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what Sam really said to T'Challa. they do not look amused.

Girls’ Night In (reader x Avengers/Scott Lang)

Characters: reader, Wanda, Natasha, Scott Lang, Cassie Lang. 

Summary: It’s ladies night at the tower, complete with a Gilmore Girls marathon,  junk food, and friendly rivalries when a surprise visitor puts a twist on the evening’s events. (spoilers for Gilmore Girls, if you haven’t seen it yet)

Warnings: nada!! Pure fluff, ya’ll. Cavity inducing. 

Word Count: 2275 (good heavens, that was an accident)

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A/N: This is for my lovely, my darling Mariana ( @buckysberrie ) Happy Birthday, sweetie!! I really hope you enjoy this. :) Man, I dunno how this got so long but the fluff kept flowing and when I thought of the single parent parallels, well, I just couldn’t stop. Any thoughts are appreciated!! 



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“Ugh, he’s such a spoiled, Trust Fund jerk-face.”

“He is not!” Natasha protested. “He’s just…a little entitled and misunderstood. Just how I like ‘em,” the redhead smirked, returning her gaze to the tv screen.

“Seriously? Logan? The Life and Death Brigade, are you kidding me? Ridiculously lavish parties in the woods with formal wear, death-defying stunts, and games where you can’t use the letter “E” in conversation? Yeah, not at all pretentious,” you fired back sarcastically, throwing a handful of popcorn in her direction.

“Oh, right, like you haven’t used the term ‘misunderstood’ to describe a certain well-read, possibly criminal, runaway bad boy who crashes cars,” she replied, cocking an eyebrow.

You gasped in horror. “How dare you speak ill of my Jess! He was her match intellectually and in pop culture references, plus with their love for music and books, it’s no secret that they belong together. He was just immature but he grew up really well,” you smiled before biting your lip with thoughts of the older brunet bad boy, trying not to spoil it.

“Hey, now! No need to fight,” Wanda spoke up, acting as the peacemaker. “Besides, we all know Rory belongs with Dean. Obviously.”

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(A/N): I’ve been listening to Postmodern Jukebox and I was inspired by their songs. I wrote it this morning and now, after I stopped thinking about some bad things, I was able to post this story. Enjoy! :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

Summary: Tony made (Y/N) sing at his vintage party even when she hates his parties. 

Warning: fluff

Words: 4200+


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               “(Y/N)?” Tony appeared next to the woman who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, reading her favorite book – Anna Karenina. She was alone only for five minutes when someone-Tony-had to come to the kitchen and ruin the moment she had with the book. For the last four hours, somebody wanted something from her. She didn’t look at him, trying to ignore the man. “I know I’m annoying but I want to talk about the party I’m organizing this Friday evening,” he put an angelic smile on his face. “I know you love my parties and I know you are going to love the idea that popped into my head and that is why I know you will definitely come to the party.”

               She took a deep breath and lowered the book, giving him a look of pure annoyance. “Fine, talk, you have two minutes, not more,” she quickly checked the time on her wrist. The truth was, she hated Tony’s parties. They were loud with music that wasn’t her cup of tea; there were always a lot of people that made her uncomfortable. Wearing a slutty dress wasn’t something she appreciated and she definitely didn’t want men’s attention. Her only wish was to have one man’s attention but clearly, that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

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What they want: all the Avengers, mutant adult female, “Bucky if you don’t give me that back right now I will tell everyone about Bucky Bear.”

It was relaxing day for the Avenger, Fury had given them all a few weeks off to relax and just bond.
Wanda and Vision sat on a small love seat chair happily chatting away with each other about new ideas for their date they been wanting to go on. Sam was arguing with Bucky beside Steve who was trying to figure out why he was always in the middle of arguments with them two. Bruce was being annoyed by Tony who wouldn’t stop bugging him about his ‘little promblem’ he’s been wanting to see if he could make the ‘big man’ come out by simply annoying him but Bruce simply ignored him drinking his tea and reading a science book on the galaxy. Pietro was just speeding around the room which annoyed Natsha to the point were the red headed assassin thought about shooting him in the leg. Thor wasn’t there because he was with Jane in Asgard. While’s Clint sat on the playing around with his drum sticks.
Bucky who had decided to leave the petty argument with Sam came over and sat down by the (h/c) haired member who had recently joined over 2 months ago.
Why she was there?
Well you see (y/n) had a gift or mutation is what most would call it she could shot blue power balls of energy out of her hands and electrocute you. Her powers were siminaler to Wanda’s yet different. Bucky decided to be a annoying little shit and changed ths channel on what the (e/c) eyed beauty was watching, her head snapped in his direction “Turn back” Bucky simply smirked and ignored her comment. “Turn back now Bucky in warning you.” She threatened, Bucky turned forward her and smirked “Or what.”
The (h/c) haired female took out her phone and unlocked it going toward her photo album and clicked on a certain picture of Bucky sleeping. She leaned over and whispered in the ex winter soldiers ear ““Bucky if you don’t give me that back right now I will tell everyone about Bucky Bear.”
Bucky never moved any faster in his life than at that very moment he turned back to her show throwing the remote back into her lap and walked off.

Vision, like the flower child that he is, found gardening to be his new hobby! He loves seeing the plants grow, the flowers bloom and getting his hands a little dirty. Although he may have gotten a little too dirty today and let’s just say Wanda wasn’t too thrilled about that…

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Kiss prompt: Winterwitch, 18

18. kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap + 11. when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more (requested by @saranghae-pjackson​) (kiss meme)

He doesn’t want to hurt her. Fuck, of course he doesn’t.

The thing is, he can’t control himself around her. She’s got those big, bright eyes that draw him in, and all that silky hair that he needs to run his fingers through, and those soft lips with a taste that drives him crazy. And god, those little noises she makes when he’s kissing her? They make his mind hazy and his skin tingle and his heart hammer in chest, and her fingers are slim and dainty as she scrapes her nails at him, clawing at his clothes to tug him closer and whine his name, telling him how good it feels, that she needs more.

Kind of hard to not get lost in that.

But that’s why he shouldn’t, he can’t. He can’t let go completely, not when it’s so easy for him to lose his grip on himself and his control.

She’s not this porcelain doll (though fuck, she sure as hell looks like one). He knows she can handle herself, can probably toss him off of her without so much as touching him if she needed to. But he doesn’t want it to get to that point. He hasn’t had an episode in a long while, and honestly? He doesn’t think it’s going to happen now, and he’s certain it’s not going to happen because of Wanda.

She makes him feel sane, makes him feel calm in a way he didn’t think was possible anymore. She makes him feel in control. Makes him feel like himself.

That’s why he’s able to let his guard down – completely down – with her, and that’s why he’s terrified that doing so is going to put her at risk. That he’ll be too caught up in her and her touch and her scent to reign back when he needs to.

“James,” she whispers, bringing his thoughts back into focus as he looks down at her as she’s laying underneath him, her lips a little puffed from his nipping and her hair fanned out over his pillows. Fuck, she’s beautiful. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He shakes his head, mustering a chuckle. “Nothing, sorry.”

He leans down for another kiss, and she hums into it, kisses him back, but she must still sense that something is off because she pulls away a moment later. “I’m sorry,” she breathes, forehead wrinkling as she peers up at him, “are you sure–” He cuts her off with another kiss, because he can’t stand seeing those big, bright eyes so full of concern and worry. He teases his tongue against hers, grips her hip with his hand.

And then yanks away from her entirely when she lets out a whimper. She blinks quickly, almost dazed as she stares up at him. It would be more adorable to him if his heart wasn’t pounding in his chest, a chill shooting through his veins.

He swallows, murmurs, “sorry.”

“James, you’re not going to hurt me,” she tells him, voice soft, and that’s all it takes for him to feel a little less terrified.

He nods. He knows this. He thinks he knows this.

“James.” She presses her hands to his chest, which is what she does when she wants to get up, so he rolls off of her and sort of flops onto the bed.

He lets out a breath and closes his eyes, and that’s why it startles him when a weight presses over him, and his hands instantly reach out to steady her as Wanda straddles his hips. She has this little smile on her face as she braces her hands against his chest, leaning in to brush a kiss against the corner of his mouth. She grasps his wrists in her hands and brings them up and over his head, pinning them to the headboard.

“This way, you definitely can’t hurt me.”

He groans. “You have the best ideas, doll,” he tells her, and she giggles as she slants her lips over his again.

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Fandom: Marvel (The Avengers)

Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader (Platonic)

Prompts: 6. “I don’t have anyone.” and 7. “You have me.”

Ever since Pietro’s death, Wanda had secluded herself from the other Avengers. You knew that it was because she was grieving, but you were extremely worried about her. You always tried to persuade her to join you and the others, but she never really wanted to . 

You were her best friend, so if anyone could get through to her it was you, which was why you tried so much. The others had decided to order pizza and have a movie night, so you had decided to see if Wanda wanted to join. 

You just walked into her room, knowing that she wouldn’t mind considering that it was you.

“Wanda we are ordering pizza and going to have a movie night, do you want to join us?” You asked.

“No thanks.” She said not even looking at you.

“Come on. I know you’re still grieving but you don’t need to seclude yourself, we are all here for you.” 

You don’t understand. Pietro was the only one who was truly there for me.”

“What about me? We’ve been best friends for years Wanda, I was there for you too. I know Pietro was your brother, but you don’t have to push me away.”

“I’m sorry. You’re right. You were there for me. It’s just since I’ve lost Pietro I feel like I don’t have anyone.”

“Well you don’t need to worry about that, because you have me. You have all of us. Now how about you come and have some pizza, and watch some movies. Pietro wouldn’t want you to be like this.”

“Ok, and thank you Y/N. I love you.” Wanda said hugging you.

“I love you too.” You said hugging her back.

Dick Grayson is Rromani. Making him into a genocidal fascist is not only an insult to his character but to the Rroma. This is in no way acceptable. It is antiziganist and incredibly disrespectful on so many levels.

He is one of, if not the most, iconic Rromani characters and him being made a fascist follows the decision by marvel to have Wanda Maximoff, a rromani woman, join hydra, a nazi organization. These are blatantly antiziganist and follow a dangerous trend in recent media that threatens the safety of minorities. We are being demonized and being made to be the perpetrators of fascism, of genocide, of Nazism. I have had enough and it is time the creators knew this. Fascism is not a joke, a simple plot device. It is what leads to genocide. To the deaths of millions and it is not to be taken lightly. These stories, arcs, whatever you want to call them, are normalizing fascism. This is incredibly dangerous and dc and marvel need to hear this message.

if you are gadje please reblog this. The Rroma will not stand for this. Neither should you.


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Tom Holland is officially now the greatest Spiderman of Spiderman’s in my book.

View Tom Holland’s lip synce performacne here