Beyond Beasts, a Danny Phantom fanfiction

Danny’s abilities are getting less reliable by the minute, Tucker can barely keep up with damage control, and it doesn’t help that Dash decided to tag along. As the day shifts into night three things become evident: the forest is playing tricks, water is appearing in places it shouldn’t, and there’s a vacancy expected at Algernon’s Summer Camp for Boys.

Been working on this one for over a year now, and here it finally is! There’s no time like Ectober to post your spooky scary ghost stories, right?

Ao3 / FFN


Warren as Marty McFly /Back to the Future/
Nathan as Danny Zuko /Grease/

I think they’re wearing costumes for Halloween or whatever

so you know Back to the Future, welp who doesn’t but you know Grease? you better watch that movie (9*^*)9