under the cut you will find 46 connection ideas. a good portion of these are “piggy backs” on usual connections that go a little deeper (give me some depth to that neighbors connection – what kind of neighbors are they!?) for those of you that want plots that are more than the bare minimum like myself but aren’t quite sure where to start!

       there is one connection with a mention of alcohol, but i tried to keep the triggers at a minimum. the one with the trigger is labeled at the beginning of the connection so you can easily avoid it if necessary. if i’ve failed to mark a trigger, please let me know and i will update this immediately!

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anonymous asked:

I like in that video how Jo just sees the dinosaur and then just continues walking 😂😂

Jonathan “I’m too tired for this” Drouin

I feel like Jo’s got two modes: sleepy and game time. Like he’s sleepy coming in, awake during practice, then sleepy again, sleepy through his pre-game, GOING HARD DURING GAME TIME, sleepy during the postgame. Rinse and repeat. This boy is just. so sleepy I love him

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What's Dragon maid about?

“ One night, an office worker named Kobayashi comes across an injured dragon named Tohru who originated from another world. Wanting to repay Kobayashi’s hospitality, Tohru starts living with her as a maid, which attracts the attention of other dragons who came to the human world “ - taken from wikipedia.

It’s rly gay 

:0c btw I don’t recommend reading the manga.