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When you consider the context… It's truly incredible that he had a smile on his face during those rehearsal pictures. What an astounding, strong person.

He really is. And Steve helped put it there, for which I will always be grateful. 💛


You finished your story and waited a moment, noting all the dead air Dan was going to have to edit out of this video, before turning to him with eyebrows raised. He was staring intently at you with a smile on his face, oblivious.

“What is it?” you asked.

He blinked once, slow, then again as if coming out of a trance, and turned to look at the camera that was pointed at you both, suddenly remembering that he was still recording.

“Uh, nothing,” he said, clearing his throat. “It’s nothing. That’s actually probably a good place to stop. Thanks for filling in for Phil today.”

“Sure, it was fun,” you told him as you stood. “Thanks for thinking of me to invite.”

“Yeah. No. Of course.”

You headed out of the room and down the hall and Dan stared after you, letting out a heavy sigh and wondering when you would ever notice.

x x x

Imagine all of us have two friends who have been dating for years and we just know one day they are going to get married, and then after like years of dating and posting cute photos of themselves and hanging out with everyone together, they just fall off the planet and nobody sees them together for like a year and they stop posting photos and none of us have a clue what is up with them.

And then we start hearing rumors that they got engaged and are planning a wedding, but they haven’t told anyone about it, so we are all just hanging out waiting for the announcement and the wedding invitation, but they don’t come, Instead, we get an article announcing that $80 million dollars was spent on this wedding that nobody actually knows about. Then we get a few people saying, “I heard there is definitely a wedding taking place.” Then another dude or two says, “I had to buy my tux because I’m in the wedding.” Meanwhile all us are still waiting to hear from the happy couple and are still waiting for our invitations to arrive in the mail and nothing.

Then one random day we get a video of the couple kissing at the alter and then the camera pans to the crowd and nobody is there and the groom says, “Uh, where in the world is everyone?” And we just stare at them through the screen because we know why nobody is there. YOU NEVER ANNOUNCED YOU WERE ENGAGED NOR DID YOU SEND OUT ANY INVITATIONS. How the heck were we supposed to just know about the wedding and show up for it?

That is why I do not understand this plan for Harry’s supposed album. I would love to be able to get excited for my newly engaged friends. I would love to get an invite in the mail. I would love to know when and where and how and who is involved. I would love to go buy a nice dress and a nice gift. But, alas, I can’t do any of those things because NOBODY will announce the damn thing. I don’t think it’s asking for much to at least get a confirmation that a wedding is taking place, especially if they want me to show up for it.

What took you so long? | Young Sirius Black Imagine

Request: Could you write a Sirius x reader imagine, they have been the best of friends since 1st year and now they’re just at the end of 7th year and he secretly has a crush in her so one day he’s just like “Fuck it” and he kisses her and when they finally pull apart she goes “what took you so long?” 

Sirius was found in the common room, sat by the fire with an empty glass in his hand.
“What do you call this?” James smirks walking through the entrance.
“What do you mean, you dirty stop out! Been with Lily all this time have we?” Sirius shoots back with a smirk.

“Enough of that, what’s going on” James blushes running a hand through his hair.
“Just thinking” Sirius fails to smile this time, staring at the burning wood.

“About what.. or should I say who?” James winks but straightens his face when Sirius sighs.
“Shit, I know that face, something bothering you” James sits cross-legged on the carpet in front of his best-friend.

“Look, I’m going to tell you some thing but if you laugh I swear to merlin I’ll hex your arse into next week,” Sirius says leaning forward with glossy eyes.
“Go on…” James gulps
“I thought it was just a crush, you know like just a phase maybe I was just attracted to Her/him/them but no. James, I have a huge problem” Sirius stops putting his head in his hands.
“Go on mate” James urges his to finish.
“I’m in love” Sirius responds and the room is quiet.

Before James burst out laughing.

“PRONGS!! What did I tell you!” Sirius glares standing up.
“It’s just- It’s taken you this long to figure it out” James has tears of laughing leaking from his eyes.

“Remus owes me a tenner” James smiles proudly.

“You betted on this!?” But Sirius is cut off by James running up the stairs to gloat.

The next few days are tricky, Remus and James try everything they can to get Sirius to tell you his feelings.

“What have you got to lose?” James pleads
“Just do it! Look She’s/He’s/They’re over there with lily, we’ll come with you” Remus adds
“The last thing I need is you two fucking this up” Sirius rolls his eyes.
“Come on Padfoot, if you don’t someone else will,” James says and Sirius looks up.

“What would I say?” Sirius sighs frustratedly
“Hi (Y/N) I like you” Remus smirks causing James laugh.

“You know what? Fuck it!” Sirius exclaims standing up “You two can wait here” He adds quickly before turning around and walking over to you, you eyes locked the whole time.

“Sirius?” You ask him approaches
However, he doesn’t stop and instead grabs you by the waist pulling your lips to his.
You freeze, shock taking over your body as well as butterflies. Getting over the shock pretty quickly you tangle your finger in his hair as your lips love heavenly in sync.

Pulling away only for breath he wouldn’t take his eyes from yours.
“What took you so long?” You smirk.

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I just find this funny because for Irving’s project, it seems Jeff has … like… no communication with his father about how to manage anything. What, do they think they’re not on speaking terms? That Irving keeps sliding suggestions on post it notes under the door, and that Jeff, a thirteen-year old boy, is saying, “you’re not my real dad, you don’t get to tell me what to do!” while he plays Xbox and Harry is NOT ALLOWED to get on social media and give his demanding fans fan service?

What would happen to Harry if he just… got online and did whatever the fuck he wanted (presuming that what he wants more than anything is to return online and shower his adoring fans with gratitude and pictures of rainbows including the blue, blue sky)? What would happen?

If Harry asked his friends not to talk about his album, would they refrain?

Is “They” behind this? Why does the net of “their” influence grow ever wider by the day?

Imagine Livestreaming with Castiel


Warning: an immense amount of cheese. seriously.


You pressed the livestream button and walked up to Cas, putting the phone camera in his face.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his brows furrowed in confusion but his mouth quirked up in a tiny smile.

“I’m showing my followers how cute my boyfriend is,” you replied with a grin.

Cas smiled in response, a tiny blush tinting his cheeks. “Y/N, I thought we established that you are the cute one in the relationship.”

You fake scoffed, putting a hand to your chest. “We did no such thing. Everyone knows you’re the cutest Angel in the garrison.”

Cas’ grin widened as he shyly looked down at his shoes, his hands in his pockets. “I still think you’re cuter.”

Your stomach did somersaults as you waltzed up to him and kissed him, putting the camera on the two of you. “Well, you’ve seen it with your own two eyes, folks. I have the cutest, sweetest boyfriend in the world. Thanks for tuning in.” And with that, you stopped livestreaming and instead wrapped your arms around Cas’ neck, grinning as he nuzzled your nose with his.

“You are a very strange human,” he teased, smiling down at you. “But I love you.”

You snorted. “I love you too, Angel.”

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Kella is Real + The Truth Behind Abel & Bella’s Break Up:


While the thoughts/feelings/motivations of the ‘characters’ within this post are speculatory, all the facts (dates, rumours, and sequence of events) are things that truly happened and in the order they are depicted. 

I am inclined to believe the story I have uncovered and know it is based on fact, but it is speculation so you may take it as a fiction. If you have no sense of humour and/or don’t like conspiracy theories- why are you still reading this? I have no sympathy for your butt-hurt feelings.

This post is lengthy- at nearly 3k words. Enjoy.

A Little Backstory:

Kendall and Bella have been friends since 2013, at least, and they hung out off and on in 2013 and 2014 but in 2015 they basically didn’t see each other at all except for the beginning of the year. And what happened at the beginning of 2015? What’s his face and Bella started publicly dating.

According to my own break down (linked in the faqs) Abel and Bella began their ‘relationship’ in December 2014 and slowly from then Kella began pulling back and then stopping almost completely after Abel and Bella were spotted together in Coachella.

2015 & the Peak of Abella:

Abel was cool with this at first because “hey, he got to come up with a hot model girlfriend” and that looks good for his image. But Bella is pretty fucking snazzy and he started developing a legitimate emotional attachment about a year in. I’m not saying there was never any true feelings between her and Abel- but it was always Kendall in the back of her mind and it was no secret that she came first for Bella. What they have (had) was for fun and for both of their images and rising careers- that were soon to blow up. Their feelings go back and forth through time, Abel’s seems to get stronger and more confusing while Bella isn’t sure if she can stand being separated from Kendall like this and she’s nervous she may be leading Abel on. Abel, however, thinks he’s helping her get over her dead end relationship with Kendall and can actually give her what she needs (lmao). He thinks there’s a chance and begins to fall for her.

That’s why KenGi rose so quickly at the end of 2014 and through all of 2015- Kendall and Bella would need a common thread to communicate through, Kendall more than anyone. She needed to know how Bella was and how their relationship was going, who better to get this from than her own sister? 

During this time, Kendall has on and off ‘flings’ with other guys (Harry, A$AP Rocky) that she never confirms or denies or seems interested in enough to be more than friends with- but it’s enough to get people to say she’s seeing somebody. This is to help cover up that she’s holding out for Bella, not so much for the media, but for Bella herself. Kendall can’t be there for Bella the way Abel says he can, and Bella isn’t sure she’s ready for that either. She thought Abel was sweet and “knew” that their relationship would never pan out. It was hard for them to keep their distance, though.

Bella upped her fashion show number in September 2015 because she missed Kendall and over the months they’d spent apart, she thought she had reached a good place with Abel- they were public, hand holding in candids, and she’d filmed a music video for him after all- they were steady. She thought she could handle being around Kendall again. This of course, was a big mistake and the begin of the downfall for Abella. Seeing her again brought everything back and since she’d thought Abel knew where he stood with her and was only in it for the image, she decided to have Kendall back again.

The Beginning to Middle of 2016:

Bella makes it clear that she’s still bound to Kendall by randomly going with her to Rome in the beginning of March, just a few weeks after Abel brings her to the Grammys with him. This is a show of his commitment to her, to try to say he’s serious, but Bella thinks it would be time in their relationship for this anyone. However, only a few days before the Grammys, a story breaks about how they’ve been supposedly talking about kids and marriage! While this was a made-up story, Bella felt that Abel planted it to try and start a conversation about being more serious and it freaks Bella out.

She goes to prove that she’s still very much in love with Kendall- both to Abel and to Kendall, who is worried Bella lies when she says her feelings for Abel aren’t real- and she is lying- because they were real, only fleeting. Abel reacts to this by setting himself up to be at the Met Gala and walking the carpet with Bella- he’s still trying to prove he’s better for her, that Kendall isn’t willing to take the risk of showing her off and he also doesn’t want to see Bella and Kendall alone at the Met together like he did the year before. His resentment for Kendall grows stronger after this.

Over the summer, Bella is busy non-stop in Europe and Abel takes advantage of the free time Kendall doesn’t have by being with Bella. He goes off to England to see her Dior Cruise show and spends the next week with her in both London and then in Paris- but it isn’t enough. Flash forward a bit to the beginning of August, Kylie’s birthday and the trip to the Bahamas where the two are next to each in almost every photo we got and in general living it the hell up together on their first legitimate vacation in forever. Abel of course is pissed, he’s started to develop actual feelings for Bella a year ago and had thought she was returning them, he’s in too deep for his own good and Bella is practically out of the water. He invites her to spend nearly every moment in August with him at his home in LA. Bella says in her GQ interview that she was practically living there for the month. He keeps it completely lowkey, trying to get her to spend all her time in LA with just him and away from the limelight, Kendall, and her family that he has started to suspect knows about them.

This month with him, of course, means nothing to Bella, because Kendall is the love of her life.

The LOVE Bracelet and “Abel” Necklace:

Moving forward to September 29th and the first sighting of the LOVE bracelet. Now, I didn’t notice this until I was looking through old posts but Bella actually starting wearing her Cartier bracelet before the trip to Japan. I had thought that he’d given it to her as a birthday gift and did it early while they were on vacation, but that doesn’t make any lick of sense for him to give it to her over a week before her birthday and a week before the vacation! But, guess who is in these September 29th candids- that’s right, Kendall! The first time we see the bracelet it’s while Kendall and her are out and about in New York. Kendall doesn’t go to Japan nor does she go to Bella’s birthday. This was an early birthday celebration for the two of them. They both skipped Paris fashion week to loiter around New York together after all- out of sight and out of mind of the real action across the seas, it was the perfect cover up and Kendall gifted her the bracelet as a show of her love.

Bella immediately feels bad about this bracelet, though. She knows  Abel is in love with her now- he joined her on the trip to Japan (her mother says she had a shoot then) to make up for the fact they never gone on a legitimate vacation like her and Kendall have. Even if he knows it’s not real he can’t help himself, but there’s nothing Bella can do anymore. She’s got her head on Kendall and Kendall alone so she’s not removing the bracelet, and she lies and says she bought it herself though Abel knows the painful truth. In an attempt to make up for it to Abel, she buys a necklace with his name on it, a token to him for their relationship, to wear along with the bracelet. This necklace doesn’t appear until after Japan, though, two weeks after getting the bracelet. The jeweler who made them posted photos of them after they were first made (before being sent to Bella) on- you guessed- September 29th, the same day we first see the bracelet.

Both the necklace and bracelet would only last a month though- Bella and Abel break up the first week of November- TWO DAYS AFTER KELLA GO TO A LAKERS GAME TOGETHER. One of the only few public outings we go to see of Abel and Bella was a Lakers game in April, which Bella made a point of saying that Abel pulled strings to get them courtside sets, and her she was - courtside at a Lakers game with Kendall just 6 months later. This was something special to him, one of the only “cliche dates” they ever went on was to see this basketball game. It feels like an absolute stab in the heart to him and this is what breaks him. 

He can’t handle it anymore- having to constantly feel like he has to prove himself to a girl who is clearly devoted to someone else. He always knew this, always tried to keep it in mind, but it;s too much to bare anymore and he can’t handle the thought of seeing Bella and Kendall together- in person- during VSFS so he calls it off and immediately alerts the press that they’ve broken up with one another. Unable to give the real reason, he settles on scheduling differences and tries to pretend he’s not heartbroken though he still loves Bella and knows that he’ll miss her.

Abel and Selena

Bella and Kendall were intent to continue to keep things on the down low- that’s why this whole mess started after all, was they wanted to be private. They don’t see each other after VSFS until New Years Eve- which they spend together in LA. This, for some reason, bothers the hell out of Abel, who spends NYE alone working. Last year he had Bella with him in Miami and then she went with him to Los Vegas, after, and now he gets no one at all. It’s the first time he sees them together on their own free-will and he snaps, he thought he’d be able to move on but seeing that they’d started off the year together strikes a nerve.

A bit less than two weeks later- we get him and Selena. He’s flaunty and extra for the cameras (just as he feels Bella and Kendall are) and makes sure he’s seen, he wants Bella to feel like he can move on just as quickly. He doesn’t need Bella, he doesn’t love her, he can move on quickly and find someone else, too (though technically Bella never had anything to move on from!).

There’s really not much Bella can do about the media driven drama of it all, Abel has a leg up on her and she doesn’t want to risk him exposing everything between her and Kendall. But if he can flaunt, then so can she.Kella is lit now more than ever. Bella goes and gets tattoos with Kendall and they go to non stop parties- including Yams Day where Abel has to see them in person once more. They fly out alone that night on a private jet with one another to spend a week in Paris of all places- walking every show together during Haute Couture fashion week. Towards the end of their week in Paris, Abel and Selena are seen leaving D&B- Selena wearing Abels necklace. For those who don’t know, the suspicions of Abel and Bella began in March 2015, when Abel posted a photo of Bella (without her face showing) wearing an “XO” chain on instagram! Bella returns to New York and two days later- Abel has decided to have a European-paparazzi stalked excursion of his own in Italy with Selena. This time it’s a true vacation that he never had with Bella, trying to prove once more that he has moved on (though clearly he hasn’t! Get yourself together Abel!)

During New York Fashion week, Kella are going party to party and walking more of the same shows, again, all without Gigi or really any of their other shared friends- it’s just the two of them for the most part being cute as hell. Mutual friend, Daniel, lets them use his apartment as a cover up since he lives in the same building as Gigi, no one would suspect a thing. Now they’re in London together again, flying out together and going to more parties and clubs with one another, Kendall is shooting Bella for something- a dream she has always had but wasn’t able to do with Abel leering over before.

Well, why chose Selena? His choice is to get back at Kendall and Gigi more than anyone. Kendall “stole his girl” and ruined his only chance at love while Gigi acted like one of their biggest supporters when she was lowkey helping Kella the whole time. Who better than the best friend of Taylor Swift?! To bother Kendall, it’s the best choice for the moment considering Taylor’s beef with Kim/Kanye and his own upcoming “beef” with Justin. It’s a slight annoyance to Kendall in his mind though she hardly even cares, let alone realizes, since it’s not her beef with Taylor and Selena isn’t actually Taylor, either. Part of it bothers her due to the “beef” it causes between Abel and Justin- and Kendall loves Justin- but it barely goes beyond an irritation. Gigi is slightly bothered by it since it seemingly puts her in a place between Taylor and her sister but in reality, Gigi and Selena were hardly friends either and unlike Abel, she knows how to act like an adult and not hype up unnecessary drama.

This revenge was only ever real in his head and he’s quickly realizing that this, hence the increase in candids- the ones of them on the yacht, taken on the 11th but planted to be released on Valentine’s day another desperate stab at Kendall, trying to mock her for the Hendall candids the year prior. Bella already had plans to spend the night with her secret lover but she responded to Abels stunting by posting on instagram that Kendall was her Valentine this year, showing off their candy rings and all!

Part of why Kella kept things on the low was out of respect for Abel, after this Bella decided “screw it” and things got hay-wire. Anwar is the first to unfollow because hes known about everything all along- he’s practically Bella’s best friend and he’s chill with Kendall, too, and has been spending more time with her lately than he ever did Abel. Anwar is also mad Abel is trying to ruin his sister’s happiness and encouraged Bella to not hold back on the Kendall loving. Yolanda and the rest of the friends/fam were more sympathetic, Abel was in love and it must hurt- but as Abel continues to go out of his way to make a fool out of Bella they begin to cut him out. Abel is pissed and unfollows everyone because “what the fuck- how do you pick Kendall over me?” He was great, wasn’t afraid to show her off now and then unlike Kendall- though he’s wrong about that because now that Bella has been stripped away from her for so long, Kendall is making up for lost time, as we’ve been seeing.

Moving Forward:

Predictions of the future, to round this post out. Can’t have a proper conspiracy without a hypothesis.

Kendall is no stranger to gay/bi rumours, something she’s never commented on or addressed despite them being so prevalent (to the point of annoyance, though I suppose I’m only contributing). With all the shit she already gets and her desperation to not be associated with her family, Kendall keeps her sexuality to herself, not wanting it exposed and played out on television (especially after having to watch Caitlyn’s transition, she feels the reaction to her not being straight would be too much for her to bare).

However, there has been word that Kris wants to talk about someone in the family being bi on the show. Prediction is obviously that Kendall is the bisexual of the family and by the end of the year we will see the true rise of Kella, though we’ll begin to get some less than subtle hints during Met Gala, another end-of-summer vacation, and over the top alone time with them in September during the next fashion month. 

“I think you’re just afraid to be happy.”
“Teach me.”


Sometimes he acts like a five years old when you don’t dance to his tune and do what he wants. But sometimes you need more than the thirty minutes he spends between your legs.
Like now.
“I think you’re just afraid to be happy.” You snap and pull up your panties before sliding out of the bed.
“Oh, is that so? You just made me a happy fuck ten seconds ago.” He cocks a brow and ladylike you show him the middle finger. “C'mon, you knew from the fuckin’ beginning that I only want to mess around.”
“I know.” Sadly you nod while getting dressed. “But that’s not enough for me anymore.”
A sigh leaves Negan’s mouth as he rubs over his smooth face. “Teach me.”
“Teach me how to be fucking happy… again.”
“That’s not how it works when you don’t feel it.” You say and head to the door as he holds you back.
“I am happy when I’m with you.” He mumbles and surprise you stare at him.
“We could do normal things, watching a movie together or something.”
After a few seconds he agrees with a nod and pulls you back in the bed. “We’re still screwing?”
“Yea.” You bend down with a smile and kiss him.

i swear yall how can anyone look at my blog and my views and be just now shocked that i disagree with milo whats his face and drumpf i mean really if youre just cluing in now thats on you

what was the point of that video that’s circulating with the uglie cheater guy and the girl whose heart he broke like what was the purpose of that like i h8 that his face is a meme now bc i dont wanna see it like he truly had no remorse and she had so much love in her eyes and she was hurting so much and he was just v uncaring and unfazed like u could see the stark difference in their body language and my heart goes out to her honestly like that guy can go choke wallahi men like that are so undeserving of having the kind of love that women like her show them 

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Maybe for a bbrae idea: raven drives bb out of town for the night. Beast boy instantly thanks it's so she can break up with him privately but really she took him there to make out, you can make it lemony :))

Beast Boy stared blankly at the ceiling. He lay outstretched on his bed, his mind numb as he gazed upward. 

This week had sucked. 

If anyone had asked, and almost everyone had, he was simply tired. It wasn’t a lie per-say; they had just finished a rather busy week, full of late night patrols and constant prison escapes. But it wasn’t exactly the truth either. 

No, what really had his mind in a vice grip was a certain empath, who had seemed far more aloof and withdrawn from him than she had in a very, very long time. 

Beast Boy ran his hand over his face, stifling a groan. What if she was tired of him? It wasn’t that hard to imagine, after all, she was Raven. Pretty. Smart. Powerful. 

And he? Well, he could turn into animals. Not exactly the most interesting thing in the world, especially compared to the impressive array of magic and knowledge Raven possessed. Whatever she’d seen in him, Beast Boy knew not, and he feared her interest had finally run its course. Why else would she be so…distant from him? 

A soft rap caught his attention, and Beast Boy rolled off the bed and stumbled to the door. It slid open with a whoosh, revealing a rather empty hallway. He blinked. Huh? Beast Boy leaned out to glance about, only to find nothing. He shrugged, turning to return to the comfort of his room, when something on the floor caught his gaze. 

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Cute high earth defense club love au with Kusanagi, Yata, Fushimi, Mikoto, and Munakata. Jungle is the conquest club since Akoya is clearly Yukari from a past life. Scepter 4, Hakumaitou, and Homra members keep getting turned into monsters

Oh just imagine Fushimi doing one of those ‘all is love’ post-transformation speeches with the sourest look on his face because he hates every minute of what he’s saying. So say one day upperclassmen Munakata and Mikoto are walking together on campus, Mikoto’s smoking and Munakata is scolding him for smoking during school hours when they are suddenly confronted by a talking slab of rock that tells them they have been chosen to become battle lovers and protect the people of earth with the power of love. Mikoto just shrugs and keeps walking and Munakata has to stop him because the Slate was talking Suoh, please don’t simply walk off like a rude barbarian. Mikoto doesn’t care about anything stupid like the power of love, school’s over and he has club to attend (by which he means the Earth Defense Force club, which is actually just a room where Mikoto hangs out to sleep because it has a nice plush couch in the corner). Munakata feels that they should take this position as warriors of love seriously though, like as student council president he couldn’t possibly allow anything untoward to happen on his campus. Mikoto just wants to go to bed and not have to listen to Munakata anymore.

So Mikoto continues on to the club room with Munakata on his heels lecturing him, as soon as they open the door they come upon second years Yata and Fushimi who are bickering because that’s basically what they do. Yata’s all excited to see Mikoto-san and Munakata’s pleased to see that Fushimi-kun took his advice and joined a club this year, Fushimi clicks his tongue and says he only joined this club because he doesn’t have to actually do anything. Yata disagrees because he probably totally joined the earth defense club in order to defend campus from evildoers like a real superhero, right Mikoto-san. Mikoto just nods absently as he settles down on the couch to get some sleep. That’s when the door bursts open and Professor Kokujouji appears with a talking slab of rock attached to his chest, Munakata is highly intrigued by the fact that their professor appears to be dead, how fascinating. The Slate hasn’t got time for this though, because there’s a monster on campus threatening the earth and it needs to be defeated with the power of love!!1! Mikoto grunts and rolls over to go back to sleep, Fushimi clicks his tongue and categorically refuses to move because what the hell does any of this have to do with me. Amusingly this leaves us with Munakata and Yata as being the two who are totally all for it, Yata’s excited to be a superhero and Munakata feels that this is clearly his duty as student council president. His transformation sequence involves all the sparkles and he is totally called The Sparkling Prince.

Elsewhere, nerdy outcast Hisui and his friends Yukari the health teacher and Sukuna the random preteen exchange student have fallen under the sway of a talking parrot and are trying to take over the earth because then Hisui can finally play video games without anyone bugging him. Kotosaka can turn people into monsters, his first victim is earnest first year Kuroh who is depressed over his friends ignoring his poetry, he turns into a giant calligraphy brush. The earth defense force must go fight him, except Mikoto really doesn’t feel like it and Fushimi straight up refuses even as he’s standing there fully transformed in his stupid outfit with the stupid tails and stupid colors. Munakata thinks this is a splendid bonding opportunity though, like now we can also spread our love as comrades throughout the galaxy. Yata thinks Munakata’s weird and he’s ready to ‘spread love’ by hitting the monster over the head repeatedly with his magic rod. In the end Kuroh destroys Mikoto’s cigarette because smoking is unsightly and Mikoto gets pissed enough that the Burning Prince burns him to ash and he transforms back. Munakata is very pleased with how well everyone worked together, Fushimi would already like to quit please because he hates this so much.

if you’ve ever felt the need to tell me something ive drawn looks weird, or out of proportion, or just wrong but wasnt sure to whether to say anything or not… PLEASE DO.

Looking back at old art (like. from 6 months ago) is agonizing but no ones taken the time to tell me things like, z’s mouth is too low on his face, or wow what are these propotions? 

so please.


I encourage you to rip my art apart or redline it or just give constructive feedback. I crave it. Your eyes can see my mistakes better than mine.


I have to wait until the episodes come up online cuz I don’t have cable, and I have only managed to make it 17 minutes in because I keep angrily slamming the pause button. Before Mon-El was just unnecessary. Now he’s becoming toxic. “I was defending your honor” SHE DON’T NEED YOU TO MOTHERFUCKER. I think what really got me was his face when he said that out of all the girls in the galaxy the “imp” picked her. It wasn’t an “oh I’m not surprised cuz you’re amazing”, it wasn’t anything even close to that, it was confusion and annoyance. He literally looked like this asshole was intruding on his territory or some shit and he didn’t understand why. I really don’t want to finish this episode because I know I’m just gonna be even more pissed when they still end up together because heteronormativity. If I ever do make it to the end, I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to scream about, so stay tuned. Wish me luck. (P.S. I miss Lena)

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