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très sincèrement, c’est pour cela que j’ai voté par conviction...

plutôt que de donner mon vote à Mélenchon. 

j’ai hésité, je l’ai pas fais, et maintenant je suis fière. 

Parce que j’aurais détesté donner ma voix à un candidat qui considère ne pas donner de consigne de vote alors que l’un des candidats est Le Pen.

Mais c’est aussi pour ça que je n’avais pas voté pour lui de base: je ne m’attendais pas à mieux de sa part. 

anonymous asked:

I don't support Le Pen AT ALL but every time you talk about her you sound just ignorant. pls stop.

anon, let’s be fucking real

  • marine lepen is with the front national
  • the front national is a fascist party
  • her and her father are tied to holocaust deniers
  • they are fascists
  • she’s anti euthanasia and her instance of abortion repels me
  • tbh everything about lepen’s politics repels me
  • she’s pro death penalty
  • she’s anti eu
  • she’s anti everything I stand for

in another world I’d ask you what about the stuff I say about lepen - ie that she’s a menace that has to be absolutely kept off any position of power and that her politics are shit - is ignorant, because anyone who isn’t on that side of the fence would see that her politics are shit, but thing is: she’s a fascist and I don’t give a single fuck about respecting fascist ideologies so you can absolutely forget that I’m gonna stop trash talking her and you can absolutely forget that I might reconsider any of my stances on lepen -

BECAUSE SHE’S A GODDAMNED FASCIST. clear? clear. if you don’t like it the door is open, no one is forced to follow me. thank you and have a good day, and good thing at least you don’t support her.

and friendly reminder that while the us-centric ****left wing**** stuff that goes around on tumblr is abhorrent to me (that’s not even left wing but nvm) I am not a right winger, I’m actually more left-leaning than a lot of leftist tumblr assumes is far left and I do not in any way whatsoever respect fascist/nazi ideologies and people who support them nor I feel obliged to give them the benefit of the doubt or something, because to me that shit is abhorrent and that’s where I draw the line. thanks and have a good evening.

fieldopps  asked:

If Shuichi, Kaede and Kiibo got all their names localised, they'd be... Kaede Akamatsu = Katie Arrington Shuichi Saihara = Sheridan Sahara Kiibo = Keebo (already localised) More poorly localised names coming soon

Nice to meet you, I’m Katie Arrington, this crazy story’s protagonist.



Mon père était tellement de gauche
Qu’on habitait rue Jean Jaurès …

Chais pas quelle tête il aurait fait
En 2017 en allant voter …

Mon père était tellement de gauche
Que quand il est parti
La gauche est partie avec lui

Je pense que ça va aller, que le FN ne passera pas au second tour. On n’est pas encore arrivé à ce point. Déjà aux régionales, tout le monde s’est braqué contre le FN. Je pense vraiment que les gens ne sont pas aussi con. Mais si jamais c’est Le Pen qui passe, je vais vraiment tomber de haut.


“Sir? Are you here?” Ruran called, specifically toward the closed door to the back room.

There was some shuffling from behind the door. “Yes,” Renaud Dailemont answered. “Come back another time.”

Sonelle Cosseau gave the fireplace an almost accusatory look before moving in, her attention swinging to the door. “Renaud? Are you well?”

“I am fine.”

Ruran’s brows rose behind his mask, and he leaned closer to the door. He looked to Sonelle with a tilt of his head, silently inquisitive.

Sonelle did not seem particularly satisfied at this. She pressed forward. “…Have you eaten today?”

“I said I am fine.” Though quiet, Renaud was clearly a touch agitated.

“That does not answer my question.”

Ruran seemed conflicted. At this point, he would’ve likely backed off by now. But with Sonelle here, he felt a little more obligated to stay. He looked to the door, then to Sonelle, then back again.

“I will eat,” Renaud answered.

Sonelle huffed at this. She dug into her bag and produced something small and box shaped wrapped in linen. “I brought you some lunch.”

“Leave it at the door.” He wasn’t budging an inch.

“No, I will give it to you in person, Renaud.”

“Another time, Sonelle.” There was an audible exhale.

Sonelle narrowed her eyes at the door, becoming a little irritated at the voice from beyond it. “Renaud, if this is about last night, I am very sorry if you became uncomfortable but I would like to discuss it face-to-face, if you please.”

“Tis not about last night, Sonelle.”

“Then what is it?”

“When I am ready to discuss it I will. For now, I would like to be left alone.” There was that rising tone again.

Ruran looked back and forth between the door and the Duskwight woman, until his weary gaze fell to the floor for a moment, simply listening to the two bicker.

Sonelle drew her mouth into a thin line. She seemed to have forgotten that Ruran was even present, her hands tight on her box. “At least come and take some food from me first.”

“No. Please, leave.”

“Perhaps we ought to give him some space,” Ruran quietly suggested, peering up at Sonelle.

She made a very annoyed rumbling sound, torn between being polite and being mad at him. She stepped around Ruran to slam the lunchbox onto the table with perhaps more force than she should, her tone bitter. “Fine.”

There was an audible sigh from within the room, Renaud repeating, “I’m… sorry. Another time, please.”

Ruran cast a concerned look to Sonelle, then to the door. “If there is anything we can do, sir, please let us know.”

“I will be fine, Ser.”

Sonelle treated the man with silence, simply radiating anger born from his refusal and waiting for Ruran. 

Ruran sighed, then turned his attention to Sonelle. “Well… Shall we?” He motioned to the front door.

There was a creak as the man evidently left his bed, followed by footsteps leading to the door. And a click from said door.

Sonelle did not need telling twice. She marched like a petulant child to the outside door and threw it open, only stopping herself from leaving entirely when her long ears catch the quiet click. She paused, still glowering, but at the very least she waited for Ruran.

Ruran glanced to the door. Having not checked the doorknob, he assumed the ‘click’ was one of the door being locked. His shoulders dropped slightly, and he turned back to follow Sonelle.

But it was the opposite in fact. Renaud drifted from the room, looking like he’d seen a ghost. White as a sheet, the man took the box before trying to shuffle back into his room.

Sonelle watched Renaud carefully. He was almost as pale as she was, a feat in itself. She did not make an effort to stop the man, although whether it was because she is unspeakably angry with him or because she was satisfied at least that he got up to collect lunch was anyone’s guess.

Ruran half-turned, looking behind him and toward the pallid Ishgardian. “Sir..?” he said with quiet concern but didn’t move, making no attempt to strongarm the man into staying.

Renaud didn’t offer any sort of conversation. He just rubbed at his eye before making his way back into his abode.

Sonelle narrowed her eyes at Renaud’s back, letting out a breath to steady herself before throwing Ruran an apologetic smile. “My apologies, mister Vas. Let us leave him to his meal.”

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