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The Squad as Lantern Corps members:

Patton-Indigo Lantern


This goes without saying, that Pat would be the best keeper of this spectrum as among the four of them, he’s the one who holds the most compassion.

Logan - Green Lantern

Will Power

Being logical, he has the ability to rationalize through his fears which in turn will give him the strength of mind he needs to power his ring.

Roman- Red Lantern


As someone who suggests that the best way to deal with the people troubling you is to straight up (ha ha “straight”) kill them, he’s best suited to hold this ring.

Virgil- Yellow Lantern


Probably the most obvious but also the best suited. As Anxiety, Virgil’s ability has always been to instill fear. And though he does this for sole purpose of protecting the people he cares about, he still uses that emotion as a way to get the upper hand.

Joan and Talyn- Blue Lantern


Both spread message of hope for people finding themselves, they have the ability to spread message of positivity while still managing to stay rooted to reality. Plus the fact that the Blue ring is the Yellow ring’s biggest weakness symbolizes how much Thomas’s friends help him whenever his Anxiety gets way overwhelming for him.

Thomas - White Lantern


Since this is where all the emotional spectrum originated and all The Sides did come from him, it makes sense doesn’t it?

He originally held the blue power ring, the ring of hope, then he manages to master the other color spectrums into his own ring and thus turning him into White Lantern.

Earth 778833777 au character profile:

Joan Kepler

Age: 22 years old

Sexuality: Demisexual

Joan is Logan’s “estrange” younger sibling. Though they hold the same level of intellect as their brother, they focus their skills on learning the science behind magic and the paranormal.

(Things that Logan deemed to be ridiculous.) At the age of 18, they left home to pursue a career as an Illusionist, during that time they discovered that they were a homo magi, a subspecies of humans with natural abilities in magic and sorcery, which they had inherrtted from their great, great grandmother. Though them and Logan hardly see eye to eye, the siblings do care about each other as evident when they returned home after the death of their sister in law and nephew to provide Logan comfort and support.

They used their powers to check if Patton were to be trusted.

Powers: Joan is known to be a very powerful magic user. In fact, they’re so powerful that they are able to cast spells without having to do verbally. Their power consists of conjuring objects out of nowhere, controlling the elements of earth, water, air, and fire, deviation, clairvoyance, tarot reading, light bending, healing as well as being to cast different spells.

Codename: The Mythic

Joan is this world’s Zatanna

anonymous asked:

Have either of you considered that Patton could've emotionally manipulated Logan to be /that/ loyal? Patton did that with Virgil and made him drive himself to die… Patton could've manipulated and preyed on Logan too. Roman wasn't there to stop him, either~

Joan: Possibly. I mean, Patton appears to be able to do a lot with just his words, so I wouldn’t be surprised.