Zayn, Sia, Sam Smith & more lead the potential last-minute Grammy submissions

Eligibility for the upcoming sixtieth annual Grammy Awards closes on September 30, and as is usually the case, a handful of major players in the music business have rushed to release new songs and albums, with the hope that they’ll see their names listed when nominees are announced in December. September is always chock full of artists dropping new material, as it is close to the holiday shopping season, and by putting something out just weeks or months before Recording Academy members begin voting, those new compositions will hopefully be on people’s minds when they begin selecting who deserves to be nominated.

This September was no different, and in just this one month, there have already been several songs and full-lengths that have a great chance of competing at the upcoming 2018 Grammys. Here’s a rundown of who shared what, and why they may be nominated.

Zayn & Sia
Could be nominated for:
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Of all the artists on this list, Zayn is the only one who has never been nominated for a Grammy, but come this December, that may change. He recently teamed up with super songwriter Sia and released his most recent single “Dusk Till Dawn,” which is already earning the two artists some pretty great reviews. Win or lose, this song grants Grammy voters an excuse to nominate Zayn for the first time (which he has earned by this point), and to give Sia another opportunity to win, because she is long overdue for some gold.


Aelin and the Valg (maybe) Inside Her

Power doesn’t mean survival. We are all scared of Aelin being implanted with a Valg. And a lot of people have taken comfort in the hopes that because Aelin is powerful, she will survive. But I like to put forth Dorian. He is arguably as powerful if not maybe even stronger than Aelin. He has raw magic, it can be wielded in any way shape or form. And yet when he had the collar, and the valg was inside of him, he had no control. 

So maybe power doesn’t equate safety.

Perhaps, inner strength does. I mean just look at Kaltain. The King. Roland. They each had the valg in them. And each, in varying degrees, was able to fight the valg. The King kept his family and (very misguided and very problematic) the kingdom ‘safe’. Roland was able to go to the witches and ask to be killed. He seemed to have enough control to talk as himself. And Kaltain totally decimated that valg. 

Each in some way had an inner strength. A mission to safe guide other people or themselves. And while Dorian did show himself in glimpses.He never had the control that the others seemed to wield. 

And Kaltain, Roland, and the King were never even close to how powerful Dorian and Aelin are. 

So maybe the secret to Aelin defeating a valg if one is put inside of her is her embracing the darkness yet again. It might be finding her inner light. Her inner fire. And letting that burn until it consumes her. 


Like seriously guys just stop, if Chaol and “Celaena” didn’t date then she wouldn’t have gone to Wendlyn leading to her becoming Aelin again. If Aelin didn’t go to Wendlyn she wouldn’t have met Rowan and she wouldn’t be happy right now. If she didn’t go to Wendlyn Aedion would have come back to the glass castle and he would have recognized Celaena and then boom the king would have killed at least one of them! Lysandra and Evangeline wouldn’t have found Aelins home. Lysandra’s debt wouldn’t have been paid and she would still be working as Courtier. If Aelin didn’t go to Wendlyn then Perrington would have won the war by now working along side the King of Adarlan. Dorians magic wouldn’t have awoken and he wouldn’t have killed his father and magic wouldn’t have been restored/ The whole world would be enslaved and our poor baby Rowan would be a sad depressed little shell working for that bitch Maeve!!!!








So because of Chaol we have a cool ass court and a bunch of stories to tell. So all the Chaol haters can back the FUCK UP.

Lorcan and Elide

Even though she hates him. Even though he wishes he could take back the past. Even though she refuses to talk to him. Even though she gets up whenever he sits next to her. Even though she ignores him when he speaks.

He keeps that brace on her foot. He keeps his magic entwined with her. He keeps that darkness surrounding her injury to help her walk more steadily.

To reassure her that he will be there to protect her. To keep her from harms way. And to make sure she knows, he will always be there for her.

And while she may hate him. While she may wish he wasn’t there and that he would disappear and stop trying to talk to her.

Elide Lochan, try as she might, is grateful to Lorcan Salvaterre.

Tower of Dawn

This book was WONDERFUL. I adored it - by far one of my favourite books SJMaas has written! <3 

All the characters shall be getting some arty luurrvveee too - especially Sartaq. All the love for Sartaq <3 

Something I don’t really get though is the hate towards this book in terms of Chaol’s disability and the thought that maybe he can be healed by magic? I started the book with some trepidation about the idea of him being healed based on how Maas would handle it, but once I had read the book cover to cover I didn’t feel anything but contentment for the story and the characters journeys! (If you haven’t read the book and are feeling iffy about this concept, I URGE you to read it.) 

What did you guys think?!