Characters- Y/N,Dean,Sam,Charlie, (Mentions of other spn characters)

Pairings- Dean x Reader

Warnings- ANGST…oops, a little bit of fluff(I think), This is just basically angst, Character Death, language?

Words- 1866

Summary- You spend your last New Year’s Eve saying goodbye…..(I suck at summaries and I don’t want to give anything away.

A/N- This my entry for Kayla’ 10k Follower Celebration Challenge ( @one-shots-supernatural ). I was in a really angsty mood when I wrote this. Sorry… But I’ll make up for it I have some fluffy stuff coming soon. I hope I did the prompt justice! Feedback guys…Feedback really helps.

Prompt-New Year’s eve

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(Italics are past events)

It was supposed to be a simple werewolf hunt. But no nothing is that easy for the boys and you. What you all thought was one werewolf ended up being five. As you entered the warehouse the first two attacked. You and Dean took them down easily. As you went further into the warehouse the other three attacked. It was a tough fight but you and Sam were able to put them down. While you were fighting you didn’t even notice that Dean was on the floor bleeding.

“DEAN” You yelled as you ran over to his bloody body.

“Y/N..” Dean said his voice barely above a whisper

“No Dean you can’t die on me. We’re going to fix this.” You whispered as tears streamed down your cheeks.

“Y/N…I’m not gonna make it…. Sam?” Dean said as he looked over to his brother.

“Yeah Dean.” Sam said as he got closer, you noticed his tear stained cheeks.

“Don’t do anything stupid..and keep your eye on her please. Don’t let her do anything she’ll regret.” Dean said while looking between you and his brother.

“Dont worry. I’ll take care of her.” Sam gave Dean a small smile.

“Good.Bitch.” Dean’s voice was so quiet you were surprised Sam heard him.

“Jerk.” Sam said with a small chuckle. Tears still streaming down his cheeks.

You could see it in his eyes. He didn’t have much longer. He could tell too. So he looked over to you.

“I Love you Y/N. Always and forever.” Dean said as a single tear rolled down his cheek.

“I Love you too Dean. Always and Forever.” You said as you leaned down to give him a kiss. This kiss was different. It was your last kiss. It was filled with all of the love you felt for each other. It was filled with sadness and heartbreak. You could taste the salt from your mixed tears. After you broke the kiss you rested your forehead against his. You opened your eyes to see his lifeless green ones staring back at you.

“Dean..” You whispered as you sobbed into his lifeless body. You sat there for what felt like forever until Sam pulled you away from him.

“Y/N… I hate to say this but we need to take him back to the bunker and give him a hunter funeral.” Sam’s voice was so broken. You knew he was hurting too but all you could focus on was the man in your arms.

“Can we wait Sam please… I-I can’t not yet.” You whispered as you buried your face into your best friends chest.

“Okay Y/N. Okay. We’ll wait.” Sam said as he buried his nose into your hair.

You got Dean back to the bunker and laid him on your shared bed. You needed to find a way to bring him back. You can’t live without him. You thought to yourself as you looked over to the green eyed hunter that you had grown to love with all your heart. And in that moment you became determine to bring him back.

A few days after you got back to the bunker you told Sam that you needed some time alone and that you’d be at the motel in town. He said he understood and to come home when you were ready. Once you got checked into the motel you pulled out all of the supplies you needed.

At first you were going to summon Crowley and make a deal but you knew he wouldn’t accept. So you thought of the next best thing Billie. During the few encounters you had, Billie made it clear that the next time Sam or Dean die they are going to stay dead.But there was only one thing she wanted more then the Winchesters. You.

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I think about you a lot. I think about how nice your lips felt against mine. I think about how happy I was waking up beside you. I think about your laugh, how you somehow always managed to smell amazing, and how kind your eyes could be. I know that sometimes hearts aren’t meant to be together for one reason or another, but I also know that what I felt for you is something I’ll never forget.
—  KS

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