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still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

Let me take your burdens away...
( darkiplier )
Let me take your burdens away...

@alto-viola sent a short but somewhat sweet script in the askbox about Dark trying to comfort a crying listener.

“Shhhhhhhh.” Dark gives a hushed whisper, “It will be okay.” A soft cry is heard. 

He is not angry, per say, but more enunciated and vocally sharp; “I said, it… will… be… okay. Look at me.” The crying stops. 

“See, Darling? That wasn’t too hard, was it? Now I want you to focus on me, let everything else slip away… Very good! Keep on, you’re doing just fine. Let my words consume you. Let me take your burdens…”

Siete talmente falsi che state mettendo in difficoltà i cinesi.

Vabe raga sono una sorellona orribile me ne sono resa conto solo adesso- mentre non sto studiando e mi sono data al ballo libero delle canzoni tristi in tenuta da casa aka pantaloni da uomo dell'adidas e megamaglia di papà- perché la mia sorellina è uscita con le “amichette” e ora anche i miei genitori sono andati da quelle parti e rimanga un nostro segreto ma le “amichette” in realtà è il ragazzetto che le dà gli abbraccini e la fa ridere sempre!!!!!! Adesso come fanno se incontrano il faccione burbero di mio padre!!!!!! Basta sono inutile dovevo capire subito e bloccarli non mi do pace adesso!!!! Però forse si sarà organizzata con le sue best ed è tutto apposto e io non devo farmi troppi problemi però ripenso a quella volta quando il mio papà non sapeva niente e vide che stavo con un ragazzetto invece che con le mie amichette e mi disse ma chi è questooooo!!!! Noooo!!!!

@nthd-jen ha detto: Wow yeah so Italians tan nicely. They are considered “olive” you are “white” because you have more northern pure Italian blood than he southerners which had their gene pool ruined by the gauls of old. Please don’t get mad at someones ignorance :)  and thanks for clarifying.

uhm. okay. uh.

premise: I just came back from the theater and I had a few glasses and I’m not sober so I apologize in advance if I don’t come out sounding as polite as I’d like because I can see that you have good intentions, but… no.

I mean. I know that in the US this phrasing would be sort of fine, but for us it’s… really… not accurate at best. specifically:

  • italians don’t necessarily tan nicely. a lot of us do but a lot of us also don’t. I know other people that don’t and it has nothing to do with where you come from. I have a friend from the north who gets mistaken for middle eastern a lot of the time. I am from the south - like, all my ancestry is from the south - and I don’t tan. at all. like, we’re… not… separated in the sense that people in the north tan and people in the south do. we’re mixed everywhere. it’s not a given.
  • the gene pool thing is… okay, listen, again, I know you don’t mean it like that, but *pure blood* and *ruined gene pool* sounds like a race supremacist pamphlet and here those concepts are a total no-no since WWII. no one considers any gene pool ruined. we’ve been mixed since the roman empire.
  • on that topic, the ‘gauls’ didn’t and couldn’t ruin anyone in that sense because a) the romans conquered gaul, b) the gauls were sort of halfway annihilated, c) the gauls were celts and lived in france/belgium/england of today, if anything the romans (who had already conquered greece and carthago and the middle east) were most probably darker than them so at most it was the other way round. like. france/etc are in the north of europe. italy is in the south. actually most people with blonde hair/blue eyes here are like that because of northern/german barbarian populations invading italy during the end of the roman empire and the middle ages, including Sicily, which is why there’s a bunch of Sicilians with blonde hair and blue eyes around including relatives of mine. (PS: they all tan, I don’t.) but like, Italy’s been mixed since… the greeks invaded the south BEFORE the romans probably. the arabs where here, the moors were here, the germans were here, the french and austrians were here, africans and middle eastern people from all over were here during the roman empire, the spanish also were here (italy’s been conquered/invaded by pretty much everyone up until the unity in 1861) so like…. there’s no sense in speaking of blood purity and the likes, because such a thing hasn’t existed here since millennia. like. please, no.
  • I most probably don’t have one ounce of *northern* blood in me, no really, all my relatives are from the south, and honestly the idea that if I had it’d be PURER than blood which makes me less white is… like… really really REALLY uncomfortable to even consider if I want to put it nicely and really fucking disturbing if I don’t want to put it nicely. this idea of racial purity coming from blood purity is the basis of nazi race theory, like… please… refrain? also because again, I’m not even northern, not that it matters. it’s like this everywhere in italy. we’re all *white* because here WHITE means that you aren’t black or japanese or arabian or visibly not ethnically european/italian, that’s it. it has nothing to do with privilege or race purity.

and like… this is an old ask and it had come at the end of a discourse where like five different people kept on saying that italians were POC just that month (I’m not even counting the other five years of this dumb discourse) and it resurfaced now because this discourse is back again these days (SIGH WHY) and honestly everyone in the italian tumblr userbase is done with this ‘italians are POC’ debate, which is why I probably wasn’t too nice in that ask.

but again, if someone who just went to nebraska on vacation came back home saying that all of the USA are only white people based on their vacation experience people would rightfully get mad, so sorry but I will get mad at someone who says that they came *on vacation* in the country I lived for all of my life and thinks that they know more about it than I do when I’d never presume to do that for somewhere I don’t know anything about and have never been in.

but again pls not the race purity thing. like. no. it’s so not what this is about it’s not even funny.

Liar syndrome Cover WIP

I’ve gotten multiple asking if I can sing. The answer is: Well I’m not GREAT, but I can. Here’s a WIP of a song I’ve wanted to cover for years. No filters and very barebones levels editing here. My mic has a rather soft sound so it’s not incredible for covering songs, but I’ll try to figure out a filter or something in Audition to see if I can get it to match ok. Main reason I don’t cover more songs is I’m awful at mixing

Original song

w̕h̕a̴t͠ ͜an ̷ann͞òy̶ance.
( antisepticeye )
 w̕h̕a̴t͠ ͜an ̷ann͞òy̶ance.

anonymous: Hey Antiseptic! What’s it like being stuck with the loudmouth? Meaning Seán, of course.

i͏m̶a͡gin̸e ̴be͝in͞g ͠s̀t̕uck̨ ͟ẃith ͞a ̷mi̢g͡raín̷e̡ ͡and ́a̶ c͢o̵nstant ̸ringin̡g ͞in your͟ ̨ea͡r͢ś. ͜it͜ ̛n̢év͞e͏r̵ s̵h͢uts̕ i͢t ̨tr͞a͠p,̶ ́e̸ven͟ ̶w͞hen i҉t̢ ͝co̢me̕s tò ͠his stu͠p͠id ͞t̵h̸o̡u̧gh͡t́s̷-͘-̛ ̨w̵h͜at a̵ ͠f͘uc̛kin͘g̷ pa͢th̨etįc͟ h̡ost ̢.͟.. ͝bu͘t i͠ts̕ pĺe͏asi͟n̨g̛ ̨to̧ ̸hear him ͟s̢c͢r̡ea̡m̴ whe͘n i̧m͟ tea̶r̢ing̀ o͘u͟ţ ̸his͟ iǹsi͠de͏s͜ ͡in̛ th̕e end̴.

FAQ is confirmed

I made an FAQ page, for questions that are frequently asked.

There are also Batoto links provided there, but I do plan on making a separate page for download links and the like once all chapters are complete.

Edit: added link in description for mobile users.

Il est 17h30, je me suis levée il y a 1h30, parce qu’hier a été une journée, et une soirée, beaucoup trop rempli, que je vais raconter en long en large et en travers, parce que j’en ai besoin, mais l’important à retenir, c’est que Rox nous a invité dans son appartement en Espagne pour cet été !