Contorno Summary
  • Alana:*Plans revenge attractively*
  • Will:Acts creepy and spooky for a bit then gets pushes off a train while he thinks he's getting some
  • Chiyoh:Gives exactly no fucks
  • Mason:*Is creepy*
  • Bella:*Causes us feels even from beyond the grave*
  • Jack:*Proves Will isn't the only one who can handle catching things with hooks*
  • Hannibal:Sets jaunty music on only to have his own ass kicked to it before being thrown out a window
  • Pazzi:*Proves that stupid can reach whole new bounds on this show*
  • Bedelia:*drinks*

[spoilers for Contorno]

What I loved so much about Alana’s method of tracking down Hannibal was that she looked for information in “feminine” coded areas. What kind of china he has. His tastes in food. Where he would go shopping. The kind of thing that most male investigators wouldn’t pay attention to because it wouldn’t be perceived as important enough. But she looked and she found him, she fucking found him so good I love it what a babe.