high school sweethearts - ch. 2: the nicest kids in town

hi sweet angelic beauties it is very late and therefore there are prob mAJOR grammar issues but here this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u & hope ur well thank u everyone for ur support because cHAPTER ONE HAS 100+ NOTES !!!!!!!!! im crying and im filled with love pls i hope i don’t let u down & u enjoy this u deserve the best 

in case you haven’t read the chapter one, here it is

summary: first day of school!!!!!!!!!!! let’s make some friends !!!!
word count: 4000+ l m a o
warnings: as per usual it is way 2 long and there are lots of commas & mentions of ~ marijuana ~ lots of snacks and smiles + mentions of AP US History aka APUSH……… lastly, i do Not Abide by normal storytelling tenses so just buckle the fck up pals 

You were here. Well, you were in the parking lot, at least. From the privacy of your car, you clutched your books as you watched the countless other kids make their way into the school.

First day. Senior year. New school, new town, no friends… yet. Right? Fuck.

You took another deep breath.

You! Could! Do! This!

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I Could Be Jewish For You {Ben Platt imagine}

hiya, the more i wrote this the more anxious i got that people would get mad at me?? dear god if i got something wrong in this don’t hesitate to fight me. I’ve never been religious whatsoever so?? idk please don’t hate me i thought this was cute and i HOPE i’m the first one to do this. funny story this was going to be a Jared fic but i changed my mind because boy oh boy i love ben platt. anyway. i hope you enjoy this, i got the idea for it from this so!!

Warnings: swears, deals w religion?? kinda shit writing

word count: 889

Y/n and Ben had always been distant friends, They’d met while back at some audition, and every few months they’d catch up over coffee. Over the years, the two of them may have developed slight crushes on each other. Okay, slight is a bit of an understatement. Needless to say, After endless egging on from all of your mutual friends, you two quickly became an official item. In practically every interview, Ben would find someway to bring you up, along with how proud he was to be Jewish.

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how to play junkrat

  1. wander around the map aimlessly
  2. somehow find yourself behind the enemy on multiple occasions
  3. wreak havoc
  4. receive instant karma for teabagging and reflect upon your hubris
  5. come to terms with the fact that there’s always a better junkrat
  6. repeat

(we lost, but i had four gold medals and potg, so i feel pretty good)

stop erasing eliza.
stop erasing angelica.
stop erasing vanessa.
stop erasing nina.
stop erasing zoe.
stop erasing alana.
stop erasing heidi.
stop erasing cynthia.
stop erasing nabulungi.
stop erasing trina.
stop erasing charlotte.
stop erasing cordelia.
stop erasing christine.


edit: stop erasing peggy.