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I am still sending postcards to Disney, Amazon, and Hulu if anyone wishes for me to do so. These are the three designs I have for y'all to choose from. Obviously Disney’s wording will be altered slightly. I can include a prewritten message for you if you wish to send one, but don’t know what you would like to say. Just dim me your name, age, location, and message (or state if you would like the prewritten one). Also let me know which design you want and which company to send it to. If sending to more than one company, you can choose a different design for each, or keep them all the same. Just let me know, and let’s hope the shows get picked up!


don’t cry, d.w. someday you might be as cool as your brother. but probably not.

Lucas Friar moved back to Texas at 17, now he’s running for Mayor of Rosewood Springs so best friend Zay and little sister Gigi decide he needs a little help from a political consultant.

Riley Matthews found her calling, she found a fiancé, but she never expected to find herself here, of all places.

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-the moon that moves your tides-

Author Note: You guys are all seriously the best. xoxo
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-basics of you and me-

Riley knew her hands were shaking, she could feel her entire body shaking. As soon as she’d seen him, realized it was him, her heart had been pounding, her throat dry.

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London’s Calling

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Chapter Thirteen: Attitude Adjustment

Word Count: 2669

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The following day Riley met up with Zay. By then he’d learnt of Riley’s arrival through Lucas and was coaxed into giving Riley a letter. The second Riley took the envelop with her name scrawled on the front she knew the handwriting belonged to Lucas. Reluctantly she accepted it and slipped it into her bag. 

Twenty-four hours later Riley sits in her London bedroom with the unopened letter resting on the sheets in front of her. Nervously the brunette chews on her thumbnail unsure if she should open it or not. Riley knew the letter could only contain another apology from Lucas, after their talk on the subway she’s sure that would be the nature of the letter but still she cant bring herself read it. 

Luckily she’s not forced to ponder that option for very long as her parents call out for her to join them in the living room. Riley picks up the envelope and slips it in her desk drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. 

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- En el aeropuerto me tuvieron detenido por tres horas ¿sabe por qué? - Alzó sus cejas indignado por la situación. - Porque llevaba un turbante árabe, aún no creo lo acontecido, ¿si salgo de mi país debo negar que soy árabe? - Al final de su historia sonrió un poco, estaba acostumbrado a eso, era doloroso sí, pero en aquel momento le causaba un poco de gracia. - Mi hija me lo advirtió, ahora comprendo cuando me dice que soy un cabeza de coco -


make me choose: @nevillelonbottom​ asked Flitwick or Trelawney

I frequently act as though I am not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to make others nervous.