by which I mean

Oh man, does anyone remember that old, bad Lord of the Rings cartoon from the 80′s? You know, the one about Frodo and Sam’s “wacky” adventures in Middle Earth? I think Gandalf was voiced by the guy who was Megatron? But he was like, every voice back then.

Anyway, I just started thinking about their awful Christmas special, “A Hobbitown Kind of Christmas”. It was like, Frodo defeats a Nazgul and learns the true meaning of Christmas or something. Ends on “Merry Christmas, Mister Frodo”, “Merry Christmas, Sam”. Gag me. If there’s a better way to say “we’re doing this for the money”, I can’t think of one.

But all these years, and I can’t get the fucking theme song out of my head.

thepromiseofanend  asked:

What's your favorite picture of Jared?

This question is unanswerable! But still thank you for the question @thepromiseofanend 😘. It is every single one, every one holds a piece of the truth who Jared is! However I will go with this one, because I woke up one morning and was straight looking at this selfie. For the time until my consciousness came fully to life, I had one of the most peaceful and happy moments in recent years.

What is yours @thepromiseofanend, @avaj99, @clockgirl94? And who else wants to show?

Man I know I’m being selfish to want Skam to be about Isak & Even but I really want to watch their relationship develop

me: *aggressively hates christmas songs* 

also me: *blasts ‘o helga natt’ in every scandinavian language and cries* 


And et voila: the main course of my Sokkla spree of today!

It was bliss making this video, I could not stop smiling and laughing through the entire process even if Vegas wanted to troll me left right and center. It’s been a while since I last made a vid, but it didn’t turn out badly, so I’m pleased :D

I really just… loved how many adorkable Sokka clips I found for it. Not only is he adorkable, but it soooo suits him to sing this song over Azula x’D Another highlight of the video for me, though, surprisingly… was Katara! She’s in a lot of the clips, and always looks so done with Sokka’s nonsense, yet she’s still supportive? It’s actually kind of cute xD

But my main highlight was really the finale. I think it’s the best montage I’ve done to this day Piandao’s still mindblown by how bad this boy’s crushing on Princess Azula of all people xD. I’m really pleased I could make it work the way I intended to!

Hope you all enjoy it :D


damnn i just watched idubbbz’s new video, it was an entertaining but i kinda feel bad for his fans who make fan edits of him… like did he use any of you guys’ edits from tumblr?