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Samurai Jack XCVIII Thought(s)

Timmy Turner finally got rid of Vicky.

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The High Priestess (Grey Griffin) is also…

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Vicky from Fairly Oddparents.

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Ashi (Tara Strong)

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is also Timmy Turner

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Timmy Turner finally got rid of Vicky after all these years

Sidenote: On another WB related thing, I have digital codes for Batgirl (2016)  #10 & Batman Beyond (2016) # 7, if anyone is interested. :D

  • Ian: Good. Thanks, dad... Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Vicki: You just called the Doctor "dad". You said "Thanks, dad."
  • Ian: What? No I didn't. I said "Thanks, man."
  • Doctor: Do you see me as a father figure?
  • Ian: No! If anything, I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me!
  • Barbara: Hey! Show your father some respect!

Dear Diary,
today will be different. Today I will smile. It will be genuine. Because today is the day that I get to live again. This life will be good and beautiful. But not without heartbreak. In death comes peace. But pain is the cost of living. Like love, it’s how we know we’re alive. And life goes on.

Things You Will See in This Video:

-Misha not able to speak properly but frustratedly trying to get his point across anyway
-Maison and West just positively cracking up with laughter
-Vicki desperately running away from the camera