by which i mean the best ofc



so, when i was in china, i made a point to go to all the bookstores I could (sadly, there were very few) (also they’re the only place you can buy cds/dvds???)

but, i found these gems. hardcover – the top row of pics is what the dustcover looks like, and the second is what actually is beneath. i was stoked when i opened it (because in china they also seal their books in plastic like they do in jbhifi in aus) (idk the american equivalent)

but anyway. in the frozen book, there are these full page, pencil drawings. ofc it’s a copy – it’s in a mass-produced book.

but wow it looks amazing.

it’s also got like, a film visualisation with text and shit in the middle. it’s great. the best part was, in AUD these were between $6.75 (Moana) and $6.20 (Frozen and Zootopia) (which is only like, $5US)

i mean, i got plenty of other books, too (…yeah mostly frozen but also charlie and the chocolate factory and charlotte’s web and the little prince)

i can’t wait to actually read them all :D

listen im a lil drunk but it makes me so sad that ppl are so mean to layne like she’s a person who is just doing her best and ofc she’s made mistakes what human being hasn’t?? i’ve made 10000 more mistakes than her and guess what?? she’s always trying to better herself, she’s always trying to listen to the community, she’s always TRYING which is better than what most people do so can everyone just give her a break and let her take a fucking nap