I expected her to be my Agathe’s size but ;o;

im always the giant of the group ;v; 

im Agathe is like 1.70 cm or 1.68 (the tallest was taken like 3 years ago LOL

and well my irl friend are actually smol and i usually do this with them?? ovo

@krazehkai it was nice to talk a bit~~


hey im a normal person that studies eats and sleep and wamts people to talk with
And have wonderful fatesona interactions!!
So please dont be afraid of leaving a message :D please dont feel like you cant talk to me!! Im here in this comunity to interact with people so yeah (:
Anon is also there if you are too shy
So come come come i will gladly draw interactions
Or say what Agathe would think of ur fatesons and stuff
Also you can draw my fatesonas if you want too i love when people do that!! You would make my day 100000 times better
Love to all of the wonderful fatesonas out there!!❤❤❤❤


Agathe- protection, confidence, strength

Amazonite- psychic, communication, self-esteem, integrity, trust

Amber- purification, calming, energizing

Amethyst- psychic, meditation, spiritual, sobriety, abundance

Aquamarine- courage, communication, inner peace, power

Aventurine- success, creativity, prosperity

Azurite- psychic awareness, meditation, intuition

Bloodstone- centering, grounding, calming

Calcite- intensity, creativity, prosperity, amplifies energy

Carnelian- creativity, courage, protection

Chalcedony- emotional stability, lessen hostility, kindness

Citrine- success, abundance, good luck, power, will power, courage

Diamond- enhances love, tight relationships

Emerald- love, communication, truthfulness

Fluorite- peace, organization, development, protection

Garnet- self confidence, regeneration, love

Hematite- mental organization, stability, calming, grounding

Howlite- calming, awareness, good for travel

Jade- love, fidelity, generosity, abundance

Jasper- gentleness, comfort, relaxation

Lapis lazuli- truthfulness, inner power, organization, protection, writing

Moonstone- hope, intuition, psychic abilities

Obsidian- protection, grounding, remove negativity

Onyx- protection, stabilizing, grounding

Opal- inspiration, imagination, creativity

Pearl- calming, centering, purity

Pyrite- intelligence, mental ability, logic

Ruby- happiness, prosperity, integrity

Sapphire- intuition, psychic protection, creative expression, meditation

Selenite- mental clarity, decision making, flexibility

Sodalite- logic, rationality, stimulates thought

Sunstone- good fortune, abundance, leadership, helps with fear

Tiger’s eye- self-confidence, protection, grounding

Topaz- release tension, balance, protection

Tourmaline- compassion, channeling, flexibility, protection

Turquoise- abundance, communication, calming, honesty