by zai


(It doesn’t seem to be 100% happening yet but there are talks of a new network and the GMW team IS apparently working on a Season 4.)

UPDATE (JULY 4th 2017): Exactly two months ago (May 4th) the GMW writers confirmed on Twitter that they couldn’t find a new home for the series. I thought most people knew about this but I still get notified with responses, likes, and reblogs. I made this post at the end of March when this rumor was going around. The reason I haven’t deleted it is because it’s been reblogged enough times already that a good amount of people have seen it anyway. But now you know. I’m sorry, AAHS Patriots.

thank you riley. you taught me to care.

thank you maya. you taught me to hope.

thank you farkle. you taught me to learn.

thank you lucas. you taught me to accept myself.

thank you zay. you taught me to laugh.

thank you smackle. you taught me stay true to who i am.

thank you girl meets world. you taught me to fight.

so i will fight for you to finish your story. you have more to teach me. 

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Girl Meets Descendants AU; Kids of Auradon 

I’ve seen a few of these floating around and thought I’d join the fun. I did them all as ‘good’ characters. Thinking of making villain kid alternatives..