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In your headcanon, other than the aftermath of Mizumono, when do you think the rest of the characters realized that Hannibal was in love with Will? Like even after the Chilton conversation i think Jack somehow remained in denial until much much later. Alana is unclear, too. Originally i thought she reached that conclusion when she said 'it's a courtship', but later she went to seek comfort from Hannibal like a girlfriend would, so i've been going back and forth between this moment or mizumono.

I don’t think I fully understand this question. You mean, specifically in season two (I’m not sure what “the aftermath of Mizumono” quite covers), when did the characters realize that Hannibal was in love with Will? Which conversation with Chilton and Jack are you thinking of? I don’t remember their relationship coming up with that level of specificity in S2, so do you mean the one in S3?

Not even Hannibal had it figured out in S2. Even Bedelia was probably having the “Does obsession count as love?” theoretical discussion in her mind, while sipping Grenouilles chablis in her hidey-hole and taking long, hot baths.

Although…Abel Gideon totally put it together, I suspect. Possibly Abigail did too, although we’ll probably never know (though if we did get another season of Hannibal, I wouldn’t rule out seeing her in another flashback; that would be fun, but also *cry*). Pazzi knew as soon as he saw the broken heart and found Will there. 

Who knows exactly when Freddie cottoned on, or even if she cares how close to the truth she is or not (I don’t really buy all of Lara Jean Chorostecki’s excuses for her character, heh). I could believe that she figured it out by the time she was becoming suspicious of Will over Randall Tier, and could well have connected the dots when she understood Will’s plan. 

As for Alana, I wouldn’t necessarily take the courtship line too literally: it’s referencing Hannibal courting Will’s inner murderer. The romantic overtones are definitely there, and on purpose, but even a normal romance/courtship doesn’t necessarily jump to “in love” that fast. That said, I also wouldn’t take her trip back to Hannibal, when she kisses him, as “seeking comfort.” She’s giving him one last chance to say something–anything–to make her stop suspecting he’s Will’s benefactor. She’s doubting everything at that moment, including him, and he fails that test rather spectacularly. I don’t know that Alana ever had a single moment of epiphany, but just slowly came into knowledge about Hannibal’s feelings, just as she was slowly coming into knowledge about his extracurricular activities. I imagine she had to take some time to parse both her involvement with a serial killer and her understanding of him over the years, as well as with Will. I guess she got that in the hospital (just like Chilton did).

With Jack…. Well, you know, I’m not sure Jack really gives a damn. I think it matters to him when he realizes that Will is in love with Hannibal in S3 (which I think he knew by the time he chose not to chase Hannibal out of the museum), but I don’t think he gives two fucks about how Hannibal feels about anything after Bella dies. I think he knew when Hannibal surrendered and he observed that he didn’t have to catch him. But he probably knew before that–he knew enough to come to Palermo when the broken heart was found–and so it kind of implies he more or less had it figured out in late S2, or in the aftermath of Mizumono, like you talked about. 

I do think Will knew, although he might not have had the words to utter it. The conversation when he asks Bedelia notwithstanding, his whole plan was predicated on Hannibal’s love for him, and Hannibal declared his love on more than one occasion. Will’s movement away from understanding Hannibal was in love with him had a great deal to do with expecting to find Hannibal pining away in Europe for him, as he had been pining for Hannibal in America, only to discover that Hannibal had shacked up with someone else in the meantime. That shook him a lot, as was obvious with his “bitchiness” toward Bedelia then and later. In my mind, that discovery probably brought back his late S1 fears that he was ultimately just Hannibal’s perfect wind-up toy, which I think explains how he could both come to the realization that Hannibal would turn himself in if Will rejected him, and still not accept that Hannibal was in love with him. (It also makes you wonder to what extent finding Bedelia with Hannibal cemented Will’s decision that he needed to kill Hannibal then.) But regardless of later doubts, I think he knew at the time. He even dreamed of Hannibal calling him “beloved.” He knew.  


1. First impression: fuckin weeb/awkward freshman
2. Truth is: you’re honestly such a great person to be around and I love our 2 day long playlist of awesome music :))
3. How old do you look: 7
4. Have you ever made me laugh: all the time
5. Have you ever made me mad: nah except for when you make fun of my slurpy laughs
6. Best feature: ok your outfits are on point keep it up gurl
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: yea I’d date you…platonically of course ;)
8. You’re my: cool daughter? :|
9. Name in my phone: anala
10. Should you post this too? I mean you already did but I’m not in charge of your life or anything so if you want to make another one about me you can


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can you give me some names similar to Adella, Fawn, Flo, Megara, Alana, Amelia, Malley, Anastasia, Aurora, Isis, Luna, Echo, Frigga, Apollo, Vidia, and Viola? something with a mythological or fantasy feel? (thank you in advance, love your blog)

Thank you so much, and you’re very welcome! Here are some ideas:

  • Athena
  • Iris
  • Khali
  • Cerise
  • Calliope
  • Artemis
  • Andrina
  • Tora
  • Halo
  • Cleo
  • Imogen
  • Enya
  • Attina
  • Kaia
  • Gaia
  • Kora
  • Aquata
  • Helena
  • Helene
  • Astrid
  • Inaya
  • Seraphina
  • Arista
  • Veronica
  • Arabella
  • Vestia
  • Vicka
  • Sansa
  • Rosetta
  • Olina
  • Thalia
  • Arielle
  • Aiva
  • Eris
  • Willow
  • Olivia
  • Darcy
  • Elyse
  • Ophelia
  • Persephone
  • Inara
  • Lilith
  • Emilienne
  • Belle
  • Elena
  • Penelope
  • Posey
  • Freya
  • Athene
  • Fae
  • Dolce
  • Diana
  • Amira
  • Cora
  • Tia
  • Melody
  • Elodie
  • Inessa

I hope this helps!

I’ve been told once or twice that Alannah’s name is “too modern,” too anachronistic for Eorzea. And I agreed, because I basically just named her after my Elder Scrolls Online character and hadn’t thought of anything better. But then, months ago while I was researching names for her family (and had since taken up a more active interest in lore-friendly naming conventions), I discovered this:

Alana — (AH-lah-nah) “attractive, fair, peaceful”. Influenced by the Anglo-Irish term of endearment alannah, Gaelic a leanbh "O child". Alaina, Alannah, Alanna

And it just makes me a bit giddy that I accidentally picked a name that DOES fit in with the world, even if it’s not overtly obvious.

(I only bring this up now because it just occurred to me that I never gave her a middle name and so I’ve been on the hunt for names again.)