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Jieun’s Investigation

So, this panel confirms the prediction I made during the chapter 20 post of Jieun living at home.

If this police officer knows about Jieun sometimes disappearing, it means that the family has come here before with the same compliant but perhaps not directly to this officer. Perhaps Jieun’s mother reacts like this every time and it has become common knowledge in the police station that this happens sometimes and then Jieun comes back home. That’s why the police officer is being “insensitive”, since this has happened before and each time Jieun has returned.

In any case, sadly this means the case won’t be taken seriously for a little. Police officers often aren’t people who %100 follow the rules all the time, they are people with jobs who can slack off or make decisions based on experience to not put effort into something they deem not worthy like everyone else. So it may take off a little longer than usual for the police to look for Jieun seriously and this gives Sangwoo and Bum more time in which they won’t be investigated.

However, since the friends are here and they probably came in by being called, it means the police also must have contacted Sangwoo…and if this happened before Sangwoo left the house for the hiking date, which it seems like it did, Sangwoo may have been called in for questioning but didn’t show up. Although, people didn’t think too much him not replying or coming in since he left before Jieun that night.

I think Sangwoo may show up to the police station soon for questioning, once they realise Jieun is actually missing and is not coming back and the police takes the case more seriously. 

Seungbae, when he hears (probably overhears) this case and learns Jieun is friends with Sangwoo, he’s definitely going to get suspicious.

Yoonbum Playlist

Part 2

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1. Sloom | Of monsters and men

2. I want you | Marian hill

3. Oceans | Coasts

4. I ran | A flock of seagulls

5. Gooey | Glass animals

6. Wallflowers | The chain gang of 1974

7. Run boy run | Woodkid

8. I want you to want me | Cheap trick

9. Robbers | The 1975

10. Playing god | Paramore

11. Tag, You’re it | Melanie Martinez

12. Milk and cookies | Melanie Martinez

13. Face down | The red jumpsuit apparatus

14. Going to hell | The pretty reckless

15. Cake | Melanie Martinez

16. Dirty mind | Halestorm

17. Creep | Radiohead

18. Whore | In this moment

19. Coming undone | Korn

20. Falling away from me | korn