by zso

Things they should have, or at least could have, explored in EoH:

  • Why does Speedwagon seem to know everything? How’d he get put in charge of the whole shebang, anyway?
  • More about the origins of Heaven Dio. Why the hell is he purple and all that?
  • How does Dio brainwash his minions, and why do the corpse parts cure them?
  • For real though, what the fuck is the deal with Kira and Kira?
  • More on the effects of Over Heaven vs. Requiem, as well as Star Platinum Over Heaven
  • More character interactions + discussion of time travel. How do they all feel about each other? What about characters meeting people they know to be dead, or versions of themselves from different points in time? Does Joestar Family Telepathy come into play at all? Why don’t time traveling versions of people negate each other the same way alternate universe versions do?
  • On that note, what are the differences between original Jojoverse characters and Ireneverse characters? Why don’t Jonathan and Johnny cancel each other out? Also, more character development between them, please
  • How did the Dio squad team up? Do they know what Heaven Dio is trying to do? Do they support him?
  • Can non-stand user characters see the stands? Do they know what’s going on? What about young Joseph?
  • After resetting the timeline and winding up back in Cairo, how does Jotaro feel? Isn’t he exhausted? How does the knowledge of the previous universe affect his emotions, and his future actions? Does he still have Star Platinum Over Heaven? Would he ever use it, either intentionally or subconsciously?
  • How would an “everyone lives” AU even work? For example, the plot of part 3 hinges on the fact that Dio stole Jonathan’s body, and part 2 likely would have been very different as well if Jonathan had lived to raise George and Joseph. How would that work?Additionally, since Jotaro and Jolyne are shown to have a stronger relationship in the new timeline, would part 6 have happened?

Things they did do in EoH:

  • Uhhh
  • More pointless repetitive and tedious scattered-magic-item-collecting-plots than Dragon Ball Z
  • Uhhhhh?? Poker. Just play some fucking poker you son of a bitch
  • Yoshikage Kira Appears Nonetheless!
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  • Yare ya
The Night Lord who had a Happy Ending

Zso Shaal was the Legion Master of the Night Lords before the arrival of Konrad Curze.

When the Heresy began Sahaal’s loyalties lay with his primarch and so served him well throughout. Sahaal believed devoutly that the Emperor had betrayed Curze and his legion. Before the Night Haunter’s death it is believed by Sahaal and others he was prepared to be his heir. When it was discovered that the assasin M'Shen had killed the Night Haunter, Zso Shaal immediately led a pursuit of the killer with the Corona Nox (a Night Lords artefact that was traditionally belonged to whoever was Lord of their Legion). However, he was caught in an ambush by the Eldar. It was here Sahaal and his ship was trapped in a warp storm that lasted 10,000 years.

Thanks to Zso Sahaal’s Sus-an Membrane he did not die when the warp storm ensnared him. Instead, time passed and when Sahaal awoke, he discovered his ship had crashed into the world Equixus roughly 10,000 years into the future. Sahaal began his quest for the corona once more and began by killing the gang that had stolen this precious item. However, Sahaal was unlucky in that members of the Inquisition were investigating the world for heresy. His hunt made harder by the presence of the psyker Mita Ashyn within Inquisitor Kaustus’s retinue and so Sahaal led the gangers to war throughout the hive on Equixus. Sahaal also continued to attempt to regain the corona and eventually signaled his brother legionnaires. He was, however, disappointed when upon the summons in his absence the legion forgot Konrad Curze’s teachings of “Fear through focus” and discovered that the legion was now fear craving psychopaths led by the embodiment of corruption in his eyes.

The last known trace of Sahaal was of him exfiltrating Equixis’ star system with Mita, with whom he had developed a personal bond of sorts in the aftermath.



none of this was SUPPOSED to be happening. it was SUPPOSED to be over. she wasn’t SUPPOSED to feel so afraidespecially in the world that made her feel safe.  she hated this. she hated all of this. all she wanted to do is feel safe again, but the one person that had the capability of doing that probably had a hand in the attack. every fiber in her being craved NATHANIEL. she needed to be around him even if that wasn’t the RIGHT thing to do. 

she had sent him an owl late yesterday, her handwriting barely legible because of her tears that made the ink bleed. it was short, simple, and straight to the point. 

                     i realize that this is ridiculous and reckless, but i need to see you. meet me in
                     the astronomy tower at 6PM tomorrow. make sure no one is following you.
                                                                                                                                                      - Z

so that’s where she was, sitting criss-crossed in the dead center of the astronomy tower. she was FREEZING, but she figured that she wanted to feel numb. she wanted to freeze, because at least her body would feel the way her emotions did. COLD. she was so cold that her teeth began to chatter against each other and the tears that trickled down her cheeks felt like actual ice cicles. 

she nearly jumped out of her skin whenever she heard the door close behind her. she figured it was him, but she didn’t move and she didn’t speak. she just stared blankly ahead.