dont know who did this, but this is amazing and to me in the next movies there will be a scene just like this fan art, i feel like grindelwald will hurt them a lot and this scene would be a perfect, sad and soft moment between the two of them…don’t know im just swimming in my tears right now. ps. shout out to the person who told me who the artist is! credit to @fennethianell ( amazing fan art, I love it, would love to see more )

And last but not least :
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban by Alfonso Cuarón

COMMISSION : If you’re interested, I’d be happy to do a gouache painting of a screenshot of your favorite movie (HP or not ;))
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so i had this thing for that bit in deathly hallows when the trio meet everyone in the room of requirement. what if some slytherins, who were sick of this drama, were there? what if slytherin was not excluded from fighting?

i can see some snakes kicking butts there  and some brilliant spellwork near that pillar and some greeny balls of awesome over there and some- oh wait… is that draco malfoy using his inside-death-eater-gang information to save people on your left?

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Okay so Sirius or James bothering you in the library?

here come the headcanooooonnnnnnsssssssssssssssssss

*These two are assholes dont fight me on it

*They would bother you any chance they got

*Which is often because neither of them study or read like their pal Moony

*It would start with you hearing faint giggles behind a bookshelf you were sitting next to

* and then books would be removed one by one from the shelves so they could peek through at you

* youd have already caught on to their antics by now but you let it go.


* you ignore it

*” pssssttttttt”

* “For fucks sake Sirius! What do you two want?” you whisper shout

*”we wanted to say hi.” James would whisper back smiling cheekily at you from between the books

✨Best friends of Luna Lovegood for @taryndraws ’s Potter Week Prompts 🐇✨

“..Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same: Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realised that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink: friends … friends … friends …”

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Hi! Young!Sirius Black request? TBH anything at all. Maybe some fluff?

Im gonna do fluffy headcanons, I hope you dont mind, also i am so so soooo sorry that this is so late! Writers block is a bitch

* yes Sirius Orion Black has a bad boy “I dont give a fuck attitude” but he is also the biggest cuddle muffin

* he LOVES cuddles

* he likes to hold you close with your head on his chest or vice versa bc either way its still cuddles

*he likes to lazily entertwines your fingers with his while cuddling 

* draws patterns with light fingertips on you back, side, belly, hip, anywhere

* forehead kisses

* and top of the head kisses

* and corner of  the mouth kisses

* tangles your legs with his

* quiet vinyls playing while cuddling like “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

*he likes to hug you from behind

*and kiss your neck

*and wow Im now sad bc we all need a Sirius Orion Black

Let’s think about this shall we…

There’s an 11-year old boy who has never known love or affection or anything good really. He’s an outcast in his own home, made to feel like he’s worthless

…but then this great thing happens…he’s a wizard, like what the…? An entire new world is opened to him and he gets to leave this horrible place, there’s a world out there where he’s…a hero? That’s crazy! And he gets to go to school with other wizards, kids just like him…he’s so excited… but he’s so nervous too…he just wants to matter, to someone…

…and he meets this boy - with red hair and dirt on his nose - a boy who just wants to be noticed for once…he wants to be good-looking, like his big brother Bill, and brave like his other big brother Charlie, and clever like his brother Percy, and funny like the twins…he doesn’t think he’s any of those…he’s going to shame the family name and be stuck in Hufflepuff - or worse, Slytherin! How is he going to ever live that down?!?!?! He’d never be able to go back home…! 

…he just wants to matter to someone. Looked to for guidance, like his opinion was important. Like he wasn’t the runt of the litter, that all the good qualities were passed liberally among his siblings, but he got the very least of it….toad? No, he hadn’t seen a toad…hey! He didn’t know that wasn’t a proper spell! Why that little know-it-all….!

…she didn’t mean to embarrass him really but much better tell him now before he embarrasses himself during lessons… Oh, she was so excited…! Magic was real! And there was a school about it, can you imagine…?!?!?! Oh, she was finally going to be accepted…! She was sure no one at Hogwarts were going to call her names like at her old school… She was going to make so many friends here! Friends that looked beyond her big teeth and crazy hair…

…she just wants to matter, to someone. To be seen as more than just a brain, to be valued for who she was. She’s seen the way the other kids would share secrets during recess. She wanted to share her secrets, too…oh, they were here!!!!

Three kids - coming from different worlds and backgrounds - met on a train, going to a magical new place. They didn’t know what lay ahead of them, didn’t know that together, they’d face down the greatest evil that their world had known. They were just kids - babies, to some - who wanted to matter. Bogged down with their own personal insecurities and wanting to just…belong



What they each longed for before they got on that train to Hogwarts - they found in each other. Harry found family in Ron & Hermione, the siblings he didn’t even know he was longing for until he found them. Ron wasn’t just another Weasley…he was Ron. He mattered. For himself. Hermione found a sibling in Harry, the love of her life in Ron. She wasn’t some annoying know-it-all to them - she was…important

How amazing is it…to find two of the most important people in your life…on a wizarding train headed to Scotland…? 

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Harry Potter headcanons for coming out as gay/bisexual to the golden trio and dating Hermione?

  • Ron’s reply to finding out you and Hermione are dating ‘finally!’
  • Harry’s a bit oblivious and is shocked but he’s all grins and hugs
  • You’re nervous to tell them at first but Hermione reassures you that they won’t bother too much
  • Ron and Harry both tell you that they don’t care about who you like, you make Hermione happy and she makes you happy which in turn makes them happy.

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