can you believe the same people in the taylor swift fandom calling kanye west the donald trump of music avidly support calvin harris, who has nasty receipts just like kanye does? kanye west is terrible but if you’re going to preach about how disgusting one is, don’t ignore and excuse the nastiness of the other on the daily.

Looking For SPN Blogs

I literally follow less than 250 people, because so many people are changing their content or have stopped tagging or post excessive wank. My dash is practically dead. So I’m looking to follow at least 100 blogs, so if you fit the following criteria, please reblog this and I’ll check out your blog.

  • 90% SPN (I might make exceptions if we share fandoms)
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  • If you hate Cas/Misha, you’re wasting your time
  • MUST have a tagging system. I will not budge on this. I blacklist a lot.
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“You know what!?  Screw this!”

“Half of these challenges were rigged in your favor!  There’s no way you’d actually be keeping up with me in a real competition.”

“You’re nothing but a stupid Pearl, too crazy or broken to know what she’s good for.”

“…You know, Peridot, I’d have been willing to let the tie stand.  I’m open to meeting my match, but you know what I really wanted?  A chance to kick your face in.”

“So thanks for oppor…”


“Ah, finally!  I thought this was what we were going to be doing from the beginning!”


“I’m so tired of this!  Of you!”

“Claiming to be my equal!  My superior!  As if a mere toy could out-engineer me!”

“Face it, Crystal Clod: you weren’t built for this, but I was, and that makes me better than you.”

“Idiot!  Coward!  Of course you were built for this!  But were you built for espionage?  Combat operations?  Survival in hostile territory, against overwhelming odds?”

“I’ve seen you do things no other Peridot has dreamed of!  You’re not a fighter!  You’re a systems administrator!  And yet, here you are, long after the damned quartz got her ass dragged to the bottom of the ocean!”

You weren’t built for this either.  And maybe you can’t see what makes me special just yet, but if you can’t see what makes you special, then you can just–”


since i’ve gotten asks about this before:

I will do my best to tag my rwby spoilers tomorrow as “rwby spoilers”

HOWEVER, i can get a bit hasty with reblogs and posting so there is a chance i’ll forget a few times. you might see something u dont want to see and it will probably be the cause of my clumsiness. i am sorry in advance. that said,

you have been warned! 

anonymous asked:

Hey Daisy~! 🌸 do you have any fanfic recs? i've got time to sin this weekend and i need some new reading~ iwaoi completed fics preferred, and you are the reigning queen of iwaoi! ^^


and it’s no problem!!! here are some of my favourite iwaoi fics i have bookmarked on my ao3:

Conquering the Great king (plus literally anything else written by @suggestivescribe) (longfic ~~ okay there’s like a 99% chance you’ve read this fic already but i need to add it anyway because it’s an iwaoi fandom MUST and everyone knows it)

Iwaizumi blinked his gaze over to Oikawa, “Last time was supposed to be a one time thing,” he said, voice low, lacking some conviction.

Oikawa’s lips twitched into a smirk and he brought them hovering just over Iwaizumi’s, “One time thing, Two time thing, what’s it matter as long as it’s not a Relationship thing?”

things that change, things that stay the same (longfic ~~ MY HEART MY SOUL)

Oikawa realizes he’s in love with his best friend; it sucks for a while. (But only a while.)

let me count the ways (oneshot ~~ so many emotions)

“iwa-chan, how much do you love me?”
“more than i can count on all of my fingers and toes.”
“you wanna use mine?”

#Betrayal (oneshot ~~ FUNNY AND ADORABLE)

In an event Tooru Oikawa will later describe on his twitter as “Iwa-chan screenshotted my selfie #betrayal #i thought we were friends”, Hajime Iwaizumi commits the ultimate snapchat sin and somehow gets himself a boyfriend in the process.

anesthetic truth (oneshot ~~ toO CUTE TO HANDLE)

Iwaizumi wakes up after getting his appendix removed, and the anesthesia leads to an interesting conversation.

Rainbow Marble Cake (long-ish fic ~~ I DIED OF LAUGHTER SOMEONE SAVE ME)

Much to their dismay, Oikawa and Iwaizumi end up on the same team as Ushijima in university.
In which Iwaizumi is definitely NOT jealous, Oikawa wants to stage an ‘accident’, and Ushijima is as dense as ever.

in defense of our overgrown garden (long-ish fic ~~ kind of similar to rainbow marble cake in that its iwaoi but features ushijima - THIS FIC IS SO HILARIOUS I READ IT IN SCHOOL AND IN TRYING TO CONTAIN MY LAUGHTER I STARTED CRYING IT WAS TERRIBLE)

In which Ushijima tries very hard to be a good neighbour to the new tenants next door. (alternatively titled: love thy crooked neighbour)

national hot dad alliance is now calling (longfic ~~ OKAY IWAOI ISN’T THE FOCUS IN THIS FIC BUT IT’S FRIGGING AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ IT)

Sawamura Daichi: What the fuck.

(Or, the captains’ squad interactions that definitely happen outside of canon, presented in Skype chat form.)

to be first, to be best (longfic ~~ *STRANGLED SCREAMING NOISES*)

Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, and as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks “I’m totally in love with this asshole, aren’t I?”

Press ‘1′ to Get a Call From Your Drunk Best Friend (oneshot ~~ ALDSKFJLADSJFLKJDSAKLFJK)

Press ‘2’ to hear him talk about you for thirty minutes, press '3’ for him to compliment your ass, and press '4’ for more options.

the one with the spies (this is a series of fics - all of them are awesome)

There’s an Agency. They take freelance jobs, mostly if they’re morally right. Sometimes if they pay well. Mostly the moral-thing.
The people working for the Agency are… eccentric.


‘Perhaps getting mugged at two in the morning isn’t such a bad idea’ Oikawa thinks as he eyes the world’s hottest policeman settled in the seat across from him.

In which Oikawa is a news reporter head over heels for a commanding police officer.

we shine like diamonds (longfic ~~ MORE SCREAMINGAKDSFLJAS)

Oikawa is nine when he first hears the word. The boys on the playground whisper it like it’s dirty, like the way they daringly mutter the word fuck and then look over their shoulders to check their parents hadn’t heard.

“You know Abe-kun from class?” they snicker, hands cupped around their mouths like they’re passing along a filthy secret. “I hear his older brother is… gay.”

Shiver (longfic ~~ mY HEART)

Oikawa was always the brave one. Hajime just followed two paces behind.


Oikawa texts the wrong number when complaining about Ushijima, and then keeps texting Iwaizumi.

the selfie game (oneshot ~~ UNEXPECTEDLY SLAM-DUNKED ME IN THE FEELS)

Oikawa’s plan to make Iwaizumi mad by sending him dozens of his selfies takes an unexpected turn.

I’m 100% certain i’m forgetting a ton of other amazing fics, and there are many more which I have yet to read, but these are the ones I can think of right now!! 

I hope I did okay with this reclist, don’t be afraid to message me for any fic recs of other pairings if you ever want them!

if anyone manages to record aaron singing ‘out there’ i will love you FOREVER

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valkyrie-baal asked:

RG Veda was CLAMP's first work and it SHOWS, because even if it is a GREAT storyline, the pacing was a rollercoaster ride; I agree that the battle isn't quite long enough, and the whole Ashura cuts himself off thing is kinda confusing. And don't even get me started on the questionable "gays are evil" implication. I have a question though: which do you think is more tragic, RG Veda, or X/1999? And I'm talking in terms of feels here. Basically which one made you feel more intensely WORSE OFF.

Oh man, it’s super curious to me that RG Veda was CLAMPs first properly published work. There are so many things that I recognise as staples of CLAMP’s style in hindsight, but it also helps me appreciate just how far they’ve come since then too. They’ve changed so much over time, to the point where I still think you could link RG Veda, X/1999, and Tsubasa together and get an accurate impression of their changes in attitude towards their story elements. It’s very nice to have RG Veda as a proper ‘starting point’ now too. It’s very useful in that respect. 

I agree with the thing about pacing wholeheartedly. It was up and down in a lot of parts, but the ending itself was entirely its own thing. Some sections were long and stretched out lovingly (especially for some of the minor characters who hadn’t actually mattered UNTIL that point) while others wrapped up in a page or two without proper explanation. Ashura’s cocoon thing was the worst example of that, because without a clear marker that the conflict was over my mood couldn’t catch up with the narrative for quite a few pages later, and it left me very confused. CLAMP have improved so much since then though, so I should be happy about that. (Don’t even get me started on the gay thing though I am still so mad about Kendappa I can’t even say)

But which is more tragic? Ooh. That’s a good question but also a very hard question. In terms of feels I would probably say X/1999, at first. The narrative had me stressed out for almost the entire time - and it was a long series, with awful things happening all the way through, with no guarantee that anyone was going to survive any given chapter. RG Veda differs in that you could be relatively confident that the main cast weren’t going to be killed off until the end of the narrative, at least (though that didn’t stop it from crushing your heart with side characters along the way). On the other hand, X/1999 is missing it’s ending and this prevents it from being a proper comparison. RG Veda’s climax was SO INCREDIBLY TRAGIC that it tips the scale in its favour, but I have no doubt that CLAMP would have done even worse in X/1999 if they had managed to complete it. But as it is? RG Veda has the more “complete” version of being the most tragic series, but X/1999 is the more “consistent” version.

You’ve lost that loving feeling. Part 13.

Hi guy’s so here’s the last part. Thank you so much for all the reblogs, likes and comments on each part, it means so much. Please excuse mistake because I haven’t had chance to reread this. As always I hope you like this :) xxxx


                                  You’ve lost that loving feeling. Part 13

Keep reading

This is really funny because for 20 years, I could totally say this with some sort of pride because I always assumed Naruto was dumb… But ever since my little sister showed me a video of a certain battle, I’ve been complete Naruto trash lmao. For example, just today we’ve been watching it for over 5 hours straight haha!

~ do not delete text or add text please and thank you ~

I am very happy to announce I am creating my first ever favorites page!


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You lost THIRTY POUNDS?? I need your secret! I really want to cosplay but I'm too fat to do any of the characters I like. ;u;

Oh anon… okay. I’m not a fan of this kind of ask from anons normally, but I have gotten a bunch like this recently that I might as well just go ahead. Also I’m gonna answer the second part first.

Being even a little bit overweight in this society, with the beauty standards that we’re all “supposed” to live up to, sucks. Everyone and their mother feels entitles to have an opinion on how you look/act/dress/talk/feel and it can be so so so hard to get through all of that BS and come out on the other side still loving yourself.

Cosplay, as a hobby where you are taking pictures of yourself or having pictures taken of you, can be equally demoralizing sometimes. But it can also be incredibly empowering experience, if you give it the chance. When I was at my heaviest, I made myself my first Granado Espada costume.

I have never in my life felt more confident than I did in that dress. Why? Because I tailored it to fit around my body as it was, I picked a costume I was in love with, and I gave myself a shot of artificial confidence by wearing something that made me feel really special. To this day, that is my favorite cosplay photo. It doesn’t even matter how much I weighed.

You can have moments like that too! Cosplay is for everybody and every BODY. When you’re constructing your costume, worry less about being perfectly accurate and more about making your costume flatter your shape and celebrate the parts of you that you like. Try not to let the negative voice in your mind win.

No one is “too fat” to cosplay anything. Seriously. If you feel comfortable in your costume, you will be confident in your costume, and people will react to your confidence. You will rock it.

As for the first part of your question: my secret is that I try to eat well and I work out regularly. I also have a chronic illness (yay). But that aside, there is nothing in the world that will help you lose weight SAFELY any faster than a healthy, balanced diet and some exercise. That doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, either. There are so many fun ways to work out, a lot of which don’t even feel like working out! Just experiment a little and find what works for you!

Try to make your goal feeling better and getting stronger, instead of losing pounds. The weight loss will come with the right diet and exercise routine. 

But really. I want to be like… SUPER DOUBLE EXTRA TRIPLE CLEAR: I don’t know what you look like now but it doesn’t matter. I firmly believe that you can and should cosplay what you like no matter what you look like. And if anyone tries to make you feel bad, do not let them win, do not let them get you down, because you’ve got people like me who are absolutely cheering you on.

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I’m proud of you babe.
We’re worlds apart now but I want you to know that I still feel blessed to have loved and lost you.
—  i miss u

supernerdmiles asked:

Oh hey, a Pokemon-based Splatfest...worldwide! Man, this is cool! If only I had Splatoon...or a Wii U for that matter. Aside from the traditional bad Splatfest joke that will probably be incoming, is this your chance to do the pictures that I seem to recall you mentioning of your various Inklings along with Pokemon?

I noticed people talking about the pokemon theme but it’s world wide?! OHMYGOD IT IS!!! THIS IS FRIKIN SWEET!

And I have to go to pokemon red. It was my first pokemon game ever

Okay so i’m a loser that can’t make videos, so gifs it is. Listen to this song because all I could think about while listening to is is Luke and a little Skysolo. If anyone can make an actual video with this song that would be awesome

Once upon a time there was a tavern
Where we used to raise a glass or two

Remember how we laughed away the hours

Originally posted by tjevo9-iamthedoctor

And think of all the great things we would do 

Those were the days my friend

Originally posted by iristigerlily

Originally posted by wattpad

We thought they’d never end

Originally posted by warmerabend

Originally posted by lukie-skywalker

We’d sing and dance forever and a day

We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose

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For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la..

Then the busy years went rushing by us

We lost our starry notions on the way

Originally posted by blakerbellamy

If by chance I’d see you in the tavern
We’d smile at one another and we’d say

Originally posted by torbooks

Those were the days my friend

We thought they’d never end, We’d sing and dance forever and a day

We’d live the life we choose

We’d fight and never lose

Those were the days, oh yes those were the days

La la la la…

Just tonight I stood before the tavern

Nothing seemed the way it used to be

In the glass I saw a strange reflection

Was that lonely woman really me 

Those were the days my friend

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We thought they’d never end

We’d sing and dance forever and a day

Originally posted by she-moves-like-rain

We’d live the life we choose

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

We’d fight and never lose

Those were the days, oh yes those were the days

La la la la…

Through the door there came familiar laughter

I saw your face and heard you call my name

Oh my friend we’re older but no wiser

Originally posted by skylorennn

For in our hearts the dreams are still the same.

Originally posted by flyingrainbowdust

Those were the days my friend

We thought they’d never end

We’d sing and dance forever and a day

We’d live the life we choose

We’d fight and never lose

Those were the days, oh yes those were the days.

La la la la…

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