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Miraculous Fic Recs

I told myself I’d never do a fic recs post.  I’m too picky.  I don’t like non-magic AUs, OCs, etc. and have a hard time finding well written fics with good characterization and an interesting plot.  Just a warning that Adrien/Chat is my favorite character, so most of these are from his perspective.

Blame @probably-voldemort for this.

Speaking of….


A Rational Fear of Dragons by @probably-voldemort (Rated T)

AO3 Summary: When Kim gets paired with Marinette for a history project, he learns a lot, though most of it has nothing to do with their project.
Why I like it:  I did a post on Marinette and Kim’s possible canon BroTP and the author responded with a link to this.  I haven’t laughed this hard at a fic in a long time, guys.  It’s got Marichat, dragons, some hilariously timed cursing and a smart Kim.
Pairing(s): Marinette/Chat Noir, Marinette & Kim friendship
Warnings: Cursing, mild violence, Marinette’s badassery, sort-of-identity-reveal
Length:  4,612 words

The Kitchen Gods by takethembystorm (Rated G)

AO3 Summary: Adrien needs an independent cash flow; the Dupain-Chengs need someone to work part-time at the bakery over the summer.  Marinette mostly needs someone to keep her heart from stopping.
Why I like it:  Adrien gets a job at the Dupain-Cheng bakery.  Chaos ensues.  This is my favorite ML fic for a reason.  It’s so well written that it reads like an actual episode.  
Pairing(s): Marinette/Adrien
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff, post-reveal, OCs (kitchen staff)
Length: 9,474 words

Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Adrien. by @inner-sakura (Rated T)

AO3 Summary: In which Adrien inadvertently buys a ticket to the Gun Show™ and gets a little more than he bargained for.
Why I like it: Pure comedy gold.
Pairing(s): Marinette/Adrien
Warnings: Identity reveal, buff Marinette, hormonal Adrien
Length: 1,332 words

I hope the worst isn’t over by @thescuttlebugg (Rated T)

AO3 Summary: Falling is exactly like flying right up until you stop.  Like, assuming the kind of flying you’re used to involves busted steering and useless panic, Nino guesses.

“GO LIMP!” a voice shouts, and Nino catches a glimpse of black something-like-leather and the twin flashes of a golden bell and silver staff streaking through the air.

“Are you kidding me, dude?!” he shrieks.
Why I like it: This is my rare pair.  Even rarer than this pairing are the fics.  This thing is so good, I check the author’s AO3 once a month to see if there’s a sequel.  This needs to either be a series or there needs to be a sequel. 
Pairing(s): Chat Noir/Nino
Warnings: Violence (there is an akuma fight), Nino the Badass™, a lot of falling (in love/off buildings), the fact that this is a oneshot and not a series :(
Length: 4,288 words


Schedule by @amynchan (Rated T)

AO3 Summary: Chat Noir leapt from building to building, his Lady having left for the night. Usually, patrols made him feel freer, more happy.  But he wasn’t. He was pensive. He was looking over his shoulder. He was wary.
Why I like it: This one hits close to home and is one of the few fics that deal with the very real problem the show has with Marinette’s stalking tendencies.
Pairing(s): One-sided Marinette/Adrien
Warnings: Stalking, possible trigger for stalking victims, panic attacks
Length: 5,682 words

Adrien and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by @vickyvicarious (Rated G)

AO3 Summary:  Chat Noir’s used to bad luck - it kind of comes with the territory. But detransforming in the middle of a crowd of reporters is a little worse luck than he’s used to having.And he hasn’t heard a thing from Ladybug since.(AKA the “everyone finds out all at once” angst fic no one asked for.)
Why I like it: Everyone has that angst fic they go to when they’re feeling down.  This is mine.
Pairing(s): Most sides of the love square
Warnings: Angst.  A LOT of angst.  Also, panic attacks, Gabriel sucks as a father (and is also HM), identity reveal
Length: 8,986 words


Transform by @htbthomas (Rated T)

AO3 Summary: When Adrien runs away from home, only Ladybug can help him. They both find out more than they bargain for.
Why I like it: It’s in character with the right combination of angst and action.  It feels like a more adult version of an episode.
Pairing(s): All sides of the love square
Warnings: Angst, hunger issues, Adrien whomping, Gabriel as Hawkmoth, identity reveal, violence, some OCs but they work well
Length: 43,551 words (14 chapters)

Recipe for Disaster by @mooncactus (Rated T)

AO3 Summary: Two shot series about Adrien cracking under pressure and Marinette struggling to find answers - and a quite frankly ridiculous amount of baked goods.
Why I like it: I just found this a few nights ago and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning to read it all.
Pairing(s): Chat Noir/Marinette, Adrien/Marinette (for, like, a chapter), Nino/Alya
Warnings: ANGST, Gabriel is Hawkmoth, identity reveal, low blood sugar, holy crap poor Adrien
Length: 49,199 words (4 chapters in 2 oneshots)

Also, read anything by @lairep (A03 link). 

Ravioli Fic Recs

Hi guys! I saw some people requesting some Ravioli fic recs so I finally got around to creating a rec list. I tried to include a variety of fics so that there is something here for everyone! 

A Helping Hand by evenhisfacewasanalias

2100 Words | Rating: Mature | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Somewhere Pre-1x05

A sweet smutty fic where due to the whole Zombie situation Liv hasn’t had sex with anyone in a while so Ravi offers to help out. Very sweet and fluffy, lots of adorable caring Ravi. Ignores details of zombie-transmission that were established in later episodes.

Author’s Summary: “It’s fine, Ravi. Just one more thing I don’t get to have any more, like peanut butter or a steady pulse.” Ravi may not have found a cure for her, but he can help her with this at least. Shameless PWP, set pre-Lowell.

Just Wanna Feel Something (Anything Is Better) by Nyxierose

1742 Words | Rating: Mature | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Somewhere Pre-1x05

Cute smutty fic in which Ravi wants data on Liv’s sex life because Science and Liv doesn’t trust anyone else enough to involve them.  

Author’s Summary: In which ALL of Liv’s physical abilities need to be tested, Ravi has a crush, and cuteness ensues.

Bad Taste (in Boys) by angelette

1628 Words | Rating: Teen | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Between Season 1 and 2

A slightly bitter but mostly sweet introspective fic about what Liv thinks about some of the men in her life based on what they mean to her, using food as a metaphor.  

Author’s Summary: It’s no surprise that Liv starts imagining food as her new way of passing time, associating different flavors with everything and everyone.

It’s Different than Friendship (Maybe it’s Something Else)  by DaveHarley

2792 Words | Rating: Teen | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Somewhere Pre-1x12

Cute snippets of Ravi and Liv’s relationship as told through outsiders’ perspectives, with a helping of the ‘everyone thinks they are doing it’ trope thrown in.  

Author’s Summary: People around Liv and Ravi - coworkers, family, roommates - have more insight to their relationship than they do.

Murderer shish kabobs by asifcaves

3139 Words | Rating: Explicit | Warnings: Dub-con, cutting | Takes Place: Somewhere Pre-1x07

Very smutty and dirty fic with super dark!Liv. Well written but very definitely dub-con so read at your own risk; Ravi is enjoying what is happening and his consent is established after the fact but Liv is doing and thinking some violent stuff to him and because she is on serial killer brain she doesn’t ask for consent.

Author’s Summary: Turns out Ravi has a thing for knives. Well, scalpels specifically, but Liv’s not really one for splitting hairs. Or the one where Liv accidentally eats a serial killer’s brain and Ravi’s just his type.

Premature Ventricular Contractions by asystole

2583 Words | Rating: Teen | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Somewhere between 1x08 and 1x12

A cute little fic focusing mainly on the thought processes of a jealous Liv who trying to rationalize her various wonderings while on a lonely brain.

Author’s Summary: The trouble with this new life after death situation, well, one of the troubles, is that I can’t always separate which feelings are mine, and which are coming from my most recent meal.

Grey Matter Russian Roulette Series by SmilinStar:

Case #10043 (or The one with Miss Cries-a-lot)

1266 Words | Rating: Teen | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Season 2

Sweet fic on Liv’s thoughts as she is on a very sad brain and Ravi’s attempts to help.

Author’s Summary: He sighs, stepping into the room, grabbing hold of his lab coat as he does, “I see brain of the week is a real Debbie Downer, haven’t had one of those yet.” “Yeah,” she says, “She’s a real barrel of laughs.”

Case #12079 (or The one with Mr Singer-Songwriter Extraordinaire)

1527 Words | Rating: Teen | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Season 2, pre-2x04

Short, cute fic of Ravi and Liv’s adventures while investigating the death of egotistical musician.

Author’s Summary: The first few strums of the guitar resonate through the air, and cautiously he thinks, so far so good. She can play, at least. That’s something.

Liv-ing in Hope by htbthomas

3086 Words | Rating: General Audiences | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Unknown

Cute and funny fic about one of my all-time faves: the fake-dating troupe. Focuses on the experience from Ravi’s side and I particularly like Ravi’s trains of thought in the fic, humorous and true to character.

Author’s Summary: Liv and Ravi go undercover as a couple. Again and again. Each time it just gets a little more… real.

Untitled by jaegermighty

812 Words | Rating: N/A | Warnings: Main character death | Takes Place: Unknown

Angsty drabble about what happens when Ravi dies and Liv must eat his brains to solve the murder.

Hope by koalathebear

626 Words | Rating: General Audiences | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Season 2

A bit angsty 1st person fic that can be read as friendship or romance where a distraught and hopeless Liv is comforted by Ravi after a cure failure.

The Brains of Others by koalathebear

945 Words | Rating: Mature | Warnings: Past abuse, Past torture, PTSD, Self-harm | Takes Place: Unknown

A bit darker hurt-comfort fic that details Liv’s reactions to some of the more upsetting brains she eats and how Ravi tries to help. Can be read as friendship or romantic.

Author’s Summary: No one knows more than Ravi, the toll being a zombie takes on Liv. The bodies of the people who come to the officer of the medical examiner are frequently victims of unspeakable crimes or horrific accidents - and eating their brains is frequently a traumatic experience.

A Different Perspective by koalathebear

2987 Words | Rating: Explicit | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Post 2x11

Cute and funny fic about Liv dealing with the fantasies and feelings that eating the brain of a women who had a crush on Ravi brings on. Slight warning for what could be considered by some as slightly dub con kissing on both sides (due to Liv’s brain induced feelings and her resulting forwardness).

Author’s Summary: Sort of Based on a couple of prompts received on tumblr: (1) anon: Liv eats the brain of someone who has a crush on Ravi and has lots of pervy feels about him, Ravi likes it!; and (2) lyssawrotethat: The new body on the slab is someone Ravi knew (uni?). Someone he trusted and really liked, and he suspected they had FEELINGS for him, but wasn’t sure. Over the course of the investigation, he keeps telling himself that it’s not really Liv talking, it’s his friend, so he needs to not read into it. And then once it’s all over, Liv realizes that maybe she’s not ready to lose seeing Ravi like that.

Untitled by jaegermighty

481 Words | Rating: N/A | Warnings: None | Takes: Place

Cute, short little drabble based on the premise of an ‘oops we just kissed’ moment between Liv and Ravi, to which Liv reacts with humorously denial to.

After the Cure: 4 drabbles by koalathebear

393 Words | Rating: General Audiences | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Season 2

A sweet, short 4-drabble mostly dialogue fic of a Liv and Ravi right after curing Liv.

And Bonus Liv/Ravi/Clive:

sneaking suspicion by isloremipsumafterall

1312 Words | Rating: General Audiences | Warnings: None | Takes Place: Unknown

A short humorous 5 +1 fic where Clive, Liv and Ravi are in a polyamorous relationship and Ravi and Liv are still hiding Liv’s zombism from him.  

Author’s Summary: Clive/Liv/Ravi, 5 times Clive almost figured out Liv’s secret, and the one time he did

Check here for more of my random fandom fic recs. I love doing fic recs so feel free to check my ships list and send me a ship/fandom request (though I can’t guarantee that I will have recs for every ship on the list).



Ratings/Warnings are from author’s own notes, I have tried to add any additional warnings I think might be needed, but, as always, read with caution. If you have a particular trigger you are worried about send me a message and I’ll be happy to read the fic and make sure it’s safe for you :)

If I have reced your fic and you would rather I didn’t just send me an ask and I’ll remove it.


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This time around was especially difficult because so many of you are just so so talented and I seriously wish I could take all of you, but unfortunately I had almost 100 total applicants for all three networks so I had to narrow it down.

But thank you so much to everyone who applied. You are all amazing creators and are seriously the backbone of this fandom so thank you again and I hope all of you continue to create and share the love and community that’s always been so prevalent in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.

To those who’ve been chosen, please be patient while I privately message all of you with what you guys need to do next.

Thank you again and hopefully you will be participating in ML Fandom Week starting August 14th!

Fanfic Authors Appreciation Day

If you’ve just started fanfic:

Thank you for being the new voice on tags, a new mystery to be discovered. I’m so proud of you for starting this journey. Keep pushing, keep growing, keep writing!  You don’t even know what you have inside you yet.  And if you’re writing in a language other than the one you grew up speaking, know that I am completely in awe of your bravery and your talent.

If you’ve been writing for a while now:  

Thank you for the update alerts in my inbox in the morning like small drops of candy. Thank you for being the story that I discover late at night, just when I want to sleep, and thanks for keeping me up a few extra minutes despite my better angels.  Thanks for multiple chapters and hilarious story tags and for dragging out the heartbreak into a novel as good as any I’ve read from a published author.


To the writers I’ve shared fandoms with in the past, the ones I still follow and the ones I’ve lost track of:  thank you.  Thank you for raising me, nurturing me, teaching me, and guiding me. By example, by beta, by conversation.  Even if we’ve hardly ever spoken, if I’ve read your stuff, you’ve made my life better. Through the works that you’ve shared, you gave me not only a writing community that I love, but the confidence to put my content online and the joy to find others have done the same. I’ve gotten happiness and sorrow from your work. I’ve been moved.  I’m a better writer because I’ve had the chance to read your work, and I’m a happier person because your work exists.  

The following names are pulled from my follow list on tumblr, but there are hundreds, honestly THOUSANDS more on livejournal, messageboards,, and AO3. Thank you. I wish I could find and list you all.

@absentlyabbie | @alipeeps | @batsonthebrain@bethanyactually | @book-junkie007 | @bootsnblossoms | @chase820 | @dallisons | @dettiot | @disasterintow | @eamestrousers | @effie214 | @elocinmuse | @fandumbgirl | @febricant | @freaoscanlin | @girlwithsword | @gnimaerd | @gyzym | @heathicorn | @hello-wright-or-wrong | @herself-nyc | @hopedreamlovepray | @htbthomas | @ivorygraves | @justscribbling | @ladybubblegum | @lemonsharks | @letteredlettered | @liz-marcs | @magneticwave | @maidenpool | @minim-calibre | @mrv3000 | @msbricolage | @mustangsally78@mystarsandmyocean | @nyclove3 | @ohmypreciousgirl | @one100suns | @partlygood | @peacefulboo | @pepperf | @pocketlass | @quicklikelight | @redbrunja | @renisanz | @rosietwiggs | @sarcasticfina | @sashayed | @scottlynch78 | @settiai | @sharkflip | @smoakandarrow | @smoaksignals | @sproutwings | @storiesbyladychi | @swimthroughthefires | @taraljc | @teaandchess | @terapsina | @theblacksmithsdaughter | @thelaughingduchess | @thezelbinion | @tsukinofaerii | @urlbending | @zjofierose 

To the writers of my current fandom, The 100 : thank you. Oh, we’ve had a tough time of it, haven’t we? Fandom highs and fandom lows this year. But no matter how wild the internet gets, I want to thank you for giving your time, your words, and your art to the rest of us every day. Even if you haven’t posted in weeks, months, or this entire season: your stories are out there, filling up the world with love and romance and adventure.  Thank you for your words. Thank you for being strong and optimistic and wild and bold and offensive and weird. Thank you for writing several fics I probably won’t read, but will admire from afar and cheer you on. Thank you for challenging the canon, for attacking the text, for rewriting the whole fucking world to be whatever you want it to be today. Thank you for crossovers and AUs and classic tropes and fake relationships and for building up the world of The 100 far beyond what we get on screen. Thanks for loving Clarke, Bellamy, and all their friends as much as I do, and for giving that love the words to live and breathe in my imagination.

The following names are pulled from my follow list on tumblr, from ship tags and fanfiction tags, from AO3 and from just me poking every which way online. Some of your works I know very well, some of you I’ve only read a single story from… but you’re awesome. A couple of these URLs are old (you crazy kids and your newfangled love of identity swapping!) but I’m gonna leave them anyway, just in case you swing by later. ;)

You built this city.  Thank you.

@apanoplyoffic  | @ahmren | @alienor-woods | @alltheworldsinmyhead | @andrevvminyard | @antebellamy | @argyledpenguin | @ariadnearcheron | @aroom0fonesown | @athenasnina | @autumnkru | @awesomenell65 | @awfullybashful | @azureriley | @bellamyfrecklefaceblake | @bellamyslady | @bellarkess | @bellohmyblake | @bellsqueen | @bilexualclarke | @bisexualbellamyblake | @bispaceprincess | @blakesdoitbetter | @bllrke | @braveprincessrebelking | @dreamcourtrhys | @broadwaybaggins | @caramelkru | @carrieeve | @chatnoirslady | @clarkescrusade | @clarkeslight | @crooked-queen | @cupcakesandtv | @damnmechanics | @dreamingundone | @dropshipheroes | @durinsbride | @enoughtotemptme | @feminist14er | @finnicks | @forwhomthebellamytolls | @freckledrebelking | @freesalami |  @goldenheadfreckledheart | @griifinclarke | @grumpybell | @hawthornewhisperer | @hiddenpolkadots | @historicbellamyblake-archive | @hooksandheroics | @iamthelocalpsychopath | @importantmetaphors | @isagrimorie | @jane-doe07 | @katebishoop @bellakeyblake | @katewritesbellarke | @katchyalater | @kay-emm-gee | @keiraknighted | @kindclaws | @kira-ning | @lackingstealth | @liciapocalypse | @likcoln | @loft-meeting | @lost-n-stereo | @lustrada | @madgesundersee | @madjm | @marauders-groupie | @megaphonemonday | @mego42 | @missemarissa | @muchmorethanaprincess | @nathenmiller | @notababoonbrandishingastick | @notmylady | @ofhobbitsandwomen-archive | @pepperish | @ponyregrets | @prosciuttoe | @pythiaspeaks | @queenofchildren | @raincityruckus | @rebellam-y | @reyyskywalkersolo | @rivendell101 | @rosymamacita | @rumaan | @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx |  @smallestbrown | @storyskein | @strawwolf | @tacosandflowers@tempestaurora | @thatweirdparamedicstudent | @thebellarkes | @thediaryofanerdygirlygirl@thefangirlingbarista | @themusingsofacurlyhairednerd | @spacexualkids@toast-the-unknowing | @tryalittlejoytomorrow | @underbellamy | @verbam | @wellamyblake | @wellsjahasghost | @you-were-born-to-rebel … and all the bright stars at @bellarkefanfiction . All the fierce persistent souls at AO3 and #bellarke and I apologize that I missed many of you here–thank you.

thank you. 

Au Revoir (But Not Goodbye) by htbthomas / htbthomas


Despite his promises, Henry keeps getting himself into mortal danger.

It’s a long story, and sometimes it seems like it will never end.   But unlike Henry, our stories need an ending if they’re to live forever!  Welcome to a week devoted to finishing up works in progress.


the tumblr tag:  #longstoryficathon
the ao3 collection:  It’s a Long Story - Forever Ficathon Week

htbthomas replied to your post:How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

25,000 word chapters?!

Yeah, that happened. My longest fic ever was 203K+. 13 chapters (including shorter epilogue and prologue), so they would range from anywhere between 15k and 25k. That fic was a commitment and a feat I have never surpassed. I have a goal to write a really long thing right now, but it’s taking me some time to figure it out. And the bar for what constitutes long is significantly lower. YOUTH!

eta: I honestly don’t think that much about word count when I’m starting something, I just write until I’m done. Whatever that might be.

htbthomas  asked:

Hello beautiful person! (^_^) Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers.

Oh, hello!

1. Like you, I have just begun consuming both Orange is the New Black and Welcome to Night Vale because we drink at the same internet koolaid fountain.  So far I have listened to more of the latter but am preferring the former.  Ha.  Updates on both to come, I’m sure.

2. I just went to Target and spent A MILLION YEARS there because I was picking out a birthday card which of course meant I had to read ALL OF THE BIRTHDAY CARDS, every single one.  I’m so annoying sometimes.

3. I have deeply loved a lot of shows/movies/books and have been in a kajillion fandoms – I just counted and I think I’ve written fic for 30+ fandoms! Geez – but the four that have been truly epic, spanning years and continents, lives ruined, bloodshed are: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Buffy, The Office and New Girl.

… and maybe that’s all anyone ever needs to know to understand me??

4. I would do basically anything to encourage more fic to be written in New Girl fandom and get more experienced fic writers into this world.  I– I think about it a lot.  :[  Maybe I’ll start a massive show-pimping campaign like annakovsky and I did with The Office when it was just a wee unknown show…. but fandom seems so diffuse now, it’s hard to know how best to do that.

5. I have a horrible multiple browser tab habit.  Like: dozens and dozens and dozens of tabs.  THERE IS SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO ON THE INTERNET!

htbthomas  asked:

How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

AT LEAST once. Ideally not just a self-edit, either–my ideal scenario is a a word dump, self edit, beta read, more edits, and then posting. Every time I’ve tried to go ahead with a quick and dirty fic that I didn’t have someone else read, there’s an error in it, so I like to have at least one person try to take a pass at it. Sometimes if I’m feeling really needy I’ll reach out to a few people and ask them to take a look at different things. Part of is it is that I like to have specific goals for a fic, and I want to gauge how well I’m meeting those, and part of that is just not wanting to ask any one person to the heavy lifting if it’s a really dense, long thing. Which I haven’t written as much of lately, but when I was churning out chapters upwards of 25,000 words, it was a lot to ask of a single reader. I also just really love revision, and if I don’t post something I will pick it to death. So getting it out of my hands is an important step.

htbthomas  asked:

What do you look for in a beta?


I kid, I kid, I kid. Although I am 100% glad she is my usual beta because she is INVAULABLE TO ME. And in fact, the reason why I think it’s great to have someone who is regularly in your life as a beta is that you can talk out ideas before they even hit the page. So when I get to do that it’s much easier when I start writing than it would be if I were totally flying blind.

For general beta needs, obviously a good grasp of grammar and COMMAS. I am the worst at commas because I just sort of stream of conscious write a lot and I forget commas. So anyone who is good at commas. Someone who will be honest, but not cruel. Someone who will understand that all writers have a style and mine is kinda weird but it’s mine and I’d rather not stray from that. (Which is my way of saying, please correct my fuck-ups but don’t try to restrain what my actual style of writing is, or try to direct it to how someone else writes. No one has to like my style, but trying to radically change it only makes me a worse writer, not a better one.)