To be honest Negan went pretty light on breaking Rick. Make him clean the axe. The correct answer to “speak when you’re spoken to” is Yes, sir not “okay”. The correct answer to “do I give you another chance” is Please, sir not “yes”, it’s never yes, he doesn’t know the answer, you do. “Right” is not enough, make him say it. Make him say I belong to you like he means it. Does this guy not even know dom 101?

The End of Prweek2k16

Hey everyone! Thanks for participating in this year’s Pokemon Ranger Week celebration! Even though the event was on very short notice, we still got lots of participation and great content. Since this year was almost a surprise, I am going to be keeping this blog active in case anyone did not have the time to contribute. If you were late submitting or forgot this week entirely, I will still be reflagging content and tagging it with the correctly themed day. Hell, we could keep ranger week going until Christmas! Or not I am very tired.

Thanks for another great year, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

~Mod Melissa

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If someone you truly loved hurt you (multiple of times), would you welcome them back into your life again if they asked you to give them one more chance?

Oh I’m a dropper, I drop people like the clouds drop rain, ain’t no holding on to people who chose to cause pain to my soul, no sir. It’s impossible to grow positively if you continually let negative people into your life. Just drop them baby🌹

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I'm having a moment where I can tell my anxiety is taking over and I have no idea how to stop it. I was offered a well paying job in the city at the same time I was offered a lower paying job close to home. I'm anxious about the train everyday and all the new people and doubting myself so I want to take the one closer to home even though I'll ave to get a part time job with it. Do you have any advice at all for overcoming moments like this?

It’s moments like this that push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Ask yourself which job (distance aside) would make you happier? If it’s the farther one, I truly believe if you don’t take a chance and try something new, you’ll regret it. I say go for it. Fuck it. You got this. 

Also, this helps.

My stomach @ Me

Dis aint u. Stop eating like an asshole

Inktober day 23: Where Bucky takes a nap

He had a nice day hanging out with Kitty Baby, but everybody knows when a cat falls asleep on you you have no chance… Just succumb to the sleepy sleeps...

Sorry I’m a day behind, but Bucky in his boxers has rejuvenated me. Maybe I’ll get caught back up tomorrow.

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Bucky and the cat tree

Steve and the towel

Bucky is motivational

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Hysteria- Chapter 18

We sat in silence for awhile, both of us sniffling a bit as we fought back tears. Finally, I spoke, needing to express the internal battle I was struggling with. “I don’t know what to do, Dan. If I give you another chance and this happens again, I- I won’t be able to forgive myself. I’m already having a hard time forgiving myself for letting it happen once. I just…” I sighed. “I don’t know what to do.”

He took my hand in his own, willing me to meet his eyes, which I did reluctantly and immediately regretted. It was damn near impossible to want to say no to his pleading and, might I add, beautiful face. A face that looked so much like my son’s. “Give me another chance,” he said quietly, albeit earnestly.

I hesitated. “I don’t know if I can.”

Dan drew in a shaky breath and slowly, reluctantly, he stood. “I said I would leave if you let me say my piece, and I’m trying my damndest to be a man of my word. Thank you for hearing me. I’ll give you time, and space, if that’s what you need to make a decision.” He turned to leave and made it about halfway to the door before turning around, tear tracks on his cheeks. “Evelyn, I want him in my life. I want you in my life.”

His voice cracked and I bit my lip hard to fight back the threatening sobs. “Can I-“ he paused and took a deep breath. “God. Will you at least let me say goodbye to him this time? I don’t want him to think I just left.” I knew if I tried to speak I wouldn’t be able to hold back the torrent of tears, so I merely nodded. Despite my own concerns, I couldn’t deny either of them the chance to say goodbye.

Dan headed off down the hallway towards Jax’s room. I waited until he knocked on the door and went into his room. Quietly, I strolled up to the door and stood to the side outside it, listening.

“Hey, Jackson. I have to leave, but I wanted to make sure I said goodbye to you. I’m so sorry that I didn’t say goodbye when I left the other day,” Dan’s voice said softly.

“That’s okay, Dad. Mom said you had stuff to do and that it didn’t have anything to do with me.”

“She’s right, it had absolutely nothing to do with you.”

“Were you crying, Dad? Your eyes are all red-y.”

I heard a quiet chuckle from Dan. “Maybe a little.”


“I’m so happy to see you, that’s why. I’m so happy to meet you.”

“I’m so happy to see you too, Dad! I love you.”

“I love you too, buddy.”

“When are you gonna come over again?”

“I don’t know, Jax. I’m sorry. It’s kind of up to your mom, but I’ll try my best. “

“I’m gonna hate mom if she says you can’t come over.”

My jaw dropped and I clasped my hand over my mouth when I heard those words. I couldn’t believe Jax had said that. It broke my heart but made me angry at the same time. I was about to burst in and scold him when Dan spoke again. “Don’t say things like that Your mom, she’s… She’s an amazing person. Everything she does she does for you because she loves you more than anything in the whole world. It would break her heart to hear you say that. No matter what decisions she makes you have to know that it is what’s best for you. She really loves you.”

“I love her too. But I want to see you more.”

“I have to go. Goodbye, Jackson.”

“Goodbye, daddy.”

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                          Munday Meme || Accepting

✉:Any RPers the Mun admires.

      &&OOC: Nonnie, nonnie, do you not know how many talented people are in this fandom!?!?! Like omg—-there is just so many and if I can tag everyone I would?! Because omg, everyone’s characteristics—development, and writing skills are just to die for?! I wish I was half as talented as everyone else but I guess I can list the people I actually RPed with 8D. Because I am so shy to approach every one else? Or maybe they are just so good I remember how great they are and they must be appreciated <3

@solarphotos, @heonsa @sunveiined @maetda @interimplexa @sarxng, @c0deseven, @codegcd @deathfortune and—–Damn, I really need to interact with more people. I LOVE YOU GUYS, and everyone I haven’t had the chance to see yet?! BUT I KNOW YOU ARE ALL REALLY GREAT AND I WANT TO INTERACT WITH ALL OF YOU AND JUST ASJDSDALDJALSD. 

AMS Speech

Good evening,

My name is Elliott Gilbert and I’m running for first year representative of Aequitas. 

Firstly, I would like to start by thanking you, for different reasons I couldn’t get the chance to sign up myself for the AMS elections, but some of you decided to choose me for one of the candidates, and I very much appreciate it. It humbles me to think you decided I was qualified to represent your voice, however, I’m aware elections are about trust, and I have to earn the trust of all of you, and I plan to do so. 

Elections are an opportunity for change, and I know I can be the change you want. I believe that my experience as a speaker and advocate for L.Naturae rights and our community will help me represent you all with respect and understanding, as well as creating a bridge of respect and communication with other Witches students, and among us. Above all, I believe my most  important task would be to listen to you and to communicate with you regularly.

I am asking for your vote because I believe there are so many great things we can achieve together. I vow to be your voice and create an open communication with everyone on campus, so L. Naturae can be represented and treated fairly and equally. I’ll make sure your voices can be heard, and that your decision matters when it comes to a global decision on campus. We need to be united and we need to be respected and treated equality, and that goes for everyone, no one deserve to be voiceless or disrespected, no one deserves to be alone on a fight for justice and their rights,  and that’s my principal objective. I will represent you with your best interests in mind and I welcome all of your ideas for making our school better. 

Together we can achieve incredible things, and create a better future for ourselves, and the next generations that will come to this school. 

Thanks for listening!


What else? The question ends
before its sound gets the chance
to assert itself– will you not
apologize for this?
I was asked–
and because it was already
past the stage of strings
to fingers, hands, I could not
say, I could not tell– when
the time did allow me a word
I had forgotten language–
if it had rained the night before
or if only I had roused from
my sleeping momentarily
without fearing the body
and its demands

I really hate to talk about it but just to be honest, I always talk about it, cause I think about it, niggas looking for love but niggas never tryna be about it, ask me about it and I’ll say I got nothing but love for you baby, lusting for love I got enough for you baby, do you remember our conversations and our face to face, I wish we were little better at communication, ain’t gonna lie girl I love the ass, yea we’d do it again if you ever ask, yea I was mad but I’ll never ever hold a grudge, at least not for too long, we never got the chance to love, but I knew how to make you moan, we grown but I guess we was wrong, I wonder if we was wrong, I never knew what was going on, what was going on, I hate to be ignored, it’s like we never happened, I act like it never mattered, did I ever matter, does it even matter


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