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Any sunscreen recommendations?

There’s been a lot of new discussion about sunscreen lately, now that lots of yearly reports have been published, so I’ve got lots of recommendations saved up:

Here are EWG’s best beach and sport sunscreens. Each of these are rated according to their individual ingredients, UVA/UVB composition and any related health concerns. If you’ve already bough some lotion and want to see how it measures up, click on its listed name and read all about it.

I personally recommend:

And a few additional things to keep in mind:

  • “Waterproof” sunscreen has recently been disproven. While some sunscreen may actually be water resistant, this will only be true for up to 80 minutes at a time. Always be sure to re-apply after getting wet or sweating.
  • Very high SPF numbers are misleading. There’s honestly no reason to buy anything over SPF 50, so don’t trust a brand that tries to sell it to you.
  • Spray-on sunscreen will evaporate faster and will completely cover less skin. It may be a faster application method, but stick with the traditional slather-it-on style.
  • Sunscreen alone is not enough; Always take extra precautions. Wear a hat, sit in the shade, cover your skin with light clothing, etc. Never rely solely on some lotion to protect you.

So stay safe out there! Always make sure you’re wearing sunscreen when you go outside, even if its cloudy. Protecting your skin now can save you from a lot of heartache later on. 

Disclaimer: This is all just my thoughts on Steven Universe. All content is not canon until proven/disproven. And yes, I only made a Tumblr to post my theories.

Pink Diamond

First, I want to go into some details of what is known about Pink Diamond, mainly that she is unconfirmed at this time. There are only a few ideas of her existence through the time they went to the Moon Base in It Could’ve Been Great and the Mural inside the Triangle at the Strawberry Fields of Serious Steven

External image

External image

Now, I am going to state this now. I do NOT believe that Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz. If you look at the mural from Serious Steven, while Rose might be the one fighting against the Home World (White Diamond) she is just the soldier as she was meant to be. Most likely, she was created to be the personal Bodyguard of Pink Diamond, which would explain Rose’s shield, while the sword might have actually belonged to Pink Diamond.

Back to the point of who Pink Diamond is though. I think she is one of the 4 diamonds and does exist. The hardest problem with Pink Diamond is trying to figure out her place in the Matriarch system as each diamond, like all gems, have a function. Blue being the messenger and tactician for the diamonds, yellow being the conqueror, and white being the home world. But where does pink fall? I think that she represents the life of gems. That she is the one that deems a planet suitable for colonization/makes it such or that she is the creator of gems themselves. The reason I state this is looking at the mural, you see a lot of hands reaching towards her like someone reaches for a mother of an idol. This coupled with Rose, and her love of life, stemming from her matriarch.

This might sound insulting, but just listen. Gems can only do as their matriarchs want…initially. They were created with the design to be mindless drones with the only purpose being to do as commanded. Pink, being the creator of life/gems may have had conflict with this, seeing life as precious. She continues to make Gems for the good of Home World, but rewrites the code of gems to have more emotions, more feelings and the ability to think for themselves. Since she is the creator, the other diamonds have no idea initially and by the time they realize it, they can’t undo what she has started. When it finally gets revealed, the Earth colony has just started and she is executed for her crimes against Home World, and essentially wiped from history, but the thing the diamonds didn’t expect was the reaction of the gems she had formed with their new emotions. Rose Quartz, being the closest to Pink Diamond, decides to avenge her fallen Matriarch. This leads to the first Rebellion. I’ll go over this more in a bit.

The reason I stated this is due to emotions being unnecessary and unneeded for gems to conquer. Plus Peridot talks about Objectivity a lot, saying the diamonds are above that, though we see that is not the case. Objectivity seems more like a coping mechanism for the diamonds than reality, as though they were trying to tell gems not to use emotions in judgement, thus working against what Pink Diamond had changed in them. And with pink diamond gone, the diamonds couldn’t undo what she had caused or risk never being able to make gems again.

Lastly, it can also be stated that Pink Diamond began to see organic life as more charming than evil. It could be safe to assume she would want what Rose would later champion; Gems and Organic life living together in harmony.

TL;DR: Pink Diamond was the creator of life for gems, but ultimately crushed for creating emotions. She wanted harmony, while the other diamonds wished to only conquer.

The Rebellion

Now, this is where things are a little more known. Rose Quartz led a rebellion against the Diamonds. She would win the battle for Earth and Gems would leave it alone. Now, why would Rose do this? After all, she is a soldier, even if she has healing tears. For a soldier like her to fight against her commanders normally only comes from the mentor or leader they cared for died. With Pink Diamond being destroyed, Rose would go on to fight the war in her honor, taking up her cause and winning for her leader. 

This could explain why the other diamonds fought so hard for the colony, not just because of a rebellion, but due to it being for a fallen diamond. Unity between the other diamonds would be needed, showing Blue, Yellow, and White unite to try and stop it, but so that they could also trust the other diamonds to not do the same to them. 

I think that the rebellion was also the first of its kind. Another reason the other diamonds would fight so hard against it. They wouldn’t want their own gems to join up and fight for independence of their rule. Pink Diamond had evolved from simply being a diamond to a martyr of freedom. 

Where is Pink Diamond?

The final problem for Pink Diamond is where is she? She is touted as a martyr in the series and not even referenced by name. 

Well, I think that Pink Diamond is actually still alive. Diamonds are not easy to break and it would seem weird for the Diamonds to break her since that could show that they are breakable/mortal. They need to keep an appearance, but how would they make her disappear? Simple, you hide her and change her. You make it so she can’t lead or rule, make it seem like she vanished. In comes Lion. Lion is actually Pink Diamond (I didn’t come up with this theory, but I think it is true). I think that they used something on her in order to corrupt her, which turned her into a beast aka Lion. However, Diamonds are different from other gems in that they are so powerful, they can maintain some control of their corrupted self. 

It would be rather odd for a pink diamond to be a part of Lion’s warp jumping if it weren’t true. Now, due to Rose’s closeness to Pink Diamond, she realized what had been done and hid her away, touting her as dead to ignite rebellion for Pink’s philosophies of harmony and peace. Rose then became what Pink would have become. Rose is in a way Pink Diamond, but only by means of championing her beliefs.

TL;DR: Lion is Pink Diamond corrupted, with Rose hiding this fact.


Pink Diamond was once a Matriarch, but reformed from being a conqueror to a lover, thus bringing Rose into the same state of mind. Pink Diamond lives on in Rose who lives on in Steven. Steven is essentially a continuation of Pink Diamond’s wish for Gems and Organic life to live together in peace.

The “Ferguson effect” lacked factual basis when first floated last year, and it lacks it now, repackaged to explain away unsavory crime statistics. It took months of nationwide unrest, a litany of shocking videos and detailed reports of police violence to convince the nation that policing in America needed to be fundamentally changed. The fact that a theory lacking evidentiary support was so hastily endorsed by some of the nation’s foremost institutions speaks to the enduring power of the belief that aggressive policing is the only way to keep black communities safe.

Samuel Sinyangwe

FBI Director James Comey doubled down on his disproven theory that police fear of scrutiny has caused a spike in violence. Here’s why giving the ‘Ferguson effect’ a new name won’t make it truer.

so we all agree that in Avengers Assemble, Steve and Tony are married, right? like 100% married. and i dont mean this like the “omg they act so married” like NO.

they are MARRIED. theyve been married since the series started. they got married just a short time before the series starts and a while later Steve goes off to fight some Hydra dudes and BOOM thats where the series starts.

like THEYRE MARRIED and theres literally nothing in the show which has disproven that. like MARRIED. wedding rings and everything. there was a ceremony and a reception with a big cake. like. married.


“Just because it isn’t happening right now doesn’t mean it never will. Think back to where you were a year ago, or two or five. What struggles were you facing that you felt convinced you could never overcome — but did? Which goals did you feel certain you could never reach, but in your own time, were able to meet or even exceed? These past experiences are evidence of your capacity to heal and overcome. You may not be exactly where you would like, but you’ve come so far from where you once were. Trust that the rest will happen in its own time. You’ve disproven your doubts and fears countless times — you can trust that you will prove yourself wrong this time too.” - Daniell Koepke
A voice for all: Why I’m fighting to help Autistic students access the form of communication that works best for them.
ASAN's Logo
By Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Fighting for communication rights shouldn’t be controversial. But we’ve already encountered resistance from school administrators, especially promoters of disproven “behavior”-based approaches to communication. These administrators would apparently prefer to rely on outdated, disproven “speech-only” approaches to language than use a method that works but doesn’t fit their model. These approaches echo movements to stamp out sign language in Deaf children and force them to communicate orally – movements that researchers and disability advocates now recognize as discredited and abusive. It’s time to call this attitude what it is: unacceptable, inhumane, and illegal.

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I'm scared if reylo's even possible anymore because you seem to be less convinced of it now and I take your opinion pretty seriously :(((

Nah anon, I’m still as equally convinced on that theory as I was before, and my opinion on it hasn’t changed (I wrote a doctoral-length thesis on why this was a thing, after all). Ya’ll just gotta remember that:

  • What I ship and what I theorize are two different things. Sometimes they overlap, but they’re not intrinsically linked
  • I’ve always been of a more neutral/nuanced opinion on reylo (see: I suspect it will be one-sided, unless the writers manage to pull off something amazing. But I’m also 100% okay with this being disproven as well)
  • If I’m wrong about a theory, I’m fine with admitting it and moving on. That doesn’t mean I’m any less convinced on what I’ve theorized, or that I don’t feel disappointment (see: Bastila and Revan) - just that I’m not unhealthily attached to one idea or another.

I am a bit suspicious/worried about the overall writing direction of Star Wars, but that’s a separate issue, and has nothing to do with reylo or my meta essays.

I refuse to talk about that letter because there is nothing to talk about.

The letter is emotionally manipulative, biased and emotionally-charged. And Monty himself would have never wanted such a lettter to exist or such discussions to spawn.

It lacks factual information or argumentation to be proven or disproven. All we have as a facts are production diaries as the show is being made.

As far as I consider it - nothing has changed - Miles and Kerry are the cornerstones of RWBY and have always been and I hope this shitstorm does not damage or discourage the cast or the fandom.

The best thing we as a fandom can do is to pretend that letter never happened. Forget about it. I am sure in few months or years, once emotions subside, the author of that letter will also wish he never wrote it.

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Thinking back to when Freddie was first born the difference in larries was pretty big... there they were with their photoshop theories and all the organised masterposts about how Briana wasn't pregnant. And now there's so much coming at them they don't even know where to begin, they don't know where to turn.

I feel like one of those thought clouds for the Larries’ blog content would be so interesting right now.

How much is bitter body policing, backseat parenting, Victorian morality lectures, vengeance fantasies, victory fantasies, Freddie’s Next Top Mom, reminiscing about RBB and trying to make it relevant, complaining that they’re tired, plastic surgery bullshit, nattering on about privacy whilst stalking other people’s social media, googling “word” + “dagger”, ranting about insignificant antis, reducing business ventures to “red herrings”, and relying on the myth of “MIA together” even as it is disproven on the regular?

Now how much of that in a given DAY (half day if Freddie is spotted)?

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hello ohtze! first of all i wanna say that i made my boyfried (who is a big star wars fan since he was like a baby?) read your revan/bastila theory and he loved it! he noticed the parallels between revan and kylo but he hadn't noticed bastila now he thinks you could be onto something there! i wanna ask you what's your opinion on rey, finn and kylo being the new trio? (+)

Re Revan and Bastila

  • Unfortunately this has been disproven! (and will continue to be disproven unless new info arises). I am a sad shark over this, cuz I’m the biggest EU stan ever, but I take heart in knowing that I wasn’t the only EU fan who saw the parallels. What doesn’t happen in canon can and will happen in fandom too, so this is good.

Re Rey, Finn, and Kylo being the new trio

  • Yeah, I think they’re the new trio (I might have actually talked about this before). We’re not 100% sure on everyone’s lineage (Rey and Finn specifically, and there’s a lot of unanswered questions about Kylo too), but there’s too many parallels between all three of them (and they share too much screen time) for this not to become A Thing. I’m not sure if they’ll end up as a “traditional” trio like we saw in the original trilogy - it might be subverted somehow - but I do think they’re linked to one another through a similar dynamic.