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But that’s just it, isn’t it? The build-up. He’s waited for this for years. He watched her have her first crush in elementary school (and, no surprise, it was not on him.) He watched her flirting with boys at middle school dances. He watched her making out with Jackson in the hallways in high school. He watched her grow up, grow into herself, grow through all the pain of being alive. And all that time, all he had wanted was exactly what he has now. And he feels frozen. He feels stuck in his own incompetence. 

Based on Be My Last by @rongasm.

Ok ok but Phichit and Yuuri probably tried to pair skate like total dorks back in Detroit.

The two being overly dramatic when arias are played, Phichit (trying) to lift Yuuri and only somewhat succeeding because Yuuri is pretending to die in his arms. Doing the entire single ladies routine on ice. Phichit holding ridiculous poses as Yuuri spins him around. Yuuri lifting Phichit up, Phichit holding his arms out wide and yelling “never let go jack!!!!!”. Doing a full on tango with a rose in Phichit’s mouth. Giggling as they fall on each other on the ice


“I love mess, mistakes, the fragility of live performance. I try to build productions that feel on the edge of spiraling into chaos at any moment, though in fact my work is profoundly controlled.” Rachel Chavkin, director of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812.

The company of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 performs at the 71st Tony Awards.


I’m going to be your wedding planner. You need one desperately. Like in the movies with the headsets and black pantsuits. Yeah, wow. I would actually totally crush that look.

Okay humor me for a bit here but WHAT IF percy and jason keep betting on random stuff– and percy always goes to rachel to ask things like, “who will win tonight’s game?” So that he can bet correctly. And it was fine the first few times, really, but PERCY IM THE ORACLE OF THE GODS and this is getting ridiculous please stop