by zedille

For @imindhowwelayinjune and @zedille, based on this comment thread. 

“Seleb,” Elrond said decisively. The kitten blinked green-gold eyes at him with a solemnity that Elrond took for agreement, and then attempted to walk off the edge of the table. Elrond snatched her up and was rewarded for his protectiveness with tiny claws sinking into his arms. He ignored the pain and hugged her close until her claws relaxed and she began to purr. He knew, knew, Maglor had only given her to him in another attempt to win his affections but Elrond could not help but love her anyway.

“You shouldn’t,” Elros told him as Seleb squirmed up to sit upon his shoulder and press her damp nose to his cheek. “They’ll only take her from you in the end. Maedhros will probably eat her.”

“He wouldn’t.” Not because Elrond didn’t think him capable of it, but because it seemed like more effort than he was likely to go to.

“He’ll drown her then. He’ll tell you it’s to teach you some lesson but it won’t be. He just likes to hurt us.” Elros brushed his hand over the kitten’s soft fur and sighed. He’d love her too, Elrond knew, if he weren’t afraid to let himself.

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