by mily

indifferent dick sucking

“Hitler had blue eyes.” Steve says, right against Billy’s dick. He looks up and stares at Billy’s face.

Billy tugs a little at Steve’s hair, where his grip is tight against Steve’s scalp near the neck. “So did Ted Bundy.” He says. “Who gives a fuck? Get to sucking before I do it myself.”

Last time Billy did it himself, Steve puked on the carpet. It was a bitch to clean out and it’s not like Billy helps.

Steve opens his mouth wide again and tucks his lips back a little, covering his teeth, before he’s swallowing Billy down again. All the way past it nudging against his throat, until his nose is against dark blond pubic hair. He steadies himself, grasping Billy’s thighs hard, and wishes - for the first time - that Billy would consistently shave.

“That’s it.” Billy coos. “Like riding a bike.” Like Steve knows what the fuck he’s talking about, like he sees all the weird connections Billy makes in his head.

Ok so…

I’ve seen a few people talking about how the amulet elf at the end could be a sun elf and I think that’s true- so I collected as much evidence as we can get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s a comparison with an actual sun elf and it looks like they have very similar patterns surrounding them. Their clothes have that sun-looking symbol and her staff looks like the mark on his cheek and arm-


Runaan’s markings are more crescent shaped. Even the one on his chest that looks similar is actually separated into a crescent shape if you can see!

But yeah what I’m trying to put down here is that if this elf really is Runaan’s bf… they could be the sun and moon… the ying to the yang… the yee to the haw… and I think that’s beautiful ;;;;


here’s what the pretty dorks Lili & Mads aka Betty Cooper & Cheryl Blossom are up to today on the Riverdale set! Dabbing to Imagine Dragons, getting some sunshine and a detailed description of Salsa lol. They’ve wrapped up Season 1 Episode 1 and looks like they’re going to start shooting episode 2 ~


We are united in that we are all human beings and we are all together on this horrible painful, joyous exciting and mysterious ride that is being alive.