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Pokemon Go and Fushimi would not mix well xD ew going outside and walking around for imaginary monsters. Like what if Reisi makes everyone get it, for "bonding"

Imagine Munakata being so fascinated by Pokemon Go, like oh so this app allows you to hunt small monsters, how interesting. Maybe he catches Enomoto idly playing it one day after a mission and Munakata ends up just watching him for a while, transfixed. Enomoto nervously asks if the Captain would like to give it a try and he hands over his PDA, walking Munakata through how to catch a Pokemon. Munakata catches his very own Pidgey and is quite excited about it, even though Enomoto tells him that it’s a very common Pokemon. Soon Enomoto is giving Munakata the entire history of Pokemon while Munakata listens in rapt fascination. The next day he informs the entire squad that as part of their friendly bonding he is requiring all members to download this amazing application known as ‘Pokemon Go.’ There will be prizes for whoever catches the rarest Pokemon.

Soon the whole squad ends up getting really into it, like they’ll be driving the vans somewhere for a mission and Hidaka’s like ‘oh hey, I think there’s a Squirtle across the street,’ Akiyama immediately takes the required detour. Scepter 4 is a Pokestop so everyone has an unlimited supply of whatever they need and can return to headquarters periodically to restock. Doumyouji inadvertently discovers that Bar Homra is a gym and so naturally out of a sense of competition the alphabet squad trades off turns trying to take it over (naturally everyone in Scepter 4 is Team Mystic by unspoken agreement). They keep getting beaten by someone with a Rapidash named 'Basashi.’ Munakata is highly interested by this turn of events and proceeds to attempt to take the gym back over using his precious Gyrados 'Puzzle.’ At one point Yata asks Fushimi if his King isn’t embarrassed by getting into a Pokemon duel with Anna, Fushimi shrugs and commences trying to take back whatever gym Yata just won, much to his irritation.

Munakata is also very excited to have Fushimi play with him and keeps trying to invite Fushimi as well as the rest of the squad to come out with him on days off in search of Pokemon. Everyone starts thinking up excuses after the first few times because Munakata is very strict in his Pokemon hunting, he will leave no stone unturned. Fushimi tries to explain that they don’t have to literally turn over stones, that’s not going to help, but Munakata feels it is best to be thorough. Fushimi also hates these trips the most and keeps trying to get out of them, it’s far too cold/hot/lukewarm/temperate/nature-y for him and all the walking makes him tired and irritated. At some point he notes that he could just hack the damn game for the best Pokemon and Munakata scolds him for it, this is all about friendly competition and bonding between coworkers after all.