idk what it is about me right now but i’m feeling So Soft so i wanted to take a moment to thank my mutuals for following me and being my friend n stuff and thanks to all my followers for dealing with my bullshit everyday .. like .. sometimes i wonder why you guys stick around so .. thanks for not unfollowing me <3 also thanks for liking and rbing my content because without u guys i would be sad that no one likes anything and when u guys do that im like .. wow people like this so i’m gonna keep doing it!! also thanks for putting stuff in my inbox like ‘ily!’ and 'i liked ____’ its really nice to get feedback on stuff i make and it’s nice to know that you guys like talking to me and participating in like my ask games n stuff and you are all just so lovely :( sorry for clogging ur dash i’m just really Soft right now

So anyways I’m an honors mentor this year at my university and I got to put that I’m gay on my profile so now I have all these tiny freshman wlw emailing me questions about when they can get involved and meet other gays on campus. I’m finally getting to be a True Gay Mom.

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yes tell me about all your friends i live for this! (if you want)

i cant possibly say all of my friends because i talk to so many people here but not as regularly so ok here we go: first of all, fucking amy @irvvins because this bitch has the weirdest stories??? its so funny her life is a mess I relate. @darlingofrps ??? i started to speak to megan legit two days ago and will i ever stop? no EVER i love her so much she is the loml she makes me so happy about myself its unreal. @b0ycults i became friends with tyler through a screening of Hannah Montana by the queen of the gays @lcvato and i guess he fell in love with me ! he is straight Because Of me #christiansHireMe @oxygenrpt the trash birmingham bitch because if you are from london you must know we make fun of people from there so much but i guess luna is my true g i almost called her by her actual name i hate myself OIAKOPSKAO @cindykimberli MY ANGEL!! i’ve been talking to nic for so long but always about cindy so now we finally started plotting so we can trash talk even more often pls @rcsegold this bitch is my snapchat angel We Live So Close and we stay awake together almost every single day OKASOPKAOS @irainbowhood WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW and he dealt with drunk me on the phone for 3 hours so that makes him a bloody god PAOKSPOAKSP @alyciadebncms VEE !! LIBRA!! COMING TO LONDON SOON i’ve been her friends for the longest time too !! @nahshedidnot i’ve been friends with lía since i first started this blog and she is the sweetest i have no words @tightrpt i love my fans too !!! can someone make a gc so i can get roasted on the daily