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You’re the one that I need / I’m the one that you loathe

Every minute I close my eyes and see that it’s all nonsense, all nonsense.
—  The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky
BTS reaction to you fangirling over their music


Jin/Seokjin: He would probably fangirl with you while talking about how handsome he looks in the performances and music videos. But you can’t deny it cause you know he looks good ;)

J-Hope/Hoseok: Oh how happy he would be to see you enjoying their music. He’d be right by your side screaming the lyrics and dancing his heart out. While he’s at it, he’ll give you a live performance because whynot.

Yoongi/Suga: He would probably try to hide how happy he is but would fail to hide it. In fact, he’d be surprised by how well you know the dance and lyrics and even more surprised when you rap his lines flawlessly.

Rap Monster/Namjoon: He’d sit there and quietly admire you so he wouldn’t disturb you. He would be so proud of himself for making you so happy through his music. He’ll silently thinking to himself “ I guess I’ll have to work even harder now haha.”

Jimin: This little ball of fluff would be laughing so hard at you. Not because you look stupid screaming and waving your arms around but because he thinks you look absolutely adorable doing that.

Taehyung/V: You would probably catch him fangirling over BTS before he catches you doing it. He would be jumping around everywhere rapping Cypher Pt. 4

Jungkook: He’d silently stare as he tries to make out the situation before he bursts out laughing at how excited you are. When you notice him and stop fangirling, he’ll walk up to you and tell you he likes seeing you so happy.


Fast flows the river, fast,
From Maydów’s side,
And if Death claims my girl
I shall take a new bride.

Count the stars, my girl,
In the sky so blue
For as many paths as the stars
I have treaded to see you.

I am counting stars so bright
But the heavens have no end;
Seems, my love, that this long night
By your side I shall spend.

I just had to translate the lyrics of Maydów by Warsaw Village Band (it even rhymes, wooohoo). The song’s so beautiful and it gives me all the Revain feels. So, enjoy Elain (who belongs to my momma @saarebitch) and Revas, my son.

Polish folk songs are so beautiful.