•are very curious
•kind of jumpy
•don’t trust easily
•eat ALL THE TIME but always nibble or eat tiny snacks instead of meals
•love to just wander with no particular destination in mind
•can be very shy
•can be very friendly
•generally pleasant to be around
•love wearing clothes that help them blend in with the crowd
•don’t like attention to be drawn to them
•are very social within their own circle of family and friends
•leap from hobby to hobby, shedding their interests like antlers with every season
•generally very graceful
•dispose hunting and hunters
•thrive as vegetarians or vegans

11 people I want to know more things about.
So, I was tagged by mischiefmoony27 to do this thingy. so here it bees.
Name: Emma-Louise mostly known as Emma or Em
Gender: Female.
Height: 164 cm
Where I live: South Island, New Zealand.
Time and date: 4:23 Monday July 20th (first day of school for term 3 DX)
Average sleep: about 4-6 hours a night
Recent movie watched: unpopular opinion i don’t like movies. but i can watch TV shows back to back no problem so the last how i watched instead was sword art online on Netflix)
Favorite band/artists: Fall Out Boy, imagine dragons, hillsong, pentatonix. I don’t know just whatever is on my playlist.
One thing that pisses me off: Myself people life *shrugs*
Meaning of URL: okay so baby squid because when me and my friend get bored at school we swig our skirts around and stuff and it looks like squid or jellyfish in the water so she is the-almighty-jellyfish and the queen of hell part is because at my climbing gym my coach is weird and he calls me the queen of hell and my friends my demon henchmen and then my other friend who is not in my team is the Antichrist and one day George (my coach) was like if jack’s the Antichrist what does that make you and i turned around and with the most dead serious ad mono-toned voice i could said the queen of hell I’m here to take you down soon and ten walked off and he lost it and the name sort of stuck so i put them together.
most used phrases: I don’t know *shrugs again*
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
so i tag some crazies now right?

the-almighty-jellyfish that-girl-under-the-stairs somanyfandomsasdfghjkl wearetylerspeople weeping-angel-hunting justforjasper charitysleepswithsirens valkyriewinchester padfootwinchester grace-fully-awkward senuaofficial

✿Laneya Grace Gif Icons

Down below underneath the cut you’ll find 44 Gif icons of Laneya Grace.  None of these gifs are mine, i’ve only resized them. If you want it any of these gifs removed or you want credit for any of your gifs. Feel free to submit/send me a message. Please like or reblog if this was helpful.

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  • brittany snow rp icons
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  • update grace gif hunt
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  • do laundry
this was probably already done before but idc
  • Hybrid Theory Chester:beautiful lil blond boi
  • Meteora Chester:badass rooster
  • Minutes To Midnight Chester:precious babe who does no wrong
  • A Thousand Suns Chester:normal man with a lot of tats
  • Living Things Chester:sleek graceful egg
  • The Hunting Party Chester:back to A Thousand Suns but with more hair