I love Indra’s loyalty to Lexa. She truly believes in Lexa and her ability to lead and I truly can’t wait to see Lexa’s reaction when she finds out Indra went to the sky people to help them find Clarke. I’m about 1000% sure that wasn’t an order from Lexa or something Lexa ever wanted her to do. She said “I can’t let that happen” regarding one of her people killing Clarke to get her power and become commander, -because she’s only down with Lexa being commander. Like, Lexa thinks she went to get milk or something and she’s at Arcadia.

Gonna ride that headcanon about Costia being Indra’s daughter until it’s disproven in canon because that would just be too perfect.

we-are-the-universe-12 asked:

Hey when you said Sans doesn't know Flowey, isn't that disproven because Sans remembers timelines? Or at least he can spot anomalies. Since Flowey says (I can't for the life of me remember when), "I've befriended everyone, I've killed everyone. Eventually they all became predicable" so Sans would've met Flowey back when he still had the power to reset and reload.

Flowey tells you not to let Sans know about you or your powers, as Sans has caused Flowey a fair amount of resets. Flowey reset to before he met Sans after learning that Sans discovering about his existence, true nature, and powers would result in a bad time.

Sans can’t remember resets, it’s just because of his past experiences with science and the timelines and anomalies. He knows that changing the timelines and that the power to go back and change things exists, he understands the idea of resetting and is thus more perceptive of it and knows how to tell based on Frisk/Chara’s reaction and response what is going on.

He picks up on stuff most people wouldn’t, like a trained detective. He is even shown to be able to guess how many times you’ve died and if you’ve been dunked on based on the characters reaction after coming back from the save points. That’s why on the 9th try he gets it wrong and says that it’s the 7th try, and then corrects himself based on your response.

We don’t see Frisk/Chara’s dialogue to Sans, just like how we seldom see their spoken dialogue in the game and only get the other characters response and what the option is written as. Like when you select threat, Burgerpants responds in a way that suggests that you told him to go to hell, Frisk/Chara didn’t just silently threaten with a weapon or say “threat”. It’s left ambiguous what exactly our protagonist says sometimes. Hopefully Frisk doesn’t just walk up to people and say
“About Mettaton” and “about Mettaton (NEW!)”, obviously they ask in the form of a question.

What really bothers me about this whole ””babygate”” situation, apart from the absurdity of the conspiracy therories and the fact that thousand of people keep clinging on a collossal delusion that has been disproven thousands of times, it’s the blatant misoginy, and most importantly, the total lack of respect for a newborn baby. 

It really blows my mind to know that there are people who think their favourite would agree to use an infant as a prop to cover up his sexuality. This is real life, not a soap opera. 

Babies are sacred, untouchable. And it’s really sad and disgusting to witness these people paying no respect to a new human life. Don’t you have a heart? Don’t you have a conscience? Is it really that important to engage in such a gross behaviour in order to keep your damn ship alive, and to feel better with yourself because you want to be right? This is the core of the matter, in my opinion. All larries care about, at this point, is to prove to the world they’re right and they’ve been right all along, because they’re more intelligent than the rest of us, and can use their ‘critical thinking skills’. To debunk a baby. Wow, this really tells a lot about them as human beings.

If you’d asked me in 2015 what the next big thing to return in 2016 would be, “conspiracy theories that were disproven around 300 BC” would be near the end of the list, right above the use of codpieces as status symbols and right below ROM Spaceknight

So that’s three articles I believe Simon has had a strong influence in creating:

1. The article claiming Tammi had banned Louis from the hospital even, and he spent the birth of his child largely in the car. Disproven by a rep statement immediately AND disproven by Louis being papped as a doting and clearly caring father in the few days after.

2. The Harry/Azoff article. Yet to be disproven tho it didn’t seem to be picked up by a large number of other outlets.

3. This new article claiming Louis is staying with Briana in a rental home. Oh hey, papped by a hotel numerous times this week WITH his belongings. Already disproven before the article even came out.

Other than those three articles and insinuations, the rest of the narrative is consistent and clear–and in fact has been used to disprove those insinuations.

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Are there any creatures myths or legends that you can tell us about? There are so many amazing and marvelous creatures in Equestria that it's hard to believe something doesn't exist.

Actually it’s quite easy to believe something doesn’t exist if there is no proof of it. Otherwise, to be consistent, one would have to believe in everything which hasn’t been disproven, and it’s impossible to prove something does not exist (it would require having information about everything in the entire universe) thus one would always have to believe everything exists, and that would be quite impractical.

Obviously fictional things are part of our culture; there are novels of course but also story telling traditions such as ghost stories. The ancient Pegasi were prominent in having a number of myths they passed on verbally, and that is all part of our cultural heritage.

Creatures often play a huge part in myths, and there are so many I could tell you about, but attempting to cover them all would take quite a long time. It would be wise to narrow the scope. Perhaps you have a specific category of creatures you wish to know about, such as demiequines, or ones from myths of a certain historical period or culture, like for example Horse mythology?

I look forward to telling you more once the subject matter is narrowed down. Not that I couldn’t go on and on about such a fascinating topic, but I shouldn’t neglect other duties and I really have to consider the format of this newsletter and keep myself from writing so much the poor distributors aren’t even able to fit it into their printing layout.

[this is literally just a headcanon dump, phrased in a matter-of-fact way because that’s easy to write, most of this is completely non-canon and is probably gonna be disproven at some point but literally let me live]

okay so Champions in general are just kind of commanders in a day-to-day setting, like the leaders of the armies of each of the gods. they sort of go above and beyond in that they basically know everything their god knows, they go to all their meetings and negotiations and basically serve as their replacement if the god is busy or AWOL. the term champion comes from long ago, when each of the gods had only a few followers each, and conflicts couldnt be settled by wars because they didnt have armies, so instead their champions would fight to settle it. that basically never happens now but it’s kinda traditional. it’s a very prestigious position so many kids grow up with being champion as their dream. champions serve for as long as they can, and unless they die suddenly and unexpectedly, the previous champion usually gets a say in who the next champion is (although the god makes the final choice). 

the criteria for each god’s champion is different. Ianite will always pick people who are kind, and who she can serve beside as a friend. Mianite will pick stronger, confident warriors who are good leaders. Dianite will pick people who are cunning, who can fight but are less about strength than about measured talent if that makes any sense. most champions are chosen when they are around their 20s, so they can serve their god for as long as possible, and are usually chosen from the ranks of those already serving in some way; usually the armies. By the time Dianite’s previous champion died, tensions were running so high between the gods that he didn’t really care about having a powerful commander as his champion and instead favoured Mot for his dedication and passion. This caused a lot of upset amongst Important People who thought they deserved it more for some reason.

Spark became Ianite’s champion because he was building Dagrun; it was intended as a peaceful place, a safe place for the dwindling number of ianite devotees during the rising conflicts between the siblings. His compassion lead her previous champion to bring him to Ianite’s attention. (then he ended up marrying her so good going on that one Spark). 

Excuse this trash post

but as poor Faustine’s inbox knows, I have just finished Season 1 of Black Sails and let me just say right off the bat that yes, it is trash, I am aware it is trash, but right now my life is so busy that I just need that regular bit of trash DON’T JUDGE.

Anyway, important thoughts to share with those who also partake:

  • Billy Bones is my fave tbh and I wasn’t even worried with the whole man overboard thing as he is too pure and strong and beautiful to die, also bc Treasure Island lol
  • Every time he folds those arms an angel gets its wings
  • I genuinely like if not love all of the female characters (Max!) though Anne and Eleanor both seriously need to chill 99% of the time
  • Toby Stephens remains divine (especially all clean-shaven in those flashback scenes mmhmmm), like, I’ve thirsted over him hard since whenever that shitty Bond film came out where he got diamonds in his face or whatever and he’s still just gorgeous though Flint needs sunscreen. And some happiness. Great protagonist even if he did Gates wrong and I loved Gates :(
  • I’ve started to watch S2 and I’m just like RUPERT! every time he is on screen. Even though I am pretty much spoiled for his entire arc I am still super-excited about it, like, what kind of amazing neckbeard-destroying plot twist, A++++ writers
  • Silver is incredibly endearing and Luke Arnold just has that great laidback charm tbh though it’s hard not to look at him and see Michael Hutchence lmao
  • I am desperate to catch up to S3 though because the prospect of RAY STEVENSON as Edward Teach is the most appealing thing ever
  • My one problem with the show is trying to sell that dickhead Charles Vane as some kind of antihero heartthrob or something, bc #1 he’s a fucking asshole and #2 he’s so ugly? Like, so, so ugly. His bod is nice but why bother when Billy exists:

god bless those perpetually rolled-up sleeves amen

Today on the show, we’re talking about planet Vulcan, a hypothetical planet that was disproven in the 20th century by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Naturally, Ira took the opportunity to wear appropriate socks.

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Duchovny is gay and so is Gillian. It's a nice thought, but Gillovny is never gonna happen! They had their kids and moved on to more fun adventures with same sex people.

Well here you go, fandom. Gillovny definitively disproven.

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Proven trolls keep posting fake photos of Briana and the baby, and the Larries keep blaming Briana's family for them. Even when it's 100% proven they have been faked by their own side. For Larries who keep asking why Briana's family needs to do such a thing, no, the question is why Larries feel the need to do this if their story is so true? If the whole thing is fake, why are Larries forced into faking things and then claiming they're real long after they've been disproven?

I agree. They keep trying to make these pictures be proof that the baby doesn’t exist, but that’s a very flawed logic because they weren’t posted by anyone from Louis’ family, Briana’s family or 1DHQ. It’s all fan-made, and while it does speak volumes on the character of those posting the pictures, it says nothing about the baby’s existence.

Larries have resorted to straight up lying to people now. They’re no longer relying on theories that can’t really be proven or disproven. This might actually be a good thing though, because people can go look into things and easily find an answer.