Head canon

Harry: *changes hairstyle*

Draco: Think you’re so fancy now, huh Potter? With your new hairstyle and such? Is it one inch shorter now? Think that’ll make you cool?

Harry: what

Draco: Don’t pretend like you don’t know what you’re doing! Changing your
hairline last Thursday too!

Harry: ???????

Ron (muttering): Even I didn’t notice that Harry cut his hair…

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:Why is everyone so determined to pair Hermione off with everyone but Ron? Harry seriously only saw Hermione as a sister. They only hung out alone twice; the first time Harry wanted to fight her and the second was in deathly hallows where he wanted her to shut up again. To pair her with Draco, both of them would have to be completely rewritten. Draco was racist and didn't like muggleborns. Sure they are both smart, but that's not only what a relationship needs. That relationship would only be built on sex. Hermione wouldn't work with Pansy for the same reasons. Her and Fleur would be awful because Hermione bullied Fleur and made her feel stupid. Hermione also belittled Luna out of jealously because Luna was open-minded AND intelligent. Hermione and Ginny couldn't work because Ginny was always having to call Hermione out for being so mean. Her and Fred have no basis. For their edits, George is always being cut out and his lines are always stolen. They always use Ronmione gifs. Fred barely even liked Hermione platonically. She belittled him too. Fred would be better with Lee Jordan. Fremione is only shipped because JK originally planned it, but if it's not canon than clearly it's a bad ship. The only person Hermione was remotely kind to was Ron. She kissed him on the cheek for fifth year, but she was scared to admit her feelings. So in their 6th year Ron gave up, but they finally stopped being wusses and admitted they were soulmates. Even their patronuses say they are. Ginny would be more compatible with a plethora of characters not Hermione. Why can't y'all just let ronmione live??