• FNAF:if u die u get stuffed in a suit
  • FNAF:also there are 5 kids in suits
  • FNAF, night 4:Phone guy is in a suit
  • FNAF 2:your disguise is the head of a suit
  • FNAF 3:Purple guy is in a suit
  • FNAF 3:we'll have to dress you up in a suit lol
  • FNAF 4:why would you put the kid in the mouth of the suit
  • Scott:SUITS

Do you ever wish you could capture a feeling in a bottle? Like not an emotion but a /feeling/, like a memory and a taste and a small all in one. Idk how else to describe it but each chapter of my life has one, and certain moments have them too.

I’m sitting in my car in the city with me legs out the door barefoot and it’s raining Seattle rain and the feeling of this exact instant is perfect


Happy Moonday, Beacon Hills! Sorry for the absence, this DJ has been running around the sunshine outside with Stiles who’s now beet red and peeling. I did try to warn him. I’m dedicating this song to my girl Kira. She needs all the love tonight!


Honestly this is one of my favorite interviews of him ever. He’s just so young and cute and adorable. I love him. I need more Scotty in my life

I’m in a weird mood bc my brain feels like it’s moving 5x the normal speed, like I’m lying here in bed and my body is sleepy and sluggish but my brain is like on OVERDRIVE, not in a bad way necessarily but everything is moving REALLYFAST and I kinda wouldn’t mind having it calm down a bit


i’m trying so, so hard not to completely spam this account with the one million ballerina!Enterprise sketches i’ve done… but tbh there are going to be at least a few more (i don’t want to leave out any primary crewmembers). and hey! klingon BOPs wearing what i WISH i were wearing right now. i want those pants.