by yuki


The mod team has decided to translate the new twice weekly 4koma that will be posted on the GBP Twitter! The 4koma will be linked on our new /4koma page, as well!

This first 4koma deals with Michelle!

(Please read the text in each panel from right to left, but the panels themselves in a regular left to right fashion.)

Narajin / Ganejin / Alkonoth / Jhalaragon / Mokwa

The Pantheon Colossi from DAIKAIJU YUKI

Part of the idea behind these guys was the notion that they could conceivably have had their own series of more “traditional” kaiju stories at some point in the distant past, but that time has long since ended. Their legends now permeate five distinct nations of which they’ve become gods. Thousands of years later, it’s finally time to round up the old gods for another rumble.



“hey shaid..”
“don’t you think I deserve a bit..”
“you know..”
“I don’t know.”
“I think you know..”
“try to say it..”
“ah..forget it!”
“why don’t you tell me you need love?”
“so you know!”
“say it and I will give you what you want.”
“You are impossible.”
“that’s the reason you are with me..”
“one of the thousand reasons..”
“don’t say it!”
“I love you, is another..”
“You shouldn’t say it, you asshole.”
“I love you!”

[Aoi Yuuta] Virtual Battle of Offense and Defense

It’s the story from Yuuta’s newest 3* card, “Opponent” (対戦相手). I love 2wink, I love Makoto, so there’s nothing to lose by translating this, I think?

Writer: Akira
Season: Spring
Appearing Characters: Aoi Hinata, Aoi Yuuta, Yuuki Makoto

Location: Arcade

Hinata: “Yuuta-kun♪

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Yuki’s POV: The Surprise

Yuki: *pulls up to the house with Indya blindfolded in the front seat*

Indya: Babe yu really tripping. Where we goin that yu gotta blindfold me?

Yuki: *helps Indya out the car, holding her hand guiding her to the front door* You’ll see in a minute just relax and follow my lead.

Indya: *whines* fine

Yuki: I’m gonna cover your eyes an allow you to untie your blindfold, but no peaking!

Indya: *nods in agreement*

Yuki: *covers Indya’s eyes and leads her to the front door* Okay open them now.

*Indya gasps and turns to Yuki* 

Indya: What’s this???

Yuki: It’s a house bae

Indya: *smacks Yuki in the arm* I know that smart ass I mean who’s house is it?

Yuki: Ours baby. 

Indya: Ours? You mean as in yours and mines?

Yuki: *starts laughing* Yes ours as in yours and mine. 

*Indya stares at Yuki as the shock flushed her face*

Yuki: I know we’ve only been together for a couple months but I can’t stand to spend another day away from you. I’ve had previous relationships but none of them have ever felt so good or right to me, so I went out on a limb and bought this house with the hopes that you would move in with me.

Indya: *leaps into Yuki’s embrace giggling* I thought you would never ask of course I’ll move in with you. 

Meta stuff in my The Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya? More likely than you think.

Have you ever stopped to think how meta The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-light novel series really is? Like in some basic stories they have these stereotypical characters like the silent person who reads in the corner, the cute girl with..well you know what and a mysterious transfer student. Being inspired by those, Haruhi actually constructs that kind of narrative around herself, by getting people into her club that fit these models. In these stories there has been a cute moe character, so Haruhi forcibly makes Mikuru join, who fits into this category. 

In the murder story she basically goes to a place which happens to fit to all of the stereotypical aspects that happen in a murder story(remote location, mansion, has a maid and a butler and etc..) yet again creating this sort of narrative/story/context. Technically it`s Koizumi who stages the murder mystery, but without Haruhi wishing it that would have never happened. 

This goes to even grander scale if we take into consideration the theory which is coined by Koizumi in the beginning of the series, where he tells that the current world was created by Haruhi 3 years ago(currently 4 years ago in their timeline). Like then she literally created the story around her, like holy freaking heck. o_O