Day 12 - Draw your OTP genderbent

Now this one is interesting and I’ve been working on some styles that imagined their male counterpart would look like.

Viator Santello (is Beatrice masculine name) would most likely punk rock instead of goth and would have an Ankh tattoo instead. He’d be rebellious and wouldn’t afraid to voice out his opinion.

Max Borowski… his personality is just like the ol’ Mae but twice the time Mae would be when causing trouble. (It’s a lot trickier since Mae is already like a tomboy)

…or would the name Edmund or Vincent would be nice for male Bea? :‘3


I played Night in the Woods a few (months? weeks? whenever it came out) ago and drew these, but never posted them.

I really loved this game, it captured those young adult/college feelings and struggles. It was pretty charming too. Mae and Bea’s relationship was my favorite part of the game, hence why I chose to draw them.

anonymous asked:

Another thing is that there are so many cool stories in this AU which have been written out and/or discussed and yet we don't have any sort of comics of said events. I plan to change that sooner or later. Also, would you kindly form a comprehensive timeline of the main events of the AU so that other stories can be slotted in around it?

Ah, im so happy that you enjoy my AU and the like!

I do plan on either writing or drawing it out (because I really really want to)-

I mean, If anyone is curious about the timeline/events that lead up after the game/the beginning of this AU (for the sake of doing some stories/headcanons of their own, or just cause they are curious) then I will be more than happy to list the timeline… I’ll put it under a read more so it won’t be too long.

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