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Sweater Weather // Spencer Reid x Reader

The office was buzzing with life that morning. Agents walked through the halls with coffee in their hands and serious looks on their faces. Your face was the one out of place, a beaming smile on your lips as you walked in.

Spencer stared in surprise as you waved happily, the lavender wool sweater that hung loosely on your body catching his attention. Your strode towards him carrying files under your arm, the same ones he had phoned you for and asked you to bring after he had forgotten them on the kitchen counter that morning.

“Here you go,” you said with a grin as you came to a stop at his desk and handed them to him. He took them with a grateful nod.

“Thanks,” he replied as he eyed your outfit again. The sleeves were too long and covered your delicate hands. The sweater was long in general, fitting you more as a dress than anything else. Was that his sweater? It sure looked like it. He felt speechless as he looked at the adorable way you rocked back on your heels, the lavender material swaying against your thighs.

“Is that my sweater?” He finally managed to ask, feeling completely flustered at the sight of you in his clothing. He recognized the small hole in the left sleeve and immediately knew it did in fact belong to him. You looked down at the sweater before giving a sheepish grin.

“Yeah. Are you mad?” You asked hesitantly. He quickly shook his head and instead reached out to grab your hand. You giggled as he pulled you into his side, looking up at you from his desk seat with wonder.

He gulped as he smelled your perfume, knowing the floral scent would stick the fabric for days to come. You looked so cute to him as you blushed deeply, slightly embarrassed at the agents who stared as they passed by. There were soft whispers as they all glanced in silent curiosity at the two of you.

“I think you look great,” he replied cheekily as he looked you over once more. “You should sleep over more often. I think I really like this look.”

Your soft laugh filled his ears as you bent down to give him a kiss. His cheshire smile was big enough that even JJ noticed it from across the room.

“Hi Y/N!” She greeted with a wave. You beamed back at the ray of sunshine of a woman and waved. “When will you be coming for dinner?”

“I’m free this weekend,” you called back with a friendly grin.

“No she’s not,” Spencer interrupted as he pulled you into his lap. JJ chuckled at his antics.

“I’ll call you later Y/N,” she laughed before disappearing to look for Garcia.

“Who do you think you are canceling plans for me?” You teased as his arms wrapped around you. He ignored the looks the agents have him, some happy and others disapproving, and instead focused his attention on your soft lips.

“I thought maybe we could hang out this weekend. Just you and me. And maybe with you in this,” he replied as he tugged at the fabric of his sweater. You grinned mischievously at his suggestion.

“I never knew you had a thing for me in your sweaters,” you said with a suggestive raise of your eyebrow.

“I never knew until I saw you in one,” he replied honestly. You chuckled as you slid off of his lap and landed on your feet.

“You’ve got work to do. I’ll see you later.” He grinned as you gave him one last innocent peck on the lips before bouncing out of the room. Emily passed by to catch him staring at your leaving form in slight awe.

“What? You’ve never seen a girl in your clothing before?” She asked in amusement.

“No,” he replied with a shy grin. “But I could get used to it.”

canon zen: is clearly a flaming hetero
me, yelling in the back: HE’S A CLOSETED BI

Fucking finally!

Han Solo gave me a peck on the lips when we said our goodbyes. I tried SO HARD to get him to kiss me: we sat down by the Charles for a while and just talked. But nada. Not until the end of the evening. And we were in the middle of a busy street so clearly he wasn’t going to try for some grand gesture. (And clearly he is *super* shy, and from what I gleaned he’s just started dating again after being off the market post-breakup.)

We’re getting dinner on Sunday, and then hopefully next weekend once my show is done we can have a night in. *fingers crossed*
Donald Trump’s company violated the U.S. embargo against Cuba
Through Trump Hotels, the GOP nominee secretly conducted business in Cuba, ignoring American laws. Later, he falsely told Cuban-American voters he would never spend money on the island so long as Fidel Castro remained in power.

I don’t get it. He did business with Qaddafi. He regularly talks up Vladimir Putin. He has extensive ties to New York organized crime families (including building Trump Tower out of concrete instead of steel girders — unusual in and of itselfusing a concrete contractor owned by the heads of the Genovese and Gambino crime families).

And apparently he did business with Cuba, subverting the embargo (which, yes, was a dumb idea but that’s beside the point) by abusing a charitable effort.  And he did it while trying to get the nomination as the Reform Party candidate (yes he’s run for President before) and vowing to maintain the embargo and lying that he would never spend his or his companies’ money in Cuba.

What is it going to take to get this shmuck out of US politics?

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I've read a lot of scenarios/fanfictions, but the Chen: Creeping scenario is the best one I've ever read. I just wanted to say keep doing what you're doing.

Okay so like congratulations because you broke me.


I am in such shock right now over this message.

I’m just sitting here at my laptop speechless tbh because what in the world do I say to this without sounding like a braggadocios babbling idiot???

Guess I should start off by saying thank you.  I cannot believe that you actually found my fic, let alone enjoyed it enough to like it (this goes for everyone who has liked and reblogged and commented on–looking at you @oh-ottoke–it).  I just feel so honored and slightly overwhelmed because I never expected people to read it and enjoy it.  It’s my favorite completed fic I’ve ever written tbh and I just automatically resigned myself to the fact that no one besides the admins or myself would read it/like it because I took such a huge risk.  I mean, I made freaking Jongdae OF ALL PEOPLE a freaking stalker. Like. Who does that????  But I saw the photos of him and I just couldn’t shake the idea.  Anyway. I’m rambling so lemme stop.

I just wanna say thank you thank you thank you again for reading it and for leaving such a lovely message about it (or comment, in oh-ottoke’s case), especially off anon.  I hope I can continue creating stories you all will enjoy.

Admin Lily, who is sorry this reply got so long but I was so overwhelmed because this is so nice and I had a shitty day today so I needed this so thank you again


Aldnoah.Zero ep.18 » “No lowly terran could possibly be a match for mighty Vers. Such an assumption creates an opening. Which becomes a tear. And then an enormous hole. And then it disintegrates completely. That is the current state of the Orbital Knights.”


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*whisper* dad glasses

aka my favourite kind of glasses

so I heard it’s kakpol week

please accept this offering of the two of them being idiots FOR A CHANGE