1. Nobody’s Watching

JRMun0zVlogs Channel:

  1. Raging Waters
  2. Days At Six Flags With Some Friends
  3. Raging W/ ChachiGonzales

The Natural’s Channel:

  1. Reading Mean Tweets
  2. Filming “Hype Man Girlfriend”
  3. hot girls dancing
  4. Raging Waters
  5. BTS Filming
  6. UforiaFest
  7. Weekly Vlog #1
  8. Birthday Festivities

The Flama’s Channel:

  1. Chachi and J.Balvin Onstage at Uforia