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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A/B/O Series

A/N: HEY GUYS! I literally forgot that I made this a month ago but never posted it haha! :D I’ve always been a sucker for a/b/o fics and I wanted to shake things up a bit. (: pls excuse any misspellings as I get too excited when I wrote this lol. ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Delta: Reader is a rare being in the a/b/o cycle and finds herself along side the Avengers. She manages to hide her true nature successfully until she catches the eye of a certain blue eyed super soldier.

Warnings: minor character death. Soon to be smut!!

Your life consisted of abnormal circumstances.

Your parents were both very well respected alphas in your small town. They courted each other for a couple years before having your older brother, who of course, turned out to be an alpha as well. So naturally, when your mother became pregnant with you everyone assumed you would be as well. In fact, at the baby shower they refused to receive any traditional beta or omega feeding supplies.

But whenever your mother went into labor one January night instead of the usual summer morning like alphas were, it threw everyone off guard.They didn’t stress it, though. Maybe it was just nothing more than a false alarm. Nothing unusual, right? Wrong.

After fifteen long hours of labor, you were born, but were weren’t an alpha or a beta. Not even an omega.

Somehow, you were a delta.

There weren’t many left in the United States, looking on Google there had to be at least 2,000 in the entire country. And that was for a rather scary reason.

Deltas were the rare flower of the alpha/beta/omega cycle. They were a bit different than the others. The heats were on a whole other spectrum of complication. For starters, you would exactly experience a heat. It was your body’s natural way of finding a suitable partner. Meaning, until you came across an exceptional alpha, your body would put itself on hold. The downside was that when it would happen someday, if not taken care of correctly, you could die. It was extreme, yes, but you always figured that Mother Nature just had it out for you.

The next thing was mating and bonding. If you were to want to settle down, not only would your significant other have to be an alpha, they’d have to be very experienced. Mating was one thing, but it took a special someone to actually bond. You couldn’t just settle for a beta like some others did, which sucked.

But you highly doubted that would ever happen.

You lived a highly sheltered life growing up. Instead of going out and experiencing adolescence, you were kept inside for your own safety. That was, until your parents passed away in a car crash shortly after your eighteenth birthday. Fortunately, you and your brother inherited a fair share of money and you parted ways.

Which is how you ended up in New York City.

You had enough funds to find you a nice, small apartment in a well lit area and just enough for college. You even found a doctor that specializes with delta’s and got yourself some suppressants. You were officially passing yourself off as an omega, which gave you an excellent sense of security.

Life was going great.

Until one day it wasn’t.


You were leaving class one afternoon, carrying the many blueprints in your arms as you carefully placed each foot in front of the other. You hated the steps outside NYU, as they got super slippery during the rainy seasons. You carefully placed each step with precaution, until suddenly your foot slipped from the step, sending you flying onto your face in the middle of the crowded students. Per usual.

With a cry, you hastily gathered up the many tangled blueprints that scattered across the ground. You spent three sleepless nights on these! There was no way you’d let people walk all over them. But before you could reach the last one, you were stopped by a pair of black heels blocking your way. The mysterious woman bent down and picked up one of your papers and smoothed it out on her skirt. You watched as she held the blueprint up, blocking your view of her face. Great! Now you’d be a victim of plagiarism.

“Excuse me,” you say harshly, reaching upwards for the blueprint. “That’s mine!”

“I kind of guessed that, kid.” She replied with a small laugh. Wait, you could’ve swore you’ve heard that voice before. But for the life of god, you couldn’t pinpoint it.

“Did you come up with these on your own?” she asks, turning the page over.

“Well…yeah.” you scoff, standing to your feet. You reached forward to grab the paper again, only to be met with a very impressed redheaded woman, one you’ve pretty much seen your entire life. Your mouth practically hit the floor. The rest of the blueprints in your hand slipped from your grasp and pooled around your feet.

“P-Pepper Potts!”

Pepper smiled down at you, cocking her head to the side. She eyed you up and down, sizing you up. You suddenly felt so self conscious under her gaze. Pepper was an unusually dominant beta, as you could tell by the way she carried herself. Somehow, it also gave off the motherly vibe.

“That’s my name. And you are?”

“Y/N,” you say. “Y/N Y/L/N.” You watched as she leaned in and inhaled deeply, her eyes dilating slightly. You felt yourself growing nervous. There’s no way she could’ve known you were a delta. Dr. Strange made sure you had the highest dosage on the market. Surely a random beta wouldn’t pick up on it.

“Well, Y/N,” she says, pulling out a tablet and tapping on it rapidly. You try to sneak a peek at it, only to have her hold it back further from you. You only felt yourself growing more nervous. Before you could open your mouth to ask what in the world was going on, Pepper beat you to it.

“How do you feel about working for Tony Stark?”

-FIN ❤

(Part 2 will be here soon as heck you guys!)


Pairings: T’Challa x F!Reader, Tony x Science


hi can you write something that the reader is watching harry potter WITH tchalla in secret and EVERYONE finds out and ship it - and then tchalla confess his love for her in a harry potter way like “muggle in the streets but a wizard in the sheets” PLEASE, I LOVE YOU i know that is a little cliché BUT t'challa is everything to me meow 😻 BYE 😺 

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has invited Y/N.

Bucky: Tell Thor to hand over Mjolnir!

Sam has joined the chat.


Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: Lady Y/N, please save me from these men!

Bucky: GIVE IT


Thor: Absolutely not!

Bucky: Scared I might actually be worthy? Maybe I can lift Mjolnir. Since my hand is no longer organic, maybe the elevator rule applies to me.

Sam: Damn, I’ve never thought about that.

Thor: That is nonsense!

Sam: Can I have your cape now?

Thor: Why do you want it?!

Sam: it is warm, i am cold.

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Wishing I was waking up to Pietro between my legs

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You jolted awake at the sudden pressure you felt at your clit. You moaned, shutting your eyes and arching your back. Your hands scrunched at the sheets beside you, your stomach contracting and releasing with your small pants. You groaned as his tongue continuously rolled over your clit, causing your hips to rise to gain more pressure. You felt a strong arm crawl across your stomach, pushing you down. You sighed in frustration, wanting more contact and pressure. You felt his tongue glide slowly down between your folds, before moving back up, avoiding your most sensitive part on purpose. You turned your head to the side, eyebrows furrowing in more frustration. You didn’t expect to wake up like this, but you definitely weren’t complaining. 

“Pietro..” You whined, moving your hands under the covers to blindly grab a hold of his bed hair. He moaned into your core as a response, causing you to tug on his hair. He moved the arm that was holding you down to use his long fingers to delicately part your folds wider, allowing him more access to you. You felt him press his tongue firmly down on you, swirling it faster than before. He moved it in a figure eight motion, moving his head up and down to gather all the juices that you had to offer. You lifted your hips slightly more, silently begging for his tongue on where you needed it more. He proceeded to move his head up, increasing his speed and changing the pattern of his tongue when he got to your clit. The pressure he applied with his tongue got harder and he sucked faster. The sudden change of pace caused your eyes to roll back, gasping and moving your hips against his, enjoying the sensation. You started to feel warmth fill the bottom of your stomach, while some sweat gathered at your forehead. You felt his stubble scratch lightly at your inner thighs. Any other time you it would tickle you, but right now it was turning you on beyond belief.Your legs tightened slightly around his head, making his arms move down to spread your legs wider. Your breaths and pants became shallower and shallower, as your moans became louder. You felt the covers move off your body, Pietro’s head between your legs coming into view. You knew he knew you were close because he loved seeing you come undone. Pietro eyes stayed glued to yours, the intense gaze bringing you closer to the edge. His eyes looked down, concentrating his tongue on your clit, moving it even faster to increase the sensation. His relentless lapping at your core caused you to throw your head back upon the pillows and pant harder from the sensation. Your fingers pulled on his head before you came undone. He continued to suck and lap his tongue, collecting everything you had to offer. You let go of his hair, legs relaxing as you tried to even out your breathing.  You smiled at him, almost becoming turned on at the sheer gleam he had over his mouth and some on his stubble.

“Morning princezná. How did you sleep?” 



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You and Wanda had decided to go to a nice cafe for your first date. You two were laughing and having a good time when you stopped abruptly.

“[Y/N] what’s wrong?” Wanda asked frowning.

“Is that… is that Steve?” You said pointing to a man sitting behind you. He was wearing a baseball cap and glasses.

“Dear lord I think it is” Wanda sighed “wait just a second. Is that Tony?”.
Sure enough when you turned around you saw Tony pretending to read a news paper. They were spying on you!

“We see you guys!” You announced. Some people looked at you funny but it was obvious Steve and Tony got the point.


Imagine having cosmic powers, being able to create Nebulae and tiny stars with just your imagination.

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You were always grateful the Avengers made you seem almost normal. In fact, they were often transfixed, watching you weave stars and nebulae with just your hands and mind. There were several times where half the team would just stare at your moving hands for what felt like several hours.

- Hey, Maria.

- Hey, Y/N.
- Do Stark need something?

- Yes, i mean, not my dad.

- So, what do you need?

- You.

- Me?

- Yes.

Maria felt Y/N lips crash against her’s, she didn’t know how react, she indeed used to have a crush on the young Stark.

- Y-Y/N - Maria giving a step back, almost hiting the table behind her.

- Yes? - asked the young brunette moving closer.

- We shouldn’t be doing this - told Hill trying to focus on anything that was not Y/N’s lips or smell.

- Why? - asked Y/N giving little pecks on Maria’s jawline.

- Y-You’re…- Hill didnt even was able to complete the sentence before a soft moan  escape her lips making Y/N smile against her skin.

- Yes, Commander? - asked Y/N again kissing and bitting Maria’s neck. and whispering - What do you want, Maria?

- You’re gonna be the death for me, babygirl. - told Maria touching Y/N cheeks and kissing her lips sweetly.

  • Pietro: [shows up]
  • Lorna: Ew. Who invited this villain???
  • Lorna: Anyways, want to join my super hero team?
  • Wanda: [shows up]
  • Lorna: I resent the fact you are here.
  • Lorna: Anyways, have this beer I just bought you.