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tfw kin people try to control you drawing a character the way you want, like the character is 18+, doesnt matter your 14 yro ass is kinning with them it's not pedophilia for me draw porn of them just cause you don't like it


randamhajile replied to your post “tungle drama discourse is getting to a point where if a 14.5 yro is…”

Explain this in a way that old folk like me can read

most kiddos who indulge in pointless tumblr discourse are often otherkin/fiction kin and are weirdly protective of their ‘kin types’, they’ll literally put u on a list of users they think are abusive and evil all because you share a kin character with them

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(If you dont want to keep posting dream stuff it's chill) i'm a 17 yro gay & i dreamt my boyfriend only had one day to live, & the executioner that was going to axe him lived in my basement. Boyf & I were sitting on my couch watching tv & i tried to kiss him but he turned away from me & said "maybe next time." The feeling of /but there wont be a next time, you're gonna die tomorrow/ was so strong & sad i started crying in the dream & woke up crying. (Probs abt fear of abandonment rip)

I’m sorry you’re having super weird abandonment dreams anon. I hope they go away and you can feel secure in your relationships soon.

tungle drama discourse is getting to a point where if a 14.5 yro is trying to throw down w/ you you can just say ‘’sorry no doubles’’ and they’ll block you, blacklist you and block all of their mutuals who attempt to contact you

Guide to romance 

  • Challenge a 15 yro to a dance battle
  • Seductively dance with  your idol 
  • Throw yourself all over your idol and capture their eye
  • Tell your idol to become your coach if you win the dance battle
  • WIN
  • Strip off and pole dance with an ice pervert
  • Wonders why some people are being so touchy with you 
  • Build a healthy relationship  

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