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okay so this has probably been said to you before, but like...WHAT IF. The king pushes Coran into the cyro-pod after he placed Allura away and the last thing Coran see's is the King dying while the computer's static is like "Cyro instigated in 3...2...1..." and Coran is just pounding on the glass screaming empty "NO,NO,NO." before slumping against the glass in a deep slumber. WHAT DO YOU THINK FRIEND? feelings be real.

you okay there bunnie

“its just a car”

“will it ever run?”

“why dont you sell it and buy a new car?”

(or anything in between)

This little car has been with me through the worst of times and the best of times and i know deep down in my heart ill never sell it even though the thought arises often enough.

In thinking about what all this car has helped me get through and has done for me, i realized, it has been a pivotal aspect of my life entirely. 

Lets start from the beginning as far as cars in general. 

My first real girlfriend i actually dated, you know, took on dates in my own car and paid for my own stuff and whatever, not just seeing eachother at school; was the first one to recognize that i would never put her before my car at the time. My 1989 Pontiac GTA Trans Am which i still own to this day. 

She would always passively mention how it meant more to me than she did. Thinking back now, she was absolutely correct. Whenever the car needed something as simple as a wash, i would drop everything and wash it or do whatever without even considering her. 

She stuck it out with me for what i recall as two years but who knows now. I blamed it on us just being young 16-18 year olds that grew apart.

Fast forward a few months later when i meet my next girlfreind.

We met at the end of senior year and i still had the trans am as my daily driver and occasional track car, as most do. 

 I actually asked her to be my girlfriend, formally, at Hellaflush 2011. It was real cute, whatever.

We went everywhere in my trans am as she didnt get a car until a while later, which i didnt mind. I loved driving us around. 

For my 18th birthday, my great grandmother gave me a rust bucket of a car to make my project, a 1966 impala. It wasnt anything special whatsoever and had rust all over from the harsh Chicago winters. 

So with that money i got from selling the impala, i drove up to victorville with my little sister who i was watching that day, i went and bought my Miata in June of 2012. My grandparents were in Hawaii at the time and i was living with them at the time so i went and bought this little car all on my own without anyones approval. 

So now, i had the Miata and the Trans Am. Another distraction from what really mattered, or should have mattered more to me at the time.

My girlfriend of now almost two years, im sure, was worried shed see even less of me and when she did see me, we were always working on my cars. 

She expressed her discontent multiple times but i carried on doing what i wanted. 

Things were amazing for the first two years of our relationship dont get me wrong but this is where it started to fall apart.

The miata got all sorts of parts thrown at it. Coilovers, wheels, seats, steering wheels; the basic shit every kid does to their first miata.

At some point though, my cars had integrated themselves into my mental being and controlled my moods and emotions more than my relationship did. This eventually proved to be detrimental to literlally everything.

Midway through what i remember as year three of our relationship, something was wrong between us. I cant recall what exactly but she wasnt really speaking to me this night and the miata broke down on me.

It had me in such a state of dissarray that i sought comfort from another girl since she wasnt texting me back. 

She eventually found out about this fact and became very alarmed and extremely unhappy with our whole relationship. Who wouldnt be though? it was natural and totally justified now that i think of it but at the time, i took it as the end of sorts. 

Fast forward to a little passed the point of year four with this relationship. The miata has become my daily driver as well as my project car and the trans am gets put in the garage and shit gets to the point where she cant stand to even text me let alone see me.

With the way i am, i need whomever im with, rather frequently for support and loving and i just wasnt feeling it anymore but i knew it was my fault and she didnt deserve my shit anymore, so like an idiot, i broke it off and cut all ties.

The following weeks turned me into a suicidal mess and i just neded someone to talk to and hold me so i, of course, start looking for someone new.

I found someone and quickly jumped into things. I got engaged three months in and was trying to make my dreams come true with someone that wasnt right for me but i thought we could make things work.

She moved in with me and eventually moved out somewhere around the 1 year mark and thats when things really got bad for us. 

In the end of that 2 year rollercoaster, i was left alone, again but this time i was left with a ring and memories of someone i imagined spending the rest of my life with. I had talked about married with the previous girlfriend but nothing serious ever materialized.

By this time, the Miata is a full on shit storm of money, blood, sweat and tears that you see above. Still by my side, this little broken and battered, black and blue mazda was still with me. Somehow, i hadnt pushed it away like everything and everyone else that i loved. 

Now, here i am, nearly in 2017, just as broken and battered as the miata.

For the first time in nearly 8 years, i am single for longer than i can remember but now, i have my little blue piece of shit, my trans am and my civic. I have a great job that pays amazing as a project coordinator, i have my own business (indigo garage), im making youtube videos and am constantly busy hustling to get what i want in life.

and im happy to say, ive almost got it. By summer of 2017, ill have my own house and my own shop space.

with that in mind, i want to sincerely apoogize to anyone that ive wronged in one way or another. I know theres quite a few for various reasons. 

just know, ive changed and im still growing and working on myself. not that youd care but it needs to be said. 

for the few thatve stuck with me through my trying times, i love you. i truly do.

to my new friends i make ive made and ones i will make or old friends i make amends with..know that i love you also.

-Mikey Indigo 

(sorry if theres spelling/grammatical errors, i started crying and couldnt really see to well)


8 of Your Favorite YouTube Stars Who Found Love in 2016

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Got a bit o'angst for ye in relation to that torture fic you wrote: Lena's mother makes the mistake of taunting Kara about what she did to Lena . Kara kills her in a fit of anger (brutally plz) (with no consequences, since the wretch was wanted dead or alive at this point or whatever anyway after escaping a second time) Lena and Kara talk about it later.

Thanks for the prompt! 

She escapes and Lena feels a cold shill creep up her spine, her hands slipping from Kara’s as she sits up, her back straight as her shoulders tense. She keeps her face aloof, something she had learned from her parents since the moment she was adopted, and excuses herself. She closes the door to their room behind her, Kara’s worried glance following her figure as she disappears further into the room. She’s aware Kara can see her - can probably hear her - when she starts sobbing - screaming -  but Kara stays away, doesn’t come in trying to comfort her, and Lena wonders how she ever lucked out with someone like Kara. Lena doesn’t usually shy away from Kara’s touch, especially after being starved from any for so long, but when she’s as upset as she was now, she feels like she can let herself go when no one is watching, she doesn’t have to worry about what someone else would think about her breaking. So she closes the door and Kara stays out, giving her the sense of privacy that she needs.

She doesn’t come out ‘till her voice is hoarse and she can’t cry anymore tears, but the memory of that night is still playing in her mind like a broken record. She sees the concerned look when Kara spots her, can see the way Kara seems to hold herself back for a few seconds as she examines her before the blonde woman throws herself at Lena, her arms circling around her carefully. 

The warm embrace makes Lena want to cry again, but she just sniffles and lets herself be tugged down onto the sofa. She doesn’t want to think anymore, doesn’t want to remember, so she burrows herself deeper into Kara, grabbing at the other woman’s shirt with a tight grip as if that were the only thing keeping her here.

“We’ll find her, Lena,” Kara says after a few minutes of silence, and Lena can’t help but like the intrusion because the air feels heavy and tense, like she’s choking on air. “I won’t let her hurt you.”

Lena knows that Kara can’t guarantee her that fully, but she understands she would die trying and that seems to scare her more than falling back into the hands of her mother. Lena sits back and lets herself look into Kara’s eyes, watching as Kara’s face seems to harden with determination and anger.

Lena shakes her head, her voice weak, “I don’t want to lose you.”

Kara pulls her back in against her chest, and while the tug is soft, Lena lets herself fall against her her, the heart underneath thumping strongly, comforting in the fact that it reminded her that Kara was really there. Kara’s arms wrap just a little tighter around her shoulders as the Kryptonian seems to shift them into lying down on the couch.

Kara looks up at the ceiling as they lay in silence, not saying anything, just waiting until Lena’s breaths even out. She can’t promise Lena that she’ll be here tomorrow, and she doesn’t feel like voicing her opinion. Instead she lays there a little longer, enjoying Lena’s warm skin against her own.

Kara places the other woman in their room after a few minutes, tucks her underneath the covers, and kisses her forehead before she suits up and flies out the window. She wasn’t going to let Lillian hurt Lena again.

Lillian lets out a sickening laugh, taunting Kara as she stands across from her with a knife made out of kryptonite, the green material glowing sickeningly against her pale skin. The older woman seems to hold a gleam of satisfaction in her eyes as she sees the Kryptonian hesitate, tripping slightly over her own feet before she seems to recover and take a firm stance.

“Give yourself up, Lillian.” Kara yells, her eyes going from Lillian to the knife, calculating what she would do if the woman lunged at her. There’s a sickening churn in her stomach when she hears Lillian tauntingly laugh at her, her head tipping back slightly, letting her guard down on purpose, almost as if she were telling Supergirl she wasn’t afraid of her. 

“Why would I do that? Afraid I’ll go after Lena again?” It’s a challenge, Kara knows this, but at the mention of Lena, Kara feels her anger begin to boil underneath her skin as she tightens her fists. It doesn’t seem to face the eldest Luthor, though, because she doesn’t leave any room for Kara to respond before she’s taunting her again. “You should have seen her. Scared and hopeless, waiting for you to get there, but you were pretty late.”

“I rescued her - you lost!” Kara seethes, the words falling from her mouth with uncontrolled anger as she feels herself shake with rage.

“Yes, but the damage had been done.” Lillian bounces back, foolishly taking a step closer as Kara just watched. “I made sure to tie her up. The serum i put in her neck was rather…violent. It was designed to torture someone from the inside out; taking control of their nervous system first, slowly setting everything up in flames until their heart gave out - well that was the plan at least, until you interrupted all the fun.”

Kara doesn’t move, just watches as she tries to quell the anger she feels, but Lillian doesn’t seem to get that the angrier she gets, the more dangerous she is. 

“She’s your daughter.” Kara spits out, disgust lacing her words as she watches for Lillian’s tell, according to Alex, she had landed a rather hard blow to one of the woman’s knees..

“Was.” Lillian’s eyes seem to darken with hatred at the thought, a scoff escaping her lips before she’s pushed up against a wall, knife knocked out of her hand. She laughs into the cold air, a certain pleasure of breaking someone from such high moral ground making it easier to keep up her game. Kara feels the swirl of emotion in her gut, feels the anger, the pain, the disgust when she sees the satisfies smirk on the older woman’s face, still taunting her - daring her to do something.

“She deserves better than you,” Kara growls, one arm firmly at Lillian’s neck as her other hand holds her head in a choke hold. Lillian notices the hesitance when Kara doesn’t move and in a swift motion, she takes out the secret Kryptonite knife she has in her pant’s pocket. Kara sees it to late, and she moves to the left to somehow have the knife end up in her lower abdomen, the air in her lungs seems to leave her body as she steps back with a shout, starring with wide eyes at the knife sticking out. It weakens her enough to feel her powers lessen, but she hears Lillian laughing again and anger surges through her again, reminded who exactly did this to her.

In a matter of seconds, Lillian has a gash running across her neck, blood seeping out as Kara holds a bloody knife, her breaths labored as she watches the older woman slump to the ground.

All of Kara’s strength seems to leave her as she realizes what she’s done, and despite the pain emitting from her abdomen, she kneels and tries to hold her hands against Lillian’s neck, but the woman tries to push her away, wincing as Kara presses too tightly, feeling a sickening crunch underneath her hands. Scared, Kara lets go and watches as Lillian fades away, her hands covered in blood - a mix of her own and Lillian’s -  and she can’t help but fall against the wall, the pain and the knowledge that she had killed someone on the forefront of her mind.

“Kara!?” She hears Alex yell, her eyes flickering up to see her sister run towards her, Maggie and J’onn behind her. She shakes her head before she starts to see the corners of her eyes start to fade black.

What had she just done?

Lena’s the one hovering this time, her face twisted with concern as Kara notices the tear stained cheeks. There’s a guilt that sits on her heart, it’s weight making it hard to breathe as she waits for Lena to yell at her - to leave her - but it never comes.

Kara sits up and laces her arms around Lena’s shoulders, pulling her closer with hesitance, the feel of the woman’s mother’s throat crushing underneath her hands on the forefront of her mind. She lets Lena go after a few seconds, shaking her head before she looks at her hands, her pale skin clean of any evidence. 

Lena’s hands grab her own and Kara looks up to see teary blue eyes, tears now pulling in her own as she chokes on her sob.

“It’s over,” Lena says, tugging at Kara until she gives in and buries her head into Lena’s neck, remembering not to touch the other woman out of fear. Kara doesn’t say anything, just shakes her head some more until sobs seem to shake her body. She had killed out of anger, she had killed a human with her bare hands, and the possibility that it could happen again seemed to drive Kara to cry harder.

Lena doesn’t move because unlike her, Kara needs touch, needs something to connect her to reality, and Lena understands that Kara regrets ever killing her mother, regrets taking away a life - whether it be good or bad. Alex told her how her mother died, a summary of what Kara had done, and she would be lying if she said she hadn’t been saddened by the news - she had been her mother for the better part of her life - but there had been a sense of relief that coursed through her when she thought about her mother never being around to cause them any harm. She didn’t blame Kara because, if given the opportunity under the right circumstances, she would have done the same.

“I killed her,” Kara whispers into the room, her tears wiped off her face messily as she leans back to stare at Lena. Lena just nods with a small sympathetic smile. Kara seems to brake again at the sight of it, wiping furiously at her cheeks, “I’m so sorry.”

“She hurt you.” Lena says, gritting her teeth as she thinks about the call she had received from Alex a few hours ago. Lena touches at the hole in Kara’s suit, relieved to feel smooth skin underneath, completely healed and scar free.

“There’s no excuse. I-I crushed…” Kara looks away, ashamed as she balls her hands into fists, tucking them behind her back, as if trying to keep them as far away from Lena.

“You tried to help-” Lena excused, but Kara stood, crossing the room as she looked out the glass wall, watching as the other agents moved about their business.

“I shouldn’t have - Alex and J’onn would have been there to catch her if I had just-”

“She would have killed you!” Lena is angry now, her tone firm as she goes to step in front of Kara, “don’t feel guilty for doing something she would have done to you.”

“Lena.” Kara sighs, bowing her head in defeat. Lena had a point there - had it been reversed, Lillian would be plotting her next move with no remorse.

“If you need to hear it,” Lena says, touching Kara’s arm, letting it trail down until their fingers intertwined,  “I forgive you.”

It seems to take the fight out of Kara, her exhaustion full force, as she closes her eyes and tugs Lena closer, her body shaking as she lets herself be held by Lena. The guilt is still there, but she’d do it again, if it meant she’d get to keep Lena and keep her safe, she’d do it again.

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        Like yeah, everyone is about how Kei x Kai separation and stuff is heartbreaking, and IT IS, but like… what about Shinya and Yuusuke? It’s not really well talked in to the manga since they appear in only ONE episode, but that single episode let’s see SO MUCH of it. If you think Kai x Kei is heartbreaking; two friends who were united but got their own way for years, how do you think it is with Shinya and Yuusuke? Yuusuke says it himself: For how many years have I been your friend? Like they both probably meet around the same age Kai and Kei did, but unlike them, they stick together through their life, and they even followed each other to College, they shared classes, they probably saw each other almost DAILY.

They supported each other. When Shinya tells Yuusuke he is sick and he visits the next day he is like: I brought you pudding, are you surprised? And Shinya says: No. Just how many times had he gone nurse/accompany his friend and got him pudding for this to be a habit? How many times did he visit for Shinya to think that pretending he is not home is wrong because it goes against what he normally does?

And then there’s fucking Shinya, terrified of being caught, but ultimately deciding he DOESN’T MIND to be given away if it’s YUUSUKE who does it when he is about to trust him with his secret (something he wouldn’t even tell, what I assume are, his closest alive relatives). Like… how fucking much do you have to love someone (like platonically/romantically who cares) to be willing to forgive SO EASILY, even to such a dark possibility? It just shows to me that for Shinya, all the goods Yuusuke ever brought to his life would easily outdone that one wrong.

I just… these two were probably so FUCKING CLOSE, like in a way hardly seen in this manga, and that is just depressing, because it all went to hell when Yuusuke died.

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Oh my god wait what if Joel isn't actually alive and he's just her imagination or something and she's seeking revenge on who killed him holy shit. We never got to see his face so maybe he hasn't aged oh my God I can't take this help me

o m f g why did u have to tell me noW I’M SOBBING

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What would your reaction be when jackbum announce that they're dating each other

Would be probably 100x worst than my normal reactions with them, that is already crazy, I would probably cry, I’m not joking, and dance and scream, and throw things … Would be really dramatic, I would run to the streets and scream that I knew it, that I wasn’t crazy and delusional that is what a lot of people think,  even my followers, I know you guys ~~~ lmao. But in the end I would just be happy for them.

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Do you like Gregor more than Roose and Tywin ?

i’m so fascinated by all that he is going to be able to do in the next book(s) so i’m significantly more interested in him.  he’s this dark piece of chaotic potential and that’s just plain more interesting than what roose and tywin have already brought to the table.

he’s also the only character i’ve looked at and gone “i’m more interested in you as the headless zombie you are now than i was by you when you are alive the first time” which just tickles me so