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with the whole shiratorizawa thing, its that shiratori is japanese for swan, its actually only ushijima whos represented by an eagle, but yeah, the whole team is swans

Ah thank you! this seems to be the general agreement. i guess Furudate just wanted Ushiwaka to be represented by something that looks fiercer ha

I cannot believe this but there is actually and anti community for Hannigram. There is an actual group of people who claim to be fucking shocked that the show “Hannibal”, whose title character is a fucking CANNIBAL, and that regularly featured people being murdered in a variety of gruesome ways, “supports” (anti speak for portrays) unhealthy relationships. 

tumblr dot com ladies and gentlemen.

Atasay Kuyumculukta tektaş yüzük alana bi yüzük bedavaymış. O kadar parası olan adamın metresi de vardır düşüncesiyle kampanya yapmış koskoca firma, insanlık ölmemiş arkadaşlar.

Your Obedient Servant

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by KareliaSweet

Will receives a rather graphic letter from an incarcerated Hannibal and confronts him about it. Things unravel from there. Trust Hannibal Lecter to turn dickpics into an artform.

Words: 2856, Chapters: ½, Language: English

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