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I hope we get an intro on AG4, I've liked all of her intro's so far. The one on My Everything, the one of Christmas & Chill and the un-released Baby Loves. She makes the best intro's, I just love when albums have intro's, they're usually always good.

I agree

they’re always so good and harmonic and just nice to listen to

they’re some of my favourite songs

okay i’m writing a highschool au and grantaire’s a little shit in it and so far these are the reasons he’s been suspended/ reprimanded in the past:

  • he hotwired a vending machine to give out free chocolate
  • he re-routed the football teams money to a koala sanctuary
  • he started a memorial outside of the science classrooms in honor of the frogs they were dissecting and it blocked traffic for a day
  • he crashed the stage at the christmas assembly and performed Maureen’s protest song from Rent
  • and he spends all of his spare time mouthing off to teachers
  • his grade 9 art final was literally just dildo’s made out of different materials and the art teacher got so offended that they quit
  • (and all of these pranks lowkey relate to the shit that enjolras goes on and on about in abc meetings and literally everybody else sees it but enjolras WHAAAT who said that?)