This is about the only reference to Goku’s time before he was brought to Heaven. He remembers the world being full of life where he was, and how kind everybody was to him, in comparison to those in Heaven. And this was all during a time before he ever had a diadem to limit his powers, or weighted shackles that were put there by Heaven themselves in order to keep him under control, simply because they feared him that much. But this alone proves that Seiten hasn’t always been a blood thirsty animal. And that “people” probably humans, got along with him even then. A time when youkai and humans co-existed peacefully.

It wasn’t until the trauma he encountered during his time in Heaven that made him the killer and blood thirsty monster that we know today. Which is why I theorize that each time Seiten is released after that, it’s like he is reliving that moment, that trauma, over and over. And lashes out, just as he did back in Heaven. And continually being sealed away by the diadem isn’t allowing Seiten enough time to come to terms and realize that he isn’t still there. Especially since he’s always been released during times of other trauma. Whether it’s being thrown right into a fight, waking up in immense pain cause he was on the verge of death, being terrified because he thought people were trying to hurt him… he isn’t given the chance to simply live yet…


Hellenistic gold olive wreath diadem Circa 3rd Century BC

The diadem composed of sheet gold over a tubular core, decorated with several long spear-shaped leaves with impressed veins and delicate hollow gold fruits, all attached to the core with twisted gold wire, a composition of four larger leaves and four berries at the centre.


Greek Gold ‘Pontic Aristocratic’ Diadem, Late 4th-Late 3rd Century BC

A gold diadem consisting of a twisted rope border with a series of heart shaped scrolls with applied acanthus leaves and flowers with gold wire detail and tear drop shaped settings with blue enamel, flowers recessed for red enamel inlay; central wire motif in the form of a Hercules knot with applied flowers and acanthus leaves with tear drop shaped setting with blue enamel; in the center an amethyst cameo with the bust of a woman wearing a diadem and robes held at the shoulder by a brooch; one small flower element present but detached.

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