by which I mean

Let me put it simply

I don’t feel loneliness, I feel boredom

i just watched rush hour for the first time ever last night and 


this movie is a masterpiece and, like, idk i didn’t grow up watching many movies so whenever people talked about jackie chan i was like ‘whatevs, i get it, he’s an action hero, i bet he has cool moves’ I WHAT I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THAT RUSH HOUR WOULD BE FUNNY LIKE PETER HAD TO TALK ME INTO WATCHING IT BECAUSE I WAS WORRIED IT WOULD BE A STRAIGHT UP BORING ACTION MOVIE??? I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON SO MUCH

when I don’t wear makeup, people who know me ask if I’m sick or something

which I find hilarious, because when people typically ask that question of women who aren’t wearing makeup, the women in question have gone without “natural” or base makeup–foundation, coverup, blush, etc.,

I don’t wear any of that

no, if I stop wearing red lipstick, that’s when people get worried about me

&. t h a n k  y o u ; 

This is spontaneous, unprepared, unplanned, but I suddenly felt the need to say it. I have gone through so many blogs in the last year that I have been writing on Tumblr. I cannot count how many, but rarely have I felt so comfortable or so welcomed. Like I belonged someplace. I have written muses who were ecstatically received, but not that I connected with. I have written muses I adore, but who I have struggled to interact with, have failed to forge connections with. 

And yet in these last weeks since I caved and made a blog for a muse I had never imagined wanting to write… I have been more welcomed than I had anticipated, by those within the fandom and others. You have come to me OOC when I was struggling and needed advice, you have thrown your muses at me gladly for all sorts of interactions, you have approached me to ask for threads, engaged with me, connected with me OOC while our muses have connected IC. 

And perhaps I am particularly sappy tonight, but I feel unbelievably grateful to have all of you here. I am grateful for the praise I have received, and the support. It has made my day of late to see my Klaus tagged in random posts ( just random things you’ve come across that remind you of our muses interactions ). I am grateful for the infinite threads some of us have. For the frequency with which I receive memes from all you, and how wonderful you have all been when I have approached you for any reason. 

So thank you, all of you, for helping me find a place, a blog, and a muse, where I feel like I can be truly happy. Where I feel like I belong. 

some of them want to use you a starts with f, ends with u mix // [listen]

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nothing can kick me in the teeth quite like those posts that are essentially “here is a woman doing a really cool thing! what a cool thing! isn’t it great that this woman is doing this cool thing in the world?”

and then someone has added a comment to the effect of “AND she is traditionally attractive/feminine doing it!”

nothing quite reinforces that doing cool things is not enough, but that you must also look good doing it, like those posts


Aldnoah.Zero ep.18 » “No lowly terran could possibly be a match for mighty Vers. Such an assumption creates an opening. Which becomes a tear. And then an enormous hole. And then it disintegrates completely. That is the current state of the Orbital Knights.”