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I Gotta Get Laid
Billy West and the Grief Counselors
I Gotta Get Laid

Billy West, the Voice Actor for Fry from Futurama (among many others) made this song with his band from 2004 and honestly every time I hear it I can’t help but think about how much it fits Fry.

Its really funny, because he has this completely ridiculous and hilarious song, and then he has super sweet love songs like Four Color World (click!) which are so good and emotional. It’s wonderful.


BENDER: TV would stink if everyone on it was a positive role model!

Futurama, Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV (2003) dir. Brian Sheesley

In the Futurama episode “Spanish Fry” the Planet Express Crew go out camping and, while there, Fry is abducted by aliens in the dead of night and returned without his nose.

It’s found out that the Alien Black Market is stealing male human noses and calling them “human horns” and selling them as an “aphrodisiac,” and Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, is in possession of Fry’s.

They confront him and it’s returned without a hitch, but just as they’re about to leave Bender pipes up and asks,

To which Lrrr replies,

Bender responds, oblivious to Fry’s growing ire,

Lrrr immediately demands that Fry’s “lower horn” is removed, prepared for consumption, and placed in his and his wife, Ndnd’s, bedroom. (The use of an aphrodisiac is all in the attempt to save his failing, and passion-less, marriage.)

Fry is quickly accosted, and, from there, Bender spends the rest of the episode making jokes about Fry’s “wing-dang doodle” and the lack of action it seemingly gets, at least, by anyone which isn’t Fry himself.

Here are those jokes:

Joke #1.)

Joke #2.)

Joke #3.)

Joke #4.)

Joke #5.)

And finally, Joke #6.)

And this is why I believe you should watch Futurama.

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@mingna_wen : I know how Humpty Dumpty feels!
My day off from #agentsofshield is getting the chance to be put back together! Chipped tooth repair from S2 and new fitted brace for my knee. It looks so badass! I feel like RoboMing. Or is it MingBot? LMDMing?
Thank you to the fabulous Dr. Elizabeth Mallen in West Hills and Phillip Ambroset of O&P in Motion. 👏👏👏👍👍👍💋💋#warriorwoman #thecavalry #agentmay #stuntactress #forreal #takesalickingandkeepsonticking #bionic #LMD #fleshandblood