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You and Christian were expecting your very first child and the both of you couldn’t be more happy. It all happened so fast! The two of you haven’t even been married that long. About two months after the two of you got married, you found out you were pregnant. Your family thought the two of you were moving just a little bit too fast. But you didn’t listen and continued to live your life.

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“Loving you was the most exquisite form of self destruction.”

Date Night × DPR Live [5.29.17]

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  • Yeonjung: I'll have you know that I can bench press over six million and ninety-two nanograms.
  • Sejeong: Yeonjung, that's less than two pounds.
  • Yeonjung: Sounded better the way I said it.

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned by “Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6”, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. During either player’s turn, when a Spell Card is activated: You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. You must control this face-up card to activate and to resolve this effect.
Can Be Found In: Soul of the Duelist (SOD-EN008), Elemental Energy: Special Edition  (EEN-ENSE1), Dark Revelation Volume 3 (DR3-EN008), Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack (LCYW-EN199), Duelist League 17 (DL17-EN007)

There are many methods to assure our victory beyond staying aggresive. One of these routes is to negate effects, assuring the opponent wastes resources as well restricting their options. This is a common defensive option to deal with the opponent’s turn as their setups and best summons are countered before is too late, giving us the upper hand once our turn starts over. However, some strategies goes a step further and tries to block as many cards as possible, completely shutting down entire groups of cards or even whole Decks with their mere pressence.

“Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8” is the most famous of the LV series to the point of reaching a competitive status during its glory days, and still is a fearsome creature to face against. “LV8” is a nomi monster requiring the assistance of “Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6” to be summoned from our hand or Deck, which needs to defeat a monster to turn into their final form once the turn ends. “Horus” has a single yet completely dominant effect which allow us to negate the activation of Spell Cards, not completely restricting the usage but rather allow us to choose which cards to negate. So in other words, “Horus” main objective is to completely forbid the opponent from using their Spell Cards, and with the assistance of a few other cards we’re capable to create an absolute lockdown on the opponent’s Deck.

The summoning of “LV8” is far easier than might look, capable to bring its dominant effect far before the opponent is able to play any Spell Cards. Although “Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6” can be brought to the field with their base form “Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4”, “LV6” has no restrictions whatsoever to allow us to Tribute Summon it with cheap materials like Frogs or cheap summons like “Jester Confit”. Not only that, but as a Dragon gains further assistance from cards like “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” and “Hieratic Dragon King of Atum”, and able to be easily revived afterwards gives us further opportunities to summon “LV8” as well the possibility to gather several copies on our field. With “LV6” having a protection against Spells the chances to defeat a monster in battle increases with further assistance of cards like “Enemy Controller” and “Shrink” dealing with strong enemies, but we can instead completely skip ahead and use “Level Up!” to summon “LV8” without risking our Battle Phase.

With the ability to negate any Spells’ activation during any turn and of our choice, “LV8” will shut down all Spell Cards the opponent tries to play against us. Several staple cards like “Raigeki” and “Pot of Desires” as well important cards depending of the Deck’s theme will become completely unusable as long “Horus” stays on our field. We can go a step further and shut down other cards to further limit the opponent’s options, like “Royal Decree” negating all Trap Cards, cards like “Effect Veiler” and “Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring” stopping certain monster effects, or “Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo” restricting Special Summons after the arrival of “LV8”. Keep on mind that “Horus” won’t negate Spell Cards that stayed active before its arrival like the case of Field Spells or Pendulum Monsters, so either try to have some removal effects or assure the opponent doesn’t get a chance to use their abilities.

When comes to running a Deck arround the LV archetype, “Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8” becomes the primary choice to lead Duels with. It is with obvious reasons, as with a simple summoning condition and the ability to shut down the opponent’s Spell Cards is a fearsome creature to face against. Even if the return of “Imperial Order” made it lost its luster due being a far easier card to play with, “Horus” freely allow us to play our Spell Cards along other effects further restricting the opponent’s options. If anything the prominence of monster effects over Spell Cards in several Decks made negating the latter less efficient on the long run, but with the several effects and summoning tools “Horus” can easily play along allows it to create a lockdown strategy with a powerful LV monster leading the way through.

Personal Rating: A

+ Negates the activation of Spell Cards of our choice
+ Easy to summon
+ Several effects to work along and further restrict the opponent’s options

- Relies on other cards for its summon
- Spell Cards lost prevalence over Effect Monsters
- “Imperial Order” might be a simpler option to deal with Spell Cards

Christmas' Eve
  • Persona 4 Protag: happy happy we defeated ameno sagiri which was the root of all evil!!! And I got to spend a special day with my significant other!!!
  • Persona 3 Protag: you were lucky, I was anxious over Ryoji's incident but still managed to spend pleasant day with my significant other
  • Persona 5 Protag: hold my beer
Two weeks ll -Christian Yu Imagine

As promised = Part 2 :)

5 hours,34 minutes x - Christian

You smiled down at your phone,ever since Christian had left for Japan he had texted you every morning,with the exact time it will take until the both of you are reunited.

Truthfully,you thought you would have a hard time not being able to physically touch or be in the same perimeter as him for 14 days,but the little things he did made those lonely thoughts disappear. Such as last Thursday when you had been busy at work he sent you a bouquet of your favourite flowers,with the note ‘Just because I love you’. The little things made it feel as though he never truly left. The only reminders being his side of the bed left cold.Usually you would take turns to stay at one another’s apartments meaning you never usually spent the night alone,instead you found comfort in Lori.Then of course Sundays; this was the only day of the week that you had both reserved for one another.

With the both of you having busy jobs,and having hardly any time to focus on one another,early on in the relationship you had designated Sundays as ‘Our day’. It had become your tradition to stay snuggled up on the sofa, him wearing sweatpants and you draped in his t-shirt as you watched re-runs of ‘Friends’ and any franchise film you felt like watching that day.

Today was Sunday and even though you hadn’t woken up next to him,you knew in a matter of hours you would be wrapped up in one another’s embrace.You squealed at the thought, busying your mind and fidgeting hands with cleaning your apartment and taking Lori out for her morning walk.

By the time the small clocks hand reached 1:00pm you started to get ready, changing into a black playsuit that gave the appearance of a dress,the cut complimenting the curve of your body. You placed your hair in its usual hairstyle, grabbing your newest pair of sunglasses and keys.The door slamming closed as you reached the stairs of your apartment complex.Hopping into your car, you drove through the city, in awe of the landscape - Moving to Seoul was the best decision of your life,for your job,friends,lifestyle and a certain someone. Rolling the window down you turned the volume of your speaker up singing loudly to the tunes that soothed over your ears.Checking your watch,you smiled, thirty minutes.

Walking into the arrivals section of the terminal you stood by one of the Coffee shops,waiting for your boyfriend to walk up the ramp that would lead him straight to you. Groups of people formed a U shape around the area,all focused on the same direction.You noticed some familiar faces from when you were here exactly two weeks ago,offering a smile to those who’s eyes lit up with recognition.

Ten minutes had passed and still no Christian or the rest of DPR.You were now in full conversation with the other significant others of the boys,you had met them on several occasions at events and almost instantly drummed up a close bond,so close that you now considered them some of your closest friends.

Your gaze constantly flickered back over to the ramp,until you noticed Scott making his way forward ,followed by the rest of the DPR crew and other arrivals who had been on the same flight.Your eyes darted everywhere as groups of people left through the airport doors,happy to be finally reunited with their loved ones.You pushed past several people,earning your way forward in the crowd,when your eyes landed upon your man.

He was stood off to the side,his suitcase behind him,his mobile to his ear as his eyes searched the room. You laughed,he looked like a lost meerkat. A very cute meerkat. You ignored the buzzing of your jean pocket as you ran full speed into his arms, knocking him back slightly. Within seconds you felt his strong hands grip onto your back,lifting you up off your feet. A giggle escaped you,as your legs wrapped around his torso.You stayed holding each other for a while, lulling in one another’s embrace. Leaning back slightly so that your faces were now only inches apart,you both smiled.

“I missed you,” your voice was soft.

“I know,baby,” his eyes flickered down to your lips, “I missed you too,” upon uttering those words his lips brushed against yours as you responded back,your hand tugging on the nape of his neck as he kept his hands secure around your waist. He tasted of mint. Humming as your lips moulded together,you soon found your feet back on the floor as your hands found a new home against his face,his mirroring the same action.You were the first to break away,out of breath.

“Hi,” you chuckled.

“Hi,” he kept his palm against your cheek as you leaned into his touch. “Let’s go home.”
He gave you a final kiss before reaching for the handle of his suitcase,pulling your hand so that you were now wrapped around his side,the both of you walked out,together.