During a Zombie Invasion, the Threat of the Week
  • Eli: Now if you'll excuse us, Captain Rogers, it's time for the Young Avengers to do your job for you and put these soulless bodies where they belong! In the ground, in case you didn't take—
  • Pair of Zombies: *charge, suddenly speedy*
  • Eli: *kills them both*
  • Eli: (casually, without missing a beat) In case you didn't take my meaning.

More horses as requested by @worgenqueen! This time, we have Hux, Thrawn, and Eli!

Hux = A flaxen chestnut quarterhorse. Quarterhorses have mixed bloodlines and very typical builds, so Hux’s average build and flaky heritage inspired this choice. I went with a flaxen chestnut because of the red that matches his hair, and because I personally am not a fan of flat chestnuts, so the flaxen gives him a bit of extra color (aa/ee/FF)

Thrawn = An Andalusian base changed to fit the fact that he, well, isn’t human, and therefore wouldn’t have all the same features as the other horses. Cloven hooves, naked/long tail, thicker barrel. I went with an Andalusian base because of their strong but graceful builds and long history as war horses. (N/A)

Eli = Eli is an American paint; overo on top of an amber champagne base. He’s also got flycatcher spots as a way to emulate one of my fav headcanons of him having freckles! But, more importantly, I chose an American paint because ‘wild space’ tends to be seen as more of a southern backwater type. Evidently, Eli even has a southern accent in the audiobook, making this classic American south breed a given for him. (Ee/AA/nO/nCH)

i randomly just gasped out of nowhere cause i had the idea to write a oneshot (probably not, i suck at oneshots so it’d be like three or more chapters 🙃)*

where like steve and eli and the rest of the characters are going to prom, not just a themed small dance. just this big party at school where people actually want to go because it’s their last year of high school and they’re just like “fuck it, let’s go to prom because why not?”

and eli and steve are friends at this point, like really close friends and all that nice shit. but eli is just dying on the inside cause he really wanted steve to be his date and so hes mopey and stuff for awhile and when steve picks him up from his house, knocking on his door and having this dorky but lighthearted smirk on his face, and eli is just staring embarrassingly at steve

wearing. an. actual. suit.

and then it goes from there

*note, I said I had the idea of writing this. So, for whoever wants to write whatever they want just look at this post as a prompt. I don’t want anyone to think just because I “had the idea of writing this” doesn’t mean they can’t, in fact, yours would probabaly be better than mine! Just wanted to make that clear.