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How do I write a Kritik? Can you give an outline and maybe a little bit for one of the topics?

I wrote a brief guide to Ks here. That should have all you need to know to start off, but I think I’ll use this as a chance to elaborate on Ks a bit. 

It’s important not to be scared of Ks. They’re just another way of talking about debate - when answering or running one, just think about what the other person is saying and whether it ultimately means they win or lose. 

Ks critique something about the status quo that we take for granted. They might point out that the way we think about certain things precludes certain conclusions from being reached - for example, your plan to slash the living wage might ignore how socioeconomic status and race are linked, and stop us from ever being able to solve systemic racism if we keep ignoring it. Even if it might have good impacts initially - like stimulating economic growth or increasing jobs - it allows systemic racism to continue and denies America the chance of becoming a truly equal country. 

It’s important to understand what Ks do, how they function in the round more broadly,  in order to run them correctly. They critique a particular way of thinking about a problem rather than the specific answer to the problem that the other person came up with. 

Of course, you can’t just bring up a problem without providing a solution. Take a lot of time to think about your alternative - this is probably the weakest point of most ks. When you write the alt text, think about how it will interact with what the other person is advocating and how it is a better idea.

The other thing is read the philosophy. Just pick up a book or email me for a semi-illicit pdf of it, get a pen and a stack of sticky notes, and get your crate of monster for a fun all-nighter reading foucault. I have this lovely reading list of philosophers for LD – I’ll probably make another one for K debate, since it’s slightly different, but for now just pick a few authors and start reading. Having a large body of knowledge will do wonders for your confidence and ability to argue well. 

If you know what type of K you want to write or what topic you want a K for, I’d be really excited to help you write it. Best of luck!

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Brony: investigate boyfriend's new haircut

>You tilt your head to the side as you look at your boyfriend’s hair. 

Brony: It lo~o~ks nice. (\^3^/)

>You give a genuine smile 

Brony: Tho~ugh yo~u lo~o~k go~o~d in /\nything. ;D 

Posting selfies later

But yooo at the wedding i met this chick who also watched lok and who HATED the finale too like absolutely hated it…besides ks she didn’t recognize Korra either and hated the way the series ended and felt like it was such a dissapointment! also she didn’t realize korra and asami were a couple now l m f a o when i told her she was like “wtf…gay people don’t fall in love over the span of 2 conversations? Why didn’t they give Korra and Asami some depth at least?” I KNOWWWW

we differed a bit bc she likes wu and book 3 but still i have yet to actually meet someone who liked b4 and the finale

tbh I was so proud of my RED tour Wichita KS poster but the floor people confiscated it :((( But I am so proud of it so I thought I would post it! It’s toto BC of the wizard of oz you know

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Do you have the original Sims files for KS Hairdos? If so may I please have a copy of them? I love your hair selection in Skyrim so much that I want them for my sims.

i don’t, sry

check out tsr and newsea’s site out, most of the hairs are from there

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What did you get for graduation?

-Macbook Pro

-KU apparel

-Alex Gordon WS jersey and Royals polo

-Money and gift cards

-Boccia watch

-Handmade wooden pen

-Personalized luggage tags, cufflinks, and money clip

-State Traditions KS bow tie

-Vineyard Vines oxford

-Art of Shaving kit

Then I used some of my money that I received to buy some New Balance 574s and a pair of Chubbies


“She brought out this humor in him, and he brought out this depth in her. There was a magical quality about them. Andrew has an ability to do emotional gravity really well. Emma’s presence is so light. Put them together and they had spontaneous grounded realism. They were so naturalistic. They never fake things.” - Marc Webb

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I second what that person said about raising expectations. You write so well that I can't read anything but yours or jawllines

ks;ldjfalkdj I don’t know what to say thank youuuu omg!!

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A big thank you for your long answer! :) I'm doing some yoga and strechting sessions for 2-3 weeks now and i read that yoga can more damage your body than help if you don't do it with professional help. But you have great results anyway! I will try some youtube tutorials. I watched food inc. and since that i am vegetarian... I'm also trying to cut diary products complety off 3 days a week. So i do some vegan days. Have a nice day! 😊

hello again :) Your body will be fine as long as you inform yourself of correct alignment and make sure you’re working on both sides of your body equally (i.e don’t let one leg become way more flexible than the other!!) following youtube tutorials made by certified instructors is the best idea in my opinion! ah that’s awesome, i hope you have a wonderful day too!xxx