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The Best Way to Heal

Wanda Maximoff x Reader x Natasha Romanoff

Requested by anon

Request: Hi! If possible, could you do a Wanda x reader x Natasha (polyamorous) oneshot with the reader coming home injured from a bad mission? Lots of fluff?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, they belong to Marvel.

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks and I’m sorry if it doesn’t make any sense. I used google translate so I’m sorry if it’s incorrect. 

krasivaya = beautiful

printsessa = princess

lyublyu = love

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“Shit.” You whispered as hydra agents started to surround you. “Shit shit shit.”

You were currently on a mission with Pietro and Clint. You had to get into the hydra base and get the information you needed. But just as you were about to get it, you got surrounded. 

You find some cover as the agents start shooting at you. You start shooting back, you start taking them out one by one. You had to start fighting some of the agents in hand to hand combat. As you were fighting, you didn’t see another agent come up behind you with a knife.

You gasp as the agent stabs your side a few times. You quickly turn around and take the agent out. You get back behind cover. You placed your hand over the stab wounds to try and stop the bleeding. “I could use some help guys.” You say to Clint and Pietro through comms. 

Suddenly you feel a gust of wind and Pietro was by your side. “Get the jet ready, old man.” He says to Clint over the comms. He carefully picks you up and speeds off back the the jet where Clint was waiting for you. 

Pietro sets you done carefully. “You‘ll be ok (Y/N).“ Clint starts the jet and takes off.

“I know, it just hurts like hell.” You move a little bit to get comfortable. You look down at your side, you had to stop the bleeding as best as you could. Just until you got back to the Avengers compound.

You looked at Pietro and he seemed to know what you needed. He went and grabbed some towels and other supplies you might need. “Thanks Pietro.“ You gave him a small smile as you placed a towel over your wounds and put pressure on them.

“You know Natasha and Wanda are going to flip when we get back right?” Clint says from the front of the jet.

You knew he was right, your girlfriends are going to flip. But you know that they only do because they don’t want to lose you and that they love you. 


When Clint landed the jet at the Avengers compound, Natasha was the first to push Clint out of the way, Wanda not far behind her. Natasha ran to you and cupped your face. 

“FRIDAY told us that you were on your way back but that you were injured. What happened, lyublyu?” Natasha asked.

After you told her what had happened, you move to try and stand but Natasha wrapped an arm around you. “I’m fine, Nat.” You sigh. Wanda wraps an arm around your waist.

“Yea you’re totally fine. It’s not like you don’t have any stab wounds or anything.” Nat says sarcastically. But you could tell that she was worried about you and so was Wanda.

Your girlfriends help you out of the jet. They both help you to the floor that you shared with your girlfriends. Wanda brings you into the bedroom, she picks out some pajamas for you. She takes you into the bathroom where Natasha was getting the fist aid kit. 

Natasha helps you sit on the counter, she then slowly lifted up you shirt. When she saw the towel you had over your wounds was soaked in blood her eyes widened. She carefully removed the towel and started to clean your wounds.

“(Y/N), You’re going to need stitches, babe.” Natasha tells you. You just nod, this isn’t the first time that you had to get stitches.

Wanda linked her fingers with yours, every time you winced you would squeeze her hand. “You have to be more careful, printsessa.”

“I know,” You let out a sigh of relief when Natasha finally finished cleaning and stitching up your stab wounds. “I know, love.” 

“We just don’t like seeing you hurt, krasivaya.” Natasha said, she gave you a kiss before she put the fist aid kit away. 

Wanda gave you a quick kiss as you slowly got off the counter. Both Wanda and Natasha helped you get changed into the pajamas that Wanda had picked out.

Once you were changed they both were by you side as they helped you into the bedroom. When you got over to the bed they gently sat you down on the bed and helped you lay down. 

Wanda got in bed next to you and she gently wrapped her arms around you. She was being very careful not to hurt you anymore than you already were. Natasha got into bed also, you were now in between the two women that you loved. Natasha carefully wrapped her arms around you. You rest your head on her chest. Wanda slowly started to run her fingers through your hair.

“While your wounds are healing, you are taking things easy. Whatever you need, Wanda and I will get it for you.” Natasha tells you.


“Natasha is right.” Wanda says. “You need to take things easy and rest so your wounds can heal.” She continues to run her fingers through your hair.

You let out a sigh. “Alright, I’ll take things easy.” You knew they were right.  

“Good.” Natasha kisses your temple. “Now try and get some sleep, sweetheart. We’ll be here when you wake up.” You nod and snuggle into your girlfriends arms. 

You began to fall asleep when you felt both Nat and Wanda place kisses on your forehead. “Sweet dreams, printsessa. We love you.” You heard Wanda say. 

You were about to tell them that you loved them too but you fell asleep. Once you wake up you’ll make sure to tell them how much you love them.

Of Jealousy and Lust

Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x fem!Reader, Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader (implied)

Word Count: 1440

Warnings: Mentions of alcoholism at some point

Request by anon: Could you do something where the Reader and Wanda are in a ‘Friends with Benefits’ kind of relationship and Wanda develops feelings for the Reader? And then she gets really jealous and self conscious because the Reader spends so much time with Natasha? And make it fluff at the end? You can ignore the request if you don’t feel like writing it tho. I still love your writing 😘💕

Summary: Because ´Friends with Benefits´ hardly ever remains as just such.

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You hate long drawn silences.

There’s a reason for why you keep walking around with music blasting in your ears, keeps you from thinking too much about whatever it is that’s screwing the world over right about now.

She hates them too.  

And there’s a reason for why she drinks every time the silence comes on too strong, keeps her from mulling over all the memories she’d rather she didn’t have.

There’s a reason for everything- she tells herself as she watches you from across the room- so why isn’t there one for her sudden jealousy?

You never aimed for the ‘Friends with Benefits’ kind of relationship with Wanda, it just happened.

Exhausted and drunk as you were the first time that it did happen, you still clearly remember her pupils dilating and her lips smashing against yours, blissfully ignorant to the foul mixture of cigarette smoke and whiskey that was slowly imprinting in her sweater.

The rest? A mess of blurred images and breathy moans.

The morning after? An uncomfortable shuffle of feet and a breathy laugh from you, as she tried to make sense of the knocked over lamp and her bra hanging loosely on the knob of her bathroom door by a friction of its strap.

You settled for the mutual agreement for the benefit of you both, simply because screwing around was easier than fishing your keys out of your pocket and unlocking the door while floor, said door and everything-fucking-else were playing tricks on you in your intoxicated state of mind, and by far more pleasant than lying curled up in bed, aping emotions and grieving over a person long since lost.

You agreed to it because you both needed an outlet for all the pain and suffering.

And while you didn’t seem have much trouble keeping yourself from getting emotionally invested in the strange relationship between the two of you, Wanda was a different story all together.

The first time that she feels it, she’s sitting staring at you from across the breakfast table, watching you laugh at something Natasha said.

She doesn’t even need to hear what it was to decide that it was most definitely something incredibly lame, startling herself and the still sleepy Clint when she clenched the mug of coffee in her hands hard enough to crack the porcelain at the dull conclusion.

She realizes somewhat around the time Steve sends her a concerned look that you aren’t exactly hers to begin with, and that Natasha- lame jokes and all- is still closer to you than she’ll ever be.

The next wave hits her unexpectedly in the middle of an undercover mission.

You’re dressed up and smiling, easily pressing your figure into Natasha’s as she presses her lips to your neck to distract the target from Bucky’s wandering hand as it slips into his pocket to retrieve a flash drive.

She wants to hiss at her then, wants to rip you from her body and press you into her own.

She wants to- she really does- but when she sees you twist around to give Natasha a lingering, loving kiss, all she suddenly wants to do is disappear.

The way Natasha beams at you when you part is sickening, even more so the way she grins as she pulls you into her lap at the celebration party and promptly decides to share her meal with you.

And right then Wanda doesn’t need Steve’s worried gaze on her to know that she’s glaring all sorts of daggers at the redhead, she doesn’t need it simply because in this one instant her inner turmoil makes way for a far stronger force that consumes her entire being, seeping into her veins and crawling up her throat.

It isn’t hatred, though it feels startlingly close. No, this ugly, cloying thing is unfamiliar to her as it is shattering-

It’s envy.

The weight of it so thick and acrid she feels like she might choke on it, feeling her eyes sting with unshed tears as the alcohol begins to take its toll on her.

Even her exhausted eyes can pick up the breadth of history between the two of you- the countless adventures shared written all over your body in scars that she took great care in memorizing in the rare handful of instances that you fell asleep before her.

Jagged marks all down your front, some but tiny nicks, barely bigger than a dime, while the biggest is the size of her fist.

A few scrapes and grazes from bullets that didn’t quite kill you, but still hurt like a bitch and a particularly nasty collection all across your forearms from where you leaped between two buildings in Budapest, and just so managed to cross your arms before you broke the window with your face, and more small ones all over your back from when a bomb Sam set went off too early and the glass ceiling shattered all over you and the hostages.

You don’t mind them though, having long since found solace in the fact that Natasha has them too and if Wanda didn’t have a reason to hate the ex-assassin before she came to realize that, then she surely had one now.

She remembers Tony once jokingly saying that that’s what makes you and Natasha perfect for each other, the fact that you both had brushes with death from the same bastards, and if that doesn’t bring people together, what will, just as she downs another shot of whatever the bartender was pouring.

And right then she feels even worse.

Because she lacks the scars that remind you of sleepless nights and breathless laughter and running and hiding and pain.

She hardly has anything to talk with you about, hardly anything but the same old stories that you must know by heart by now.

And if she didn’t want to cry before she realized that, then she surely wanted to right now.

Because your head is resting on the redhead’s shoulder as she lazily clasps her hands around your waist, while silently judging the people loitering about.

Because you seem so perfectly content with the display of affection and Wanda- even with all the alcohol in her system- simply cannot work up the courage to go up and talk to you.

So, she does the only logical thing that comes to mind and leaves, hastily pushing past the partying people on her way to the elevator where she slumps against the wall and sighs, because she isn’t Natasha and the bitter taste of jealousy is something she’s long since grown tired of.

“You’re doing it again”

Steve mutters softly, stirring at his coffee absently while he watches Wanda with his gentle pools of blue.

“I know”

She doesn’t even bother to turn her gaze away from where you sit with Bucky and Natasha, laughing at something from your shared pasts.

“Maybe you should just tell [Y/N]”

Steve’s voice doesn’t stray far from its usual soft tone, although it grows slightly more demanding in nature.

“[Y/N] may be oblivious sometimes, but she’s not completely dense either. And”

He takes her silence as a sign to continue, filling it with the words that have been stuck in the back of his mind since the day he caught you staring at Wanda with something akin dangerously close to genuine fondness and longing.

“neither am I. I see the way she watches you.”

“She looks at me like everyone else does”

She sighs into her own mug as she takes a gulp

“[Y/N] is many things, but she’s not shallow.”

He sounds offended on your behalf, his way of protecting you just like you protected him, and Wanda does her damnest not to hope, because she has seen what it has done to others.

“I know”

The admission makes Steve smile and reach out over the top of the table to give Wanda’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

“If nothing else, you’ll get it off your chest.”

“I know that too.”

She realizes just how tired she sounds right then, when he sends her another gentle smile.

“Then you’ve got nothing to lose, do you?”

He nudges her leg and watches bemusedly as she shuffles to her feet, slowly walking over to you with grace and elegance that she probably won’t ever realize she has.

She clears her throat once she is close enough, drawing your attention away from whatever story Bucky was telling.

You send her a smile

“[Y/N], I need to tell you something”

And surely there must be a reason for why Natasha’s eyes flare up knowingly, while Bucky struggles to contain his excited grin.



See her | Part 1

Summary: Y/n went to Hydra with her siblings for experimentation, hoping to gain powers and then take down the Avengers, but when she got her powers, she was separated from her siblings. They were told their older sister died, so they wouldn’t try to find her. Y/n’s powers were special and Hydra wanted to make her the new fist of Hydra.

Word count: 900+

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: I think it’s just my bad writing.

A/N: This just came to my mind and well… :D The reader is younger than Bucky(when he was first brainwashed), but older than Wanda and Pietro, which is probably something like 23 - 26? Idk.

GIF’s not mine!

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A Bump in the Road: Chapter 4

Summary:  Your life is perfect. It’s everything you want it to be and more… until a series of events makes it crumble around you. However, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes from an unexpected source.

You start your new job the Avengers compound. It’s a fresh start for you, with a surprise in store.

Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader

Warnings: Swearing (as always)

Word Count: ~2,054

A/N: @just-some-drabbles This is for JSD’s Rom-Com challenge.

Fluff. Yes, that’s right, folks. Fluff.

Masterlist // Previous Chapter // Next Chapter (Coming Soon)

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“You’ll see her again,” Steve said confidently.

Bucky scoffed, rolling his eyes at Steve. “And how do you know that?” he asked, obviously not believing a word Steve said.

Steve smiled broadly, nudging Bucky’s knee with his foot. “Call it a hunch.”

Your POV

Move In Day, Early in the Morning.

“Holy crap, this place is amazing,” Karen mumbled, leaning over the steering wheel to gaze slack-jawed at the buildings through her windshield.

“Agreed,” you mumbled, eyes as wide as saucers as you watched a quinjet take off. You tore your gaze off of the shining buildings to read the email they’d sent. “According to the guard at the gate and the map they sent me, the living quarters should be… to the right,” you said, looking up and pointing right at the fork in the road.

“Man, I’m so going to get lost on the way out of here,” Karen lamented as she studied the layout of the grounds.

You snorted. “You could always ask The Vision for help. I bet he’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.”

“Oh no. That’s so not happening. I’m not asking Magenta Cyborg for directions,” she said, laughing at the very thought.

You tilted your head to the side. “I think he’s an android, technically,” you teased, grinning broadly.

“Doesn’t matter. Still not asking him for directions,” Karen said dismissively, rolling her eyes at you.

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Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning unite with Hollywood’s leading ladies at Through Her Lens event in New York amid Weinstein scandal

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A Series Of Coincidences

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A Series of Coincidences

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Blurbish thing XD

Requested: No

Genre/warnings: Fluffy, adorable

A/N: I’ve been really inactive so I tried to write something. (pls follow my Twitter (linked) I’m not desperate I swear)

Request Part Two

By @lil-spidey // @wandawitch // @love-wyatt (my three main blogs)

Y/N Y/L/N was nothing special.  At least to herself.

She specialized in guns, but with having Nat on the team wasn’t the most impressive.  The one thing she could do well was make make Wanda Maximoff blush.

And it was a pretty common thing to see Wanda blushing because of Y/N.

Steve and Tony had decided a ling while ago to take matters into their own hands when it came to getting Wanda and Y/N together.  They had decided to make a series of ‘coincidental’ meetings between the two. For example:

I walked into the bathroom, dressed in a robe with a white fluffy towel tossed over my shoulder.  The room was already steamy and I assumed that someone had just been in here.  90′s music was playing through the intercom and I allowed myself to relax.  

I walked over to the showers and set down the towel.  As I began to untie my robe I heard someone squeak from behind me.  I whipped around to see Wanda standing there, clutching her robe in front of her body.

In that moment we both blushed a million different shades of red.

“Oh my god! Wanda I’m so sorry!”  I covered my eyes and turned to grab my things trying to blindly make my way out of the room.

“It’s fine Y/N,”  She said, her accent thick.  I peeked through my hand to see she had tied the towel around her.  I sighed and brushed my hair behind my ear. 

“I’ll leave, see you later!”  Wanda smiled and walked out of the bathroom.  

I let out a sigh and slid down the wall to floor burying my face in my hands.

“That was so- oh my god,”  I stood and walked into the shower.

Steve and Tony laughed at the two girls faces when they met later outside the hallway.  Tony grabbed Steve’s arm and they ran around a corner and burst out into hysterics.

“That was BRILLIANT!”

Only You

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “If your down to write about Bucky being angry jealous I’d love to read that ! Lol I enjoy love triangles and jealousy 💋” - @keepcalm-and-beyou
Word Count: 1068

“Booyah!” You yelled out in victory as you scored the winning shot of beer pong. You were high-fived by countless people as you walked away to the empty balcony. You leaned on the barrier and sighed.

The cool air brushing over your skin felt relaxing. You started to unwind from the intense party.

“Nice win” Sam congratulated you. You jumped from fright.

“Thanks” You chuckled. Sam laughed and entwined his hands with yours, making your heart race. You looked at him and saw him smiling.

“Why don’t we get out of here?” He said slyly. You giggled at his question. The booze was making its way to your head. You considered him a friend and not really more than that. You almost agreed to go with him but something held you back. 

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It’s Fate

Request: Wanda x Reader: the reader is fated by the gods to sacrifice her own life in order to save the world and Wanda wants to change the reader’s fate because she has feelings for the reader.

A/N: outfit here // also I made this really sad I’m sorry! But it’s the mood I had while writing this! Also you speak Romanian in this. Sorry if it sucks!

dragă = Dear
prinţesă = princess
totdeauna și întotdeauna = forever and always

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Wanda Headcanons for after AOU

Wanda doesnt talk to anyone after Sokovia except Clint. He expected her to lash out and be angry but instead if shes not hiding away in the room she was given she is sitting next to him whispering in his ear. He is the first to notice that Wanda constantly looks to the side or that her hand is constantly reaching for someone elses. He tries to distract her when that happens. He takes her to the farm hoping it will help, he witnesses the first time Wanda smiles after everything that had happened.

Wanda loves to color things in but hates to draw, after pietro died Steve drew her a photo of him and a photo of Sokovia to keep in her room so she would feel at least slightly at home. She makes copies and colors them in, but keeps the originals in a drawer. Its the first gift she had gotten from anyone besides Pietro in almost 10 years.She joins him and Sam on their movie marathons having not seen many herself. Steve and Sam decide to watch one of their favorite films but in Sokovian with English Subtitles. Wanda simply says “thank you” once its over but the look on her face was enough for them. She talks to them more regularly after.

Tony and Wanda didnt see eachother for a while after she moved in, he avoided the compound all together as he wanted her to grieve without feeling uncomfortable When he did come back he had found a reasturant that served food similar to Sokovian, and brought tons of it home as a “sorry, can we please talk now” gift. Everyone sits as Wanda explains what everything is, what her favorites are and what her familys favorites were. She asks Tony if they can talk somewhere privately. Shes silent as he explains the whole Stane situation and how sorry he is. Naturally Sokovia never got wind of anything that had happened and naturally put the blame on Tony as he was the figurehead of the company. She knows what she did was wrong as none of it was her fault, she explains everything from her first protest to joining what she belived was Shield to messing with his mind.A light peace was created then, neither will ever be the others best friend. Due to wanda bringing forth demons in Tonys head and Tony being a figure of Wandas nightmares for years, but they will help one another out when needed and be sociable and thats the most anyone can ask. They do small things for eachother however, When ever Wanda cooks, she will make a plate for Tony and leave it by his labs door if hes home. If he is out or traveling and sees something that makes him think of her, he will get it, no matter how stupid it is, and leave it by her bedroom door. She put most on a shelf but the small blue bunny he saw in the window of a toy store, lives on her bed. She found out his favorite food from friday after that to thank him.

Vision and Wanda are paired together for almost everything, everyone else had a partner, they were new. She harbors a slight anger towards him for saving her, she and Pietro were born together, they should die together also. She soons gets over it. She doesnt know much about America and its pop culture, so she and vision spend hours researching everything they can. Vision doesnt understand wandas enjoyment of Youtube or annoyence of the Kardashians but he likes how it makes her happy so he watches it with her.

Nat makes tea for Wanda almost daily. The first day Wanda notices it outside her door she assumes its from Clint. After tasting it, she knows its not. Natasha knows what its like being alone and having no one. She also knows what its like being given a second chance. She hopes that a slight taste of home every day will help. After a while, the two of them will sit in the living room together drinking their tea, they dont talk much, they just enjoy each others company and they perfer it that way.

Thor and Wanda only know eachother for a short while, they are never given the time to truely talk or learn about eachother. They both harbor a mutual respect for eachother though and she tries to learn more about him from his files. She figures out how to make homemade poptarts for when he comes back.

Rhodey has heard what Wanda has done and is naturally hesitant to be near her. After her and Tonys conversation, he starts to talk to her. Mostly just a “good morning” or “nice work”. As He and Sam become closer, he is near Wanda more. He never talks to her alone but that original hesitance is gone.

So, remember a while back I said that I might sort out a Maximoffs Fic Challenge thing on AO3 for all who want in? I’ll probably be trying to set that up for this week to come. 

Basic rules include

  1. Any version of either Maximoff twin is permitted (comics, cartoons, MCU. You can do AUs and Crossovers, to an extent, detailed rules on this will be included in the actual AO3 Challenge page).
  2. No bashing of any characters
    1. To expand: you can write a character as being dark, morally grey, as making dodgy decisions, you can have a character think awfully of another, or even have a character as the villain of the piece… but no outright bashing of any characters.
    2. No Wanda or Pietro bashing. I know I don’t have to worry about this from the tag members, but I also know there are plenty of Stark Stans who might want in just to be bastards.
  3. Minimum of 1k of fic to be written per prompt taken.
  4. No maximum for fic length - if you end up wanting to write ~40k of fic, you are a-ok.

What it’ll probably be is people can anonymously prompt up to three ideas for fic and then people can claim up to three ideas to write. Once everyone’s done those, any prompts left over will become part of a prompt roundup where people can pick a prompt and write a minimum of 500 words for it.

If anyone has anything that they want to add in or suggest now, feel free.